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  1. @joshuadun sometimes

  2. @hmvtweets @twentyonepilots thank you! see you next week! πŸ€—

  3. RT @strssedoutlive: clikkies in the pit after the quiet game ends up running for hours https://t.co/Bhpjr0H6qI

  4. can someone please tell me where allison's leather jacket in @UmbrellaAcad is from? 😍

  5. @SoniaOReilly Noooo that sucks omg :(

  6. i love tattooing portraits and would love to do more. hmu ✌🏻 #tattoos #portraitattoos https://t.co/E1WzRXBXlS

  7. @DebbyRyan @lidijanette @vesseldebby 😭 you're gonna have the best wedding and marriage and i can't wait to see it ahhhh

  8. @CliqueTrench Thank you!! πŸ’› https://t.co/QVweVcRxxL

  9. @JeffreeStar @ksnickss please πŸ•Ί

  10. RT @FrankIero: my girls are getting older and have started combing through the disney & nickelodeon on demand. they recently discovered han…

  11. @ksnickss staaaahp i coulda dropped it

  12. never forget β™‘ https://t.co/VF4A6tDZus

  13. did a portrait tattoo today. the guy looked like elvis. #portraittattoo #tattoo https://t.co/rw0tNm7rgn

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