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  1. Wedding planning is driving me crazy!!!

  2. FYI all I am active I just lurk as I have to use my iPhone and it hates these boards!!!!!
  3. Not mine. :) I like your face and have missed it. <3

  4. I IZ BACK.

    Much to alot of peoples disgust!

  5. and I return!!! Sorry about being AWOL! For some reason I couldn't log in!!!!
  6. That pic is awful. Whos that red haired chick? And I don't mean Gerard...

  7. Urgh how I wish I could stam frerard out of my life forever, I wouldn't worry about it, I just outwardly delete them too

  8. Your picture IS amazing! :)

    Otherwise, just deleted another Frerard thread. Just out and out deleted it.Hope I wasn't supposed to go thru other steps. Grrr.

  9. Your picture is "fucking amazing!"



    Absolutely Nettie!!!



    Life is complete again!!!

  11. I'm with Laurie. Man i feel so out of shape. One things for sure, I have missed my eye twitch that happens when I see an inapproriate post. I have post tourettes!!! But I am so stoked to see all you guys again!!! *sets up camp* I will not be moved again!!!
  12. This is the point where Liz would say something about "your mum"...

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