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    Music, MCR, Alesana, I Am Ghost, books, giraffes, a good conversation and chocolate.
  1. There really is no accurate way of knowing so.... March 10th, 2013. May as well guess my birthday.
  2. Happy birthday to me...

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    2. perceivedorder
    3. scrumtrulescent


      Happy Bday CaitMCR!!Hope it is fabulous!!! =D

    4. CaitMCR


      Thank you. ^_^ It was fun turning 17. xD

  3. Bye bye, MCR Page. Good thing, too.

  4. CaitMCR

    Tour Faq

    This pretty much saved me. Had my first show last week and this gave me a clue of what I was in for. ^___^
  5. The last three days have been amazing. Saw MCR perform twice and shook their hands at a meet and greet.

  6. Wow. Haven't been here in months.....

  7. Not a song but....... I'm watching/listening to Scrubs. =D
  8. Will be gone for a few days. See ya around.

    1. ashketchum
    2. CaitMCR


      Oh, hi! ^_^ Someone noticed! XP

      Thanks, Lovely. =]

  9. This is a reminder to myself to change Profile Photo when I get back.

  10. Finally gotten me a custom Member Title. *proud*

  11. My Chemical Romance will finally be coming to Australia! Thank you so much. Really.

  12. Hey killjoy! Please check out the teasers for our upcoming killjoy film, Manila 2019. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/user/PoisonTheCureprod

  13. You can call me Vae. :) I have that in my profile under information or whatever. :)

  14. ......I can't really call you Vae here, can I? o.o Just realised your name.

    Love how BASS. is on your interests. XD

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