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  1. ill read something i said like 5 minutes ago and feel like punching myself in the face is a really good idea
  2. I've got like hos hitting me up like "ay ill pay u 5$ 2 suk my dik" lmfao I'm makin bank
  3. the cat returns hadn't watched it since i was a wee baby it was just as great as i remember maybe better
  4. spring break is gonna be rad af im probs gonna pick up like 500 fuckboys
  5. I'm pretty sure i was posting on here the first time i got drunk and haha look how far I've come sorry guys
  6. i saw the word alcohol and decided not to read whatever the fuck you guys are talking about god damn
  7. How am I still the tenth overall top poster on this board. It's been like 500 years since I've been here and there are still only 9 people who've posted more than me.

    1. RadarAnomaly


      I have no idea how you ever managed to post that much

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