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  1. So essentially what those sites and all other resources say is (and this totally my take away from this)- 


    • We need a team, which is good 'cause we kind of already have one. People who're regular, serious, really really want this to happen and not just as along term dream like, "Oh. it would be so cool to have a worldwide meetup!". 
    • Roles need to be assigned - I feel (and again, my opinion) that we should first focus on finding an effective method of communication and working on the concrete details first - where?when?how long?, all of which are almost finalized. We tried to do the whole voting thing before, it didn't work and it was chaos. So maybe once all those details are fixed it will be easier to chalk out the "workers/point of contacts" for every aspect of planning and then go from that.
    •  Specifying features of the convention/Logistics - ideas have been thrown around and we have a basic clue of what we would like to have at the meetup, let's make it final so that we can then work around the resources we would need? There can be so things we can do - stalls for people who want to sell merch, panels!!
    • Legalities - Once we know for sure about the 3 W's, we need to then figure out what we can and cannot do. Like, for example, I know there was talk about a band performing MCR songs? Do we need legal permission for that? I don't know how this works, so it may be a bad example but it would suck if we finalise everything only to find we aren't allowed to do that. 
    • Divide and Conquer - Once we have an idea of everything we need to do all laid out, it'll be easier for people to figure where they think they would fit best and we'll have out committees which then plan out what they need to do.


    All other activities from that point on will be a team to team basis, I guess. :)


    One other thing - I think we should set dates/deadlines for ourselves. It's been so easy to say, "Oh, it's in 2019!" That's just 4 more years!!!


    As for communication -  like Kel-E said, Facebook is an option. What about Google+? I've never used it but I've heard it's okay. *shrugs* Livejournal/Dreamwidth? I know barely anyone uses it now but I think you can log in via gmail/facebook and it's easier to have everything organised by topic. :)

    The getting a band to perform MCR songs part: anyone know anyone doing there own band? That are actually good?

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