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  1. Got a patron ticket for Avenged Sevenfold Concert live in Manila! \m/ I can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. #VoteSherlock4Bafta Vote for my favorite TV series, #Sherlock <3 on this link: http://t.co/LDutPof

  3. Happy birthday @gerardway ! <3 I hope I can see you guys perform live someday! :)Please tweet already... Give us updates.

  4. Welcome Miles Iero to the world where MCRmy family will always be there. <3 @FrankIero @jamiasan

  5. Happy Earth Hour! *lights off, music on

  6. It was my first job interview and I just signed a contract at Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer. Thank God =)

  7. I <3 Pretty Little Liars! I'm so excited for Season 3. #ADay

  8. These helicopters are noisy.. oh well the president is in the town.

  9. Got home from my first hiking trip to Mt. Pulag! I still got the feeling of being there. I'm definitely going back.

  10. For almost 17 years of my school life, Wikipedia has been a BIG part! I support #wikipediablackout! Support here http://t.co/B5IroUp

  11. 2012! This year is the end... of me in school. I hope for a very blessed start. Rock on \m/

  12. I bought a hair straightener and the saleslady said it's buy one take one. o.O wtf to do with the other one LOL

  13. Going to Yahoo's Y! Rocks concert tomorrow! \m/ Wolfgang, Urbandub and Franco see you!

  14. KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE! NaNaNaNa NaNaNa NaNaNaNa I love you MCRmy!

  15. #HappyBirthdayTheBlackParade I love The Black Parade, the album that changed my life and saved so many lives. :)

    Thanks to MCR @MCRofficial

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