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  1. Two Door are pretty decent, saw them back when they were little a few years ago - well worth watching but tickets to see them over here have skyrocketed. Suppose it's the same with any band though, was at Alt-J's very first headline gig and it was £8 a ticket, saw them again in I think it was January and it was about £28 with booking fees?
  2. Anyone not finished Bioshock Infinite yet? Been busy with Borderlands, only just started playing. Good so far!

  3. Last few weeks have been good for gigs, saw the Yeah Yeah Yeah's just before Lattitude - was insane, saw City and Colour a few weeks before that but now it's looking pretty dead till Chvrches in Novemeber. Anything cool between now and then there's still likely to be tickets for?
  4. Just missed out on a Killjoys raygun on eBay - sucks hard, but at least it's Friday!

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