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  1. It's been too long of a day.

  2. I see a lot of you with "Keeper of ..." in your siggy. What is that for, persay? [MOD NOTE: Uhm, so I merged some topics and had a bit of an epic fail. O_O Anyways, yeah. This is an example of a "Quick Question." - L.]
  3. My dear sweet Bobness. I feel so separated from other Killjoys out here.

  4. One week until I see some of my favorite people!

  5. killjoy_tara has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?


  6. Sheesh. So. Sick. Of. Hip Hop. Music. My roommates are lame when it comes to good taste in music.

    1. Decibel_Razor


      Hip hop is among the most loathesome forms of music on the planet... ;)

      Better than yodeling tho

    2. killjoy_tara
  7. I feel like starting a riot. It sounds like way too much fun to me.

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