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  1. 12 year olds having sex? Ew? I'm 17 and I don't even want to be kissed yet.

  2. I need to quit a lot of things that take up my time...

    1. MCR=love


      What kind of things? /:

    2. MCR=love


      What kind of things? /:

  3. Not ready to grow up.

    1. Misa=A


      I kno wat u mean. :/ i dnt think most of us wanna grow up.

  4. Yeah it's awesome :D

    So what does this weekend have en store for you? :')

    I'm planning a 5 days stay in London with my niece in july :D

  5. So fat that I step on my scale it says "Error."

  6. i know! i saw your facebook! Lucky duck!

  7. Aww that is so good to hear!! Seeing my friends being happy makes me very happy as well :D

    I'm doing very good! The last couple of days I have been very happy :D and today I enjoyed a day home alone for the first time since before christmas :'D

  8. Must admit, I am doing much better. :)

    Your hug made me feel even greater! :D

    How are you doing?

  9. Kaleidoscope my dear sister, friend and fellow killjoy! How are you doing? Better? I'm sending you a big and well deserved hug!! <3

  10. I understand how tiring it must be /: but like you said it must come to an end some day...

  11. Eventually she will grow up. I pray. But until then, I am so exhuasted from all of it.

  12. I just read it... I'm sorry you have had to deal with that :( but it makes me happy that you're going to try not to let it get to you as much as last time. It shows me that you're a much stronger person now :')

    Anyway I'm still sorry she sometimes is like that /:

  13. Too much to write on here. Just check out my Facebook notes. It's called "YOU." It's about my sister.

  14. Aww what happened today? /:

  15. Christmas was good. Today, not so much.

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