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  1. Mag-f4th year na ako this school year.. :)

    And, yes, ako po un.. :)

  2. Not for me po...hehehe

    Last last week pa kami ngstart ng bakasyon. And, requirement ang summer classes sa course ko... kaya yun... -__-

  3. YAY!! *cheers for you*

    Ito, ineenjoy ang natitirang araw sa aking bakasyon...-__-

  4. Closed Facebook Tab... I don't regret it...lol

  5. my back is aching soooo bad!! >.<

  6. uploading...uploading...uploading...

  7. Thanks for the add!!


  8. awwwwwww...*hugs*

    I hope and pray that you'll get better soon...

    Drink vitamins, drink plenty of water... eat fruits!:)

    Listen to MCR more!!! Perfect cure! ;)

  9. Nice to see you again my dear!!

    So, how are you?

  10. *hugs*

    So, how are you today?

  11. *hugs you tight!*

    I am good... Been pretty busy with school... How about you? how are you?

  12. Isil!! Thanks for adding me here!!!


  13. awwww... I miss you too dear.... @myredcookies

  14. Thanks for adding me... :)


  15. :)

    Hi Rej!

    Okay... Matulog ka ng mahimbing!


  16. #songofthemoment The Kids From Yesterday-@MCRofficial

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