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  1. The bathroom is literally five steps away but I want to sleep and dream

  2. This is the second time a venue unfollowed me. First was the Fox Theater in Pomona #whaddafack

  3. Just got back from Santa Monica. I'm so hungry xD

  4. The Moon returns to your sign this morning, enabling you to si... More for Taurus http://t.co/1vwEcNF

  5. You may have a clear idea of what you want to do today to take... More for Taurus http://t.co/1vwEcNF

  6. You might be unsuccessful in your attempts to control the myst... More for Taurus http://t.co/1vwEcNF

  7. #goodnight Going to Northridge tomorrow. Okay in about 8 hours.


  8. Normal people:  It's 6amMe:  It's 6am! Getting ready for Warped!

  9. “@RetweetIfs: RT if you've ever changed a diaper.” ONCE. In 1997.

  10. EW...I'm on #NewTwitter. I like the old one better!

  11. Me: Are you drawing that whore?Justin: That's impossible!#cartoondrawingsamuseme

  12. Love how I can see my mom on the computer from here http://t.co/faTH1qX

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