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  1. Oh My God, We're Not The High Desert anymore D:

  2. Cant Go To The Concert :'( not until October

  3. "Late Dawns & Early Sunsets, Just Like My Favorite Scenes..."

  4. Attention All...........Porn........That is all

  5. Video: May This Show Of Complete Awesomeness Rest In Piece http://tumblr.com/xb02lk74ps

  6. People change their addictions a lot....I think I'll be addicted to twitter again next month

  7. it's Been A Month Since We Started Doing #MusicMondays & Well yea...thinkin' we should stop

  8. Reel Big Fish is all most on, hopefully just another half hour

  9. How Much Do You People Love The Vampire Money!!

  10. Hope everyone had a great day, & that they did something Special for one of the most important women in their lifes...yes I mean your Mother

  11. Watchin Dexter Wit

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