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  1. Maybe we can talk about it and plan something awesome! (:

  2. It's okay, I haven't really stayed in touch either. =P

    I dunno man, it just kind of fell apart, a couple people still want to do it. Maybe in a while. XD

  3. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Im so sorry for no staying in touch, I've been busy so I didnt entered to the page! How are you doing with the series proyect?

  4. I've got an idea but i dont know if you'll like it, later on i'll send you an inbox telling what it is. XD

  5. We've started filming, but it's a little bit on hold right now for some reasons, what do you want to do? =)

  6. Hey dude! I was wondering if you made the Killjoy series proyect!!?? If you havent but you are going to, I want to help! just let me know what's you're idea and I'll help you! n_n

  7. Good job moderating!

    Don't take any of it personally, people say stupid things and as a fanbase we just gotta move forward.

  8. Oh I get them now... You should follow @TheAngelUnit, cause its a killjoy mini series, just sayin' =p Hi everyone.

    1. 3Cheers4Ger


      ooooooooooo i'll check it out

    2. Sassiyaki_Killer
  9. I don't get these status's What are they for? Where do they go?

    1. 3Cheers4Ger


      They're for people to see what you're thinking, I guess....Not sure.

  10. That's nice of you. Good to meet you :)

  11. Heeey, you asked if you could be a part of the project? Well yes caaause we need a couple far distance killjoys in it, you wont have all that much to do, but what i need right now is your killjoy name and if you have any local killjoys willing to do filming with you? =) (Not much for you to do, but at the end you will be the provider of hope)

  12. Just thought I'd say hello seeing as you're new XD

  13. XD

    Thats good ^^

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