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  1. How does one post pictures in one of the forums/discussions?

    1. NeonLithium


      Never mind. I did it. All on my own >:D

  2. How does one go about commissioning a sketch for a potential tattoo? Would prefer enlisting a fellow soldier because ya'll some talented bastards.

    1. RadarAnomaly


      Color me intrigued!

    2. StarSurfer


      if you went to a good tattoo artist they should be able to sketch stuff first. maybe go with a few basic ideas and let them interpret what you tell them.

    3. RadarAnomaly


      Oh yes, good point! Don't settle on a sketch by an Rmy member if you feel you can get a better one professionally! I know many people who made that mistake. But if you find someone here who's art you really fall in love with, you can always just use it or take it to the tattoo artist to tweak to your liking

  3. It's good to be back, even if just for a day. Hope you're well and having a good day, xxo -Kendall

  4. Good god. Why have I never heard the term MCRsenal before? Such a good fucking name.

  5. Great song, great video. Give it a go.

  6. i feel like that confused and muddling balloon in my head popped. out flew a little brown bird. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjdh4f

  7. I need a friend. Someone who'll runaway with me for a night. Someone who enjoys 3am waffles and doctor who. And cake.

  8. 'Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus'. Words to live by.

  9. i will fucking end you. i will burn it down. just let it burn.

  10. what is the fucking point. let it all burn.

    1. Zaden


      let it all burn, it's what I deserve...sorry had to post that lyric...but whats wrong???

  11. We ain't ever gonna change the world. We ain't ever gonna change the world. 'Cause we are never gonna die.

  12. Have a happy and a beautiful new year. Stay shiny. xxo- Kendall

  13. Happy Holidays MCRmy! Hope you have a beautiful new year!

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