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  1. This place is so unactive now.Is anyone even here?

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    2. Revenge.


      Haha! I'm not leaving this chemical party! Don't worry! XD

    3. dropthedaggerromeo.


      It's also difficult with different time zones. I know for me being in England, people in the US aren't usually online much at the same time as me.

    4. Revenge.


      Iguess,I'm in england,so sometimes,to me it says that people post stuff at like 2 in the morning,when actualy its probably a different time inthe US.

  2. Wish I could of gone to the Ten Ywears Of Revenge meet-up! So sad I couldn't go!

    1. Revenge.


      Years,I mean,not ywears.


  4. Is ANYONE even HERE? MESSAGE ME I'M BORED! I feel so alone....

  5. #Frerard shipper

  6. Don't stop if I fall,and don't look back,oh baby don't stop,bury me and fade to black!

  7. I am so bored I feel like jumping off a skyscraper while yelling 'AAAAAHHHHH' like a total nutter.

  8. Planning on getting a Danger Days T-shirt.Depends on the price though XD

  9. Fake Your Death makes me cry.

  10. I'm probably the youngest MCR fan alive.

  11. Hullo fellow killjoys

  12. Just gave my MSP acc to my Best friend in real lide.She spent all mt stuff and made my look ugly.

  13. Life,I mean. Not lide.

  14. I NEED a Black Parade jacket.I'd'd look even more awesome than Gee does in one.

  15. When you see my face,hope it gives you hell,hope it gives you hell,when you walk my way hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell...

  16. I just found out that Marilyn Manson is 45. O_O

  17. Well this has been a long time.

  18. EEHHH im back and I'm not afraid to keep on living

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