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  1. Thanks for the add! Yay for common interests!

  2. aww that's awesome! i can't wait to hear it :3

  3. oh yes, my bloody valentine! i love them, though i still have to hear everything they recorded. and slowdive, too. i'll check out the other bands, thank you (:

  4. My biggest rec would be My Bloody Valentine, especially Loveless. The song 'When You Sleep' is amazing. Raised By Swans, Asobi Seksu, The Daysleepers, Airiel, Slowdive. The Horrors have also done a shoegaze-ish album. There aren't any super well known shoegaze bands.

  5. i'm not sure what's considered lo-fi (wikipedia tells me it includes neutral milk hotel, yo la tengo and liz phair - so yes) but i do like shoegaze, like explosions in the sky and god is an astronaut. c: any recs?

  6. Hey! Are you into any lo-fi/shoegaze at all?

  7. haha yes he was even better than i had anticipated! he confirmed they'd make another album so i'm sure you'll get to see him c:

  8. aww jealous! that's on my bucket list lol 'see bright eyes live' i'm stupid jdhfgj but ok omg was he good live?

  9. aw for real? that's awesome! i saw bright eyes for the first time a couple days ago. c:

  10. hey nils ah i was lurking around and i saw you like conor oberst (right?) and he's like my favorite artist so yeah haha :3

  11. pleased to meet you! i'm nils c:

  12. hi thanks for the add! i'm bee :3

  13. Thanks for the add. :D

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