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  1. Nope. You have that mixed up. Stoker was never with Wilde. The lady who Oscar Wilde wanted to marry ended up marrying Bram Stoker instead. Oscar Wilde's most famous male lover was Lord Alfred Douglas, who is said to be the inspiration for Dorian.
  2. I haven't read anything in a while. Just school stuff and re-reading some comics.... which also counts as school stuff. One of the upsides to Art School. Your description has caught my interest. I'm going to have to look that one up.
  3. Ella Enchanted is still one of my favorite books. The horrible movie version can die in a fire.
  4. Why yes, I think it is. I don't entirely know, you'd have to ask PlanetaryGO, she's responsible for me making that atrocity.
  5. I don't know if I still have that, I'll look.
  6. Since a friend talked me into making this monstrosity, I'm just going to go ahead and share it here, because I don't know where else to post it, but it's so fucking weird and needs to be seen by the masses.
  7. Oooh, the board style has changed!
  8. It deviates from Disney a bit since they're putting their own spin on it, and characters like Rumpelstiltskin and Red Riding Hood aren't in anything Disney, but a lot of the costumes, names, and stories reference the Disney movies.
  9. Yeeesss at all of this Captain Hook love. I didn't like the first couple of episodes of season 1, but I started watching again after seeing gifs with him online. I've always liked the character of Captain Hook, and having him be a sexy young pirate is irresistible. I love fairy tales, but I really don't like that they are basing it all only on Disney's version. I like Disney movies, but I don't think they translate to a live action drama well at all. That only works with things like Enchanted, where it makes fun of itself. There would've been so much more potential if they stuck to referencing the classic versions of the tales. And I just don't like Jennifer Morrison in general. Laine is going to associate David Tennant with any attractive guy who has good hair and sideburns.
  10. I've never been in this thread before, I don't know why I'm here but anyway... I'm in this weird position where I hate that show, but I'm finding myself watching it sometimes because:
  11. -_-

    coninutes as

    didn't mean to be a bitch ass cunt face to you, but I don't see the comic as a real thing until I see art with it. and whne I see art, even if it's just fancy stick and triangle boobs, it's real and I feel our work is validated.

  12. Can't I?

    Well, the form it takes is a little girl and I thought if I named it Cheryl Mason, it would be kind of obvious. So I thought, what the hell Marie Harker sounds awesome but it's even more complicated than that! I'll send you the script when it's written.

    also about the comic art, you can send photo mobile uploads, didn't mean to be all bitch ass c...

  13. Haha You can't just say you are naming a hell-beast after me and then dismiss it as "it's a long story"!

  14. so i decided to base a hell beast who takes the form of a four year old, and give it your


    long story.

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