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  1. I bought a bass guitar today 🤷‍♂️ I'm going to be a bassist I'm so excited
  2. I think the vaccines at the place I'm going are Moderna and Pfizer. I don't think we have Astra Zeneca is approved in the US even? We're slow on everything, though. Congrats on the break! You deserve it! Both of you go sit down for a while lmao
  3. I mean there are rumors that they are rolling out vaccines to more people here because of the lack of interest by many people in getting it at all...I heard that like 40% of people in my state are not interested in getting vaccinated so 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ it might not be a good thing if it's because I live in a bullshit area of the US so. It'll still probably never end but at least I won't get it. Holy crap that's so much walking! It does sound like a good day, though! You deserve a nap haha
  4. Yeah I intentionally scheduled it to be the day before my day off lol. Did you get those side effects from the first dose or the second? I've heard the second dose hits harder. It actually did go really well! We didn't have any problems and we didn't get the crowds I was expecting lol but everyone was super happy to be able to come back, one woman basically yelled in the middle of the library "this is the best day of the year! I love it here!!!" it was kind of hilarious
  5. Omgggggggggggg I have an appointment to get my covid vaccine 🥰
  6. Aaaah I love talking about libraries! I work in a library and I'm getting a degree to be a librarian! Our building has been closed for months and we have been doing curbside pickup only, but tomorrow we are opening back up to the public. It's going to be insane! I am not looking forward to it! People will be busting the door down and we will have to enforce mask wearing and, well, let's just say our patrons are not the type to take kindly to that. I work in the conservative area one county over, they are pretty into, like, freedom to not wearing a mask (and freedom to get a deadly illness I guess?) and not being told what to do. It's gonna suuuuuuuck I'll let you know how it goes. Anyway, though, libraries are one of society's most important resources and I'm so proud to be a part of one. Books! Information! Technology! Fun! A building you can stay in without paying any money! It's the best!!!
  7. oh shiiiiiiiiit how much for the b sides cd tho 👀 if you've still got it that is lmao i can see that going quick
  8. Kiki's Delivery Service! I'm doing stressful things and making adult phone calls today so I decided to put on something happy
  9. Hey! I remembered another word for snow that we have that I think you'll get a kick out of! When it's the biggest, fluffiest flakes ever we call those goose feathers! I can't even find reference to it online except like in poems so it might actually be very local? But I always liked that phrase, you can really picture it
  10. you make a good point about not having to put anyone else above myself, and i really appreciate that. in my working on my mental health i have an attitude of "whatever works" and like right now if putting other people first is going to get me healthy enough to care enough to do it for myself, well......whatever works!! feel? lol i'm never gonna be mad about a placebo effect. if it is only working because it's tricking my brain into making it work, that's fine! as long as it works! hell yeah, go get that jab! do it for the human race! and also for concerts! we allllllll miss concerts! yeah idk the dude is a mess 24/7, on day 1 we bonded over both being diagnosed with bipolar 1 so like i've just come to expect chaos from this man. i adore him tbh
  11. lol idk how to explain it, i just enjoy a good wallow. i have learned to live with it in all it's monstrous glory, but in the interests of those around me i am working to reduce it. i was telling my friend the other day that i'd probably be fine in a time and place that isn't this one, but "productivity" and like not being an asshole to people that are assholes to me makes it hard to be a person lmao congrats on the vaccine! i am super not on the list to get one anytime soon (even though i work with the public every day 🙄 no one cares about the librarians) but my attitude toward it is if you are allowed don't wait for me!! go get it while i can't!!! i'm happy to hear about the lack of 5g lmao also i just went to my zoom class and my teacher was like "so my dad is dying and my car caught on fire so i gotta go deal with those things, thanks for coming to class, maybe write some over break but if you don't then 🤷‍♂️" and then left like the whole thing lasted 10 minutes 😂
  12. oh holy fuck this made me crack the fuck up how are youuuuuuuuuuu!! also, my paper went well thank you. i have one more midterm due tonight and then i am on spring break! what will i do? no clue. i'm thinking about getting in my car and just driving away from my city, going where the wind takes me. visiting some cities i've never been to in this giant fucking country of mine, and then avoiding human contact at all cost when i get there because covid of course honestly i think like 80% of my time spent improving my mental health is for the sake of those around me. i might be fine succumbing to the black hole that is my brain and being miserable all the time, but god it makes me a nightmare to be around so i stay healthy for my family's sake lmaooooo
  13. Lol here's the question: if you had an interview now, would you agree to teach geography again? I mean hindsight is 20/20, but that doesn't make past you an idiot. I think you're making sense, I think we're on the same page! Oh yeah definitely, sleep is absolutely essential for mental stability, but I'm in school and I do what I gotta do to get my shit done and make those grades. I can handle a single night of no sleep, but yeah I work really hard now to keep good sleep schedules and get enough at the same time every night. It's more important than people think!
  14. It's 8 am, I've been awake almost 24 hours, I just want this "day" to be over, but I have my first class of the day in about two hours and I still have paper to write 😪 I do crazy things for grades 🙄 I only have 1.5 pages left to meet the length requirements but I am dragging at this point
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