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  1. #songofthemoment The Only Hope For Me Is You-@MCRofficial

  2. #songofthemoment Hollywood Tonight- Michael Jackson

  3. It's been a day since I left London... I miss that amazing place sooo much!

  4. So long and goodnight.

  5. Best day ever!! LONDON, YOU ARE AMAZING! #MCRmy

  6. I need a new haircut.. :/

  7. Made cupcakes yesterday! I'll make one specially for @MCRofficial!!

  8. gotta go now...xo bye see you in London... :)

  9. #nowplaying Welcome To The Black Parade-@MCRofficial

  10. hola twittergalactians!!!!!lololol am hyper.. I have load alas! (for my phone) and I don't know who to text...lmfao

  11. goodnight tumbleweeds!! xo

  12. Almost done......well, not yet....lol

  13. So, Hi! My landlady just caught me jamming to some tunes today... like crazy... #embarassedashell

  14. goodnight!! See you tomorrow!

  15. One name: Gerard Way.

  16. Happy Birthday to ya! Happy birthday... @gerardway! :)

  17. i feel hyper!! And I don't have the perfect outlet for it!lololol

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