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  1. Losing doesn't define the ending.

  2. You just don't know how much I hate the new twitter layout. fffffffffff

    1. rowangiggles


      i hate it to it annoys me so much!

  3. #songofthemoment I Can't Help It-Michael Jackson

  4. RIP Amy Winehouse... :'(

  5. #songsofthemoment I, Machine and Resurrection-@nydrock

  6. #nowplaying Factory Girl-The Pretty Reckless

  7. #songofthemoment The Kids From Yesterday-My Chemical Romance

  8. grabeeee! ang bagal ng net connection ko!!! :((((

  9. I have the most awful internet connection ever!

  10. Autobot on my arm.. Ready for @TF3Movie!

  11. RESPECT is what the world should have right now... #truth

  12. bed time... #feelingbetter #lullaby Hospital Beds-Florence and the Machine

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