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    Yorkshire FTW!
  1. just thought I would say hi since your online and its 2:30am where I am

  2. I'm wicked, thankies.

    Yea, I really wanna go ... see if can drag a bud with me!! Just say aint got friends what are fans like me!!! PTTFFFFF LOL

  3. That's all I'll hear when I listen to it now too xD

  4. Haha i'm glad i amused you :')

    I swear every so often i still hear it too!

  5. You put a sock in my eye..haha...haha..that made me laugh more than it should have

  6. Wow as if!

    I'm great thanks, what about you?

    Are you going to Leeds?

  7. Me tooooo ..how wicked to have another Rmy round here. WHOOOP!! I used to live near there when was younger, in Illingworth! ...Hows you doing?

  8. As if! It's a small world, i thought i was the only Rmy member in Halifax :)

    I live in Ovenden over in North Halifax, unfortunately haha, i promise i'm not a chav!

  9. Haha, no ways!!! Living in Sowerby Bridge. You?

  10. Hey fellow Yorkshire Killjoy! :D

    Can't believe you're from Halifax as well, haha, whereabouts in Fax do you live?

  11. Hello fellow Yorkshire Killjoy ;D

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