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  1. Off to Indianapolis!

    1. SulfurSiren


      How did the tour report turn out?

  2. A big congrats on your tour reporter win!! I can't wait to read it :) No one has heard from Detroit yet, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed

  3. That's great! My younger sister has really severe special needs and loves MCR. Because of sensory issues, she's not able to come to concerts. If you could tell me about how it goes with the accommodations they facilitate, I would greatly appreciate it. It's my dream to take my sister to an MCR concert and really want to make it happen when she can do it successfully :)

  4. My mom is handicap so we have to have handicap seats and i'm kinda lazy so i'll take whatever i can get that involves a seat.We had to buy regular tickets but the women on the phone said they'd help us. Lmfao.

    You know how that goes though. They're gonna betchhhh.

  5. hey i love your tumblr!

  6. Glad to hear it! I some how managed to snag a pit ticket for Indy and am so happy about this!! What kind of tickets did you get? Let's definitely coordinate for Indy once it gets a little closer :) Do you have any ideas about Mikey's birthday?

  7. Yes, Thanks for asking :)

    I got tickets for Indy and Chicago :D

  8. How did the ticket presale go for you?? Were you and your mom able to tickets for Indy? :)

  9. Hey, I hope you have wristbands left!! I'd like to buy one but the link to your site isn't working for me. It says something about maintenance? : I want to send the $ to the address. Help?

  10. I follow you on Tumblr! It's nice to see you here. Hi! :)

  11. just got my wristband in the mail. i <3 it! thanks so much!

  12. U R FRUM INDIANA. *cries a little* I used to live there... *cries some more*

  13. If you have aim or msn we can talk about it more

    or facebook?

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