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  1. about to go to bed but felt like showing my new hair color first! not the greatest pic of me but whatever. it's inferno from manic panic i think. kind of a red orange color.


    Photo on 9-28-17 at 11.08 PM.jpg

    1. SLAlienBassist


      I love your hair and tattoos!!! Also, your lip ring is great!

  2. I feel hiku-ey. Here's one.

    Memorial day

    Do I have class on Monday?

    Should figure this out. 

  3. im reading a gloria stinem book. i think it's called everyday rebellions or something. it's really good so far, its her essays and articles. I'm a huge gloria stinem fan xoxoz
  4. i've only met one other mcr kid from MA online. anyone else out there?


  5. here's a haiku


    there's class tomorrow

    i have home work to be done

    i think i am fucked


    1. Charbarmanning


      I'm gonna need to use this haiku at some point this school year 

  6. fun fact: this is my face. it is rather red right now, thats just because i have acne scarring and shit haha


    Photo on 9-7-17 at 9.28 PM.jpg

    1. Charbarmanning


      After looking at you, my eyes glided over to the white haired Gerard face in the top right corner of the pic and then I noticed the other MCR pics in the bottom left corner

    2. CosmicConstallation


      Char: yeah I have a lot of mcr pics haha! And that map behind you, I Mark where all my mcr friends are from so I know I have friends all over the world. 


    3. Charbarmanning


      Awh! That's a nice thing to do! Nice idea as well. I won't steal your map idea. Mine wouldn't be too interesting as most of my MCR friends are from USA. I have the odd friends from other countries in Europe and I think I can remember someone from South Africa but still the majority are from the US.

  7. then I guess I'll be here everywhere else see much less busy than here xoxoz
  8. I love P!ATD but GOD Brendon Urie has become such an annoying stereotypical teenage boy

    1. CosmicConstallation


      nothing wrong with being a teenage boy, don't get me wrong. just the way that brendon does it when he's 30?? I mean what the fuck??? 30, not 17. I love brendon I just wish he were a little more mature


  9. SAT's in a matter of hours... wish me luck! xoxoZ

    1. SLAlienBassist


      Good luck! Sorry for being a bit late.....

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