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  1. Sounds great! I love the library. I used to go in there every day before school. My day's been alright; I had to spend an obscene amount of time in the school journalism room (I'm an editor) with a cold/sinus headache, so that was no bueno. But I'm feeling happy now, for some reason. Haha

  2. Pretty good so far. Just spent a few hours at the library. I am now set for the next few weeks. How's your day?

  3. Haha totally. How's your day been?

  4. Hey! Easier to talk here. Haha.

  5. Good job guys. We're up against Paramore next round...

    1. digimodify


      We will kill them.

    2. toniemma


      Haha, yeah I'm pretty confident in that. Hoping for a Green Day vs MCR final.

    3. Guest


      Oh god, that would be an epic battle.

  6. Anyone got the score for Music March Madness. I've been locked and need to know how our boys are doing?

    1. IReallyDon'tKnow


      MCR has 51.36%

      and Sum 41 has 48.64%

  7. So, I've been locked out again. So I'm going to do something productive and clean my room while I wait to be unlocked. You guys should all vote extra hard for me.

  8. Woo. We are up a little bit more. I have smokes, I have Red Bull. I am ready to vote non stop.

  9. Going to get smokes and Red Bull. Keep voting guys. We better be higher when i get back.

  10. You need to vote over and over again. Sum41 are catching up and we can't have that... http://newsroom.mtv.com/2011/03/30/march-madness-my-chemical-romance-sum-41/

  11. Yes! Unlocked! We are doing well guys. Proud of you all for being civil. That's what sets us apart from other fans. Just don't retaliate.

  12. I'm still blocked? Can someone tell me the %s.

    1. Acid Sunrise

      Acid Sunrise

      MCR- 53.59%

      Sum 41- 46.41%

    2. toniemma


      Thanks. It sucks being locked out.

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