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  1. hmmmmmmmm i dont suppose anyone is on rn? nah. that's cool. that's cool.
  2. yessssssssssssssssssssss imma do it imma send you the letters and it will be great also that gif is hilarious and i love it
  3. also my offer to be pen pals still stands legit i spent all last night writing letters to all my friends about how much i love them and my stationary is super cute and i spray my perfume on all of the letters so they smell like me which i just think is fun and adds a personal touch so if you want in on this action gimme your address and tell me what you'd like me to call you like fo real i will write you about dumb things like birds and my cat and the weather and maybe i'll even give you book recommendations or write you a poem or find you a newspaper comic clipping idk come on let me send you letters it'll be fun i promise i will totes send them internationally too don't even worry about it lets do this be my pen pals
  4. ummmmmmmmmmm in america your place of employment doesn't give you your full paycheck each pay period. when you get the job you fill out some forms and shit that estimate how much you'll be paying in taxes that year and they divide it up throughout your pay periods and take that much out of each paycheck. at the end of the year there's a good chance the estimate wasn't right and they usually overestimate, so everyone has to find out what their tax refund will be, meaning they will be giving you back whatever extra they took that is not actually necessary for your personal taxes. if that makes sense. the initial estimates can't really be right because there are all sorts of cuts and extras like unexpected dependents, charity payments, that sort of thing. idk is that...sort of what you were looking for? or did i just explain something that is actually an everywhere thing and I misinterpreted?
  5. bruh i will for real send you a letter. i just got some stationary and imma start sending letters to my friends and like you and i barely know each other but if you send me your address i will actually write you im serious idk what i'd even write about but i would do it. (this goes for anyone tbh if you like gettin mail i'll be ur penpal js)
  6. It's plural I think. Presidents Day. It's George Washington's birthday but in grade school (primary school? since I'm explaining this to non Americans anyway haha) they told me that multiple of the really well known and important presidents' birthdays are all relatively close to each other so we just chose one of their birthdays (they picked the first president, so that's pretty significant I guess) and made a national holiday celebrating them all.
  7. wait people are talking shit on his weight?? why. just. why.
  8. Woah kitty i see you lurking at the same time as me yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. holy shit I'm so jealous! I got to see frank when he came here recently-ish, but I'd love to see Gerard too I'm sure it's a great show. You gotta let us know how it is!
  10. aww my computer is dying I have my phone though so it's cool, I shan't disappear. Okay yeah you're dad is an asshole. Like. Good thing for us it's not hereditary and you are as splendid as you are hahaha the only good I can imagine came from that man is you. You are the good. I'm so proud. I have lots of nerdy friends but none of them like each other so I get to hang out with only one person at a time but at least they are, in fact, nerdy. Good luck with finding someone to bring You are too sweet thank you for saying so. I think Freddie counts as a cosplay. A damn good one, too. Heck yeah.
  11. Wow that is terrible. I think you're right to not see him. Good for you. Fuck that whole situation, he deserves nothing. Like, are you kidding? He used your birth name??? When he's trying to clear his conscious???? Ugh. Fuck that. You should definitely go as Sherlock!! And if you do I would hope to see it you'd look so great! We have a few cons here. Some are expensive and some are not and some of them are pretty good and at least one of them is pretty shitty. Idk. Hopefully it will be fun. I don't always enjoy them as much as other people seem to, but I do really like to cosplay. And of COURSE we'd show off our outfits! Especially since we might try to match up our cosplay so we are always from the same series. We're gonna look so hot. Except when Kitty is in her fat suit. Not that fat isn't hot (fat is so hot tho ) but the character is not supposed to be hot, she is supposed to be awful looking. That's the point. I'm excited. It's gonna be so fun.
  12. Holy shit that's stressful. Are you going to see him? Wow that would be cute! Would you go for the original Sherlock look or would you do it the BBC way? It has been brought to my attention that cons are coming up relatively soon and I've decided to finally put together the cosplays I've been meaning to do lately. So far my lineup looks like a punk version of Poison Ivy, modern day Elphaba from Wicked, and Desire from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. I've already done a character from that but Desire is a canon non binary character????? I have a mighty need to cosplay this creature. Also I might be making Kitty a fat suit. That should be fun.
  13. Oh no. Don't let the icky man get you down wanna talk about it? I'm pretty good. Shopping for cosplay as I'm at work hahahah so not a bad deal so far
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