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  1. OMG Killjoy Tinychat was just a little awesome.

  2. One day I will buy a Fun Ghoul vest.

  3. Hah, I know no ones younger than i am here :P

  4. Ha ha. We're kind of the young ones I think, most people are older than me so it's a little strange when people are younger. ;)

  5. I just realized your only 1 year older than me. :D

  6. Aloha! :D

    I just had to say your username is amazingg and made me smilee :):)

  7. Your choice, you can vote for GD in MTV MMM or MCR in a Fuse poll. Your choice or else the rayguns are out.

  8. Why are you reading this and not voting in MMM. Come on we can kick Paramore butt!

  9. It's Destroya -surge- time in 2 minutes Killjoys. Join us. <3

  10. Voting surge on MTV's MMM in 40 minutes guys! <3

  11. Happy Mother's Day dad, please work out which parent you're going to be please. ;)

  12. Unless you want us to lose to Paramore. I suggest you all start voting in #MMM

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