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  1. Hey, a horse is as good a companion as any! Sounds good to me 😁
  2. I wouldnt even call myself successful I'm a college dropout living with my dad still 😭😭 I just do a lot of weird shit lmfaooo
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH YOU'RE BACK! Hi I've missed you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 all the best people are coming back this is the best Okay so my favorite had to be Osaka. It's Japan's second largest city (after Tokyo of course) and imo it's the perfect size. I love cities, I love entering a new one and feeling out the vibe. When a city is enormous, though, the vibe can be lost and you have to break it down to neighborhoods to feel their vibes. Osaka is not too big but it is complicated and fun! I loved just walking the streets, but also it's got some neat districts and fun things to do. I'd live there if I could 🤩 I am absolutely determined to go back someday and hopefully spend even more time there next time! (lmao if anyone wants to see pictures I used my insta for that, @kateranoff) Guess. What I just did. I need somewhere to be excited about this. I just wrote my letter of resignation! I've had the kind of job that people quit as birthday gifts to themselves (true story) for over a year now. They've been pushing me to enter management because I'm good at shit and don't have a shitty attitude. They get paid a ton but you literally could not pay me enough to manage this place it's a shit hole. Also I have a second job already, and it's a fucking dream job that I've been trying to get since I started since I entered the workforce. I'm a librarian! So I have this dream job, I'm full time in school, and then I had this second job that's been killing me....whenever I talk to my friends about all the shit I do their eyes get wide and they try to calmly explain that I don't need to do all this to myself. And they're right! It's taken me three months but I'm finally quitting. I am SO STOKED
  4. Thailand (specifically Bangkok and Hua Him), South Korea (Seoul, Gangneung, Busan), and Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo) Where'd you go?
  5. Nice! That's amazing! Yeah I've never been accused of being boring I guess lmfao
  6. Wow excuse me while I write a book about myself lmao oops. I want to hear more about what everyone's been up to! More biographies, please!
  7. I'm like half an adult tbh. It's been quite a ride since I last spoke to you all. I developed my addiction pretty fully, got clean and am functioning pretty much fine now mostly in that respect. I fell in love, almost moved away with her, and was broken up with. I dropped out of college, took three years off, and just got back in but I'm starting a new certificate (American Sign Language!) before I continue with my bachelor's. I finally got diagnosed, medicated, and into therapy! I traveled out of the country for the first time, rode a plane for the first time, by dropping everything and traveling around Asia entirely by myself for a month earlier this year (no I don't speak any of the languages of the countries I visited). I dress in less black and more gay than I used to (although all black outfits are still accidentally created like all the time because I just have so many black garments lmao) But more than not I'm still the same. Kitty is still my best friend, whom you might remember from here but I've always known irl. I still talk to Mellie, whom I first met here, literally every day. She's my other best friend. There's an MCR poster above my head on my bedroom wall right at this moment. I've never even considered taking it down. I'm still kind of a disaster and confused about everything all the time lmao. And I'm still into morbid, homoerotic, theatrical shit, shit like MCR. For Christ's sake, I'm in a Gerard Way themed book club on Goodreads where we read books that he's mentioned in interviews and otherwise talked about; the idea is that "Gerard talks a lot about going to the source of what inspires you" (taken directly from the book club description). I found the book club by chance but I guess my passions have never ebbed 😂
  8. Aaaah that's so cool! What do you teach now? Also tell your horse I love him for me ❤️
  9. ugh i've missed you all! what's everyone been up to! last time i was well and truly active a was in high school......I'm a whole ass adult now tell me what's changed!
  10. Oh many hey y'all. What if we get that sister wives reunion we always talked about anyway?
  11. Has this been silent since April? 😢 not that I've been much help these past few (many) years.......anyone out there? In light of the news I'm missing the sister wives 🖤🖤
  12. hmmmmmmmm i dont suppose anyone is on rn? nah. that's cool. that's cool.
  13. yessssssssssssssssssssss imma do it imma send you the letters and it will be great also that gif is hilarious and i love it
  14. also my offer to be pen pals still stands legit i spent all last night writing letters to all my friends about how much i love them and my stationary is super cute and i spray my perfume on all of the letters so they smell like me which i just think is fun and adds a personal touch so if you want in on this action gimme your address and tell me what you'd like me to call you like fo real i will write you about dumb things like birds and my cat and the weather and maybe i'll even give you book recommendations or write you a poem or find you a newspaper comic clipping idk come on let me send you letters it'll be fun i promise i will totes send them internationally too don't even worry about it lets do this be my pen pals
  15. ummmmmmmmmmm in america your place of employment doesn't give you your full paycheck each pay period. when you get the job you fill out some forms and shit that estimate how much you'll be paying in taxes that year and they divide it up throughout your pay periods and take that much out of each paycheck. at the end of the year there's a good chance the estimate wasn't right and they usually overestimate, so everyone has to find out what their tax refund will be, meaning they will be giving you back whatever extra they took that is not actually necessary for your personal taxes. if that makes sense. the initial estimates can't really be right because there are all sorts of cuts and extras like unexpected dependents, charity payments, that sort of thing. idk is that...sort of what you were looking for? or did i just explain something that is actually an everywhere thing and I misinterpreted?
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