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  1. Next week, Kyle Busch will go back to 4th grade to win the spelling bee #BoydGaming300

  2. RT @stormfrontfreak: Our biggest fans this week: @tornadotrackers, @BillMill96, @tornado_talk. Thank you! via https://t.co/PfYqte6ze5 https…

  3. So here's my take on the Gudbranson trade. We're fucked. The #Pens might have the slowest D in the league now. Why… https://t.co/Sg95NfHDmn

  4. RT @sshruff1: Seriously, if we lose a core member of the team to injury because they won't postpone tonight's game, I'll be pissed.

  5. RT @jfirthlufc: If your club isn’t on this list, you’re tinpot, small and have no history. Leeds Liverpool Everton Forest Villa Newcastle…

  6. #Raw time https://t.co/zCTXE9o04X

  7. If that was a preview of the #Daytona500 then I wouldn't even watch it. Watching people drive on I-70 is more entertaining. #NASCAR

  8. RT @rockcandy87: Me: Sid will bury that Sid: https://t.co/ao1jfWGxTy

  9. RT @SidneyCrosbyEgo: Don’t date a Pittsburgh Penguin on Valentines Day because you won’t get any D.

  10. Boulevard of broken dreams. #photography https://t.co/okwjAsIThX

  11. @Lowes You have 7 with Jimmie. You're still the 🐐

  12. @AmandaPugh42 Honestly never had either

  13. Transfer record broken #NUFC https://t.co/e175XmdrHi

  14. @NUFC @ManCity @premierleague #AshleyOut fans have to do something or nothing will change.

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