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  1. So I was lucky enought to get to see MCR last night. AND THEY WERE INCREDIBLE!!!!!! <33333

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333

  3. Hey! :D thanks for the add n.n

  4. *in a Chris Crocker fashion* leave Pedicone alooooone!!!!!

    1. SulfurSiren
    2. Sanity
    3. river


      ahaha yes! I've been waiting for someone to make that video!

  5. was finally able to get my ticket for the Honda Civic show in Charlotte!!!!! :DDDD so happy I could dieeeeeee

  6. Hi! :D you live in NC?? I just moved there and I'm hoping I can go to the Honda Civic Charlotte concert! I don't know anyone here yet, so if you're interested in meting up for the show let me know n.n

  7. Gerard, you fashionable diva, you

  8. Getting into the holiday cheer already. So much love for all you killjoys out there <3 It's almost IMCRD :DD

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!! you are such a beautiful person and a huge inspiration. Thank you for everything <3

  10. oh wow! that's awesome that you've been to these places!! :3 do you travel a lot? I don't really, but I'd love to see the whole world *_* haha anyways I'm glad to be home, cause there's a lot more MCR fans here :P over there I felt pretty lonely hahaha

  11. haha that's a pretty good way to put it! xD

    and yeah, I live in Mexico now (it's where I'm from) but China was pretty awesome! The food not so much though >.< lol it's nothing at all like food in chinese restaurants in other countries!

    Spoiler: there's no such thing as fortune cookies over there! xD

  12. Went to my first MCRmy meeting in Mexico today and it was AWESOME =3

  13. haha omg that's sounds cool!!! :D little kids are adorable but yeah, i can imagine they get pretty crazy sometimes xD

    haha yeah, I'm on vacation now, actually I just got back this week after spending a year foreign exchanging in China 0.o haha so It's been pretty crazy cause everyone wants to see me and I haven't even been able to finish unpacking!

  14. haha that's cool! ooh where are you working at?

  15. Finally home after a year away! Couldn't be happier right now :D

  16. Hey! Sorry it took me a while to answer :P but yeah no problem! and I'm doing great! how about you?? Haha nah, it's a wig actually xD but sshh.. don't tell anyone! lol

  17. The "Killjoys never die" phrase just took on a whole new meaning for me.

  18. Hiya! :D

    Thank you for the add! XO

  19. Hey! No problem:) So you're from Mexico? Me too! :D

  20. Hello MCRmy! =D Just wanted to wish you all a very nice day n.n XO

  21. thank youuu and no problemo ;)

  22. there's this giant ass spider that's been living in my bathroom for over a week now. I named it Agent cherri Cola :3

    1. Rage And Lilies

      Rage And Lilies

      I have one of those too, it's been living over my front door for over a month now. I named it Bouncer.

    2. detonator-baby


      haha:) baptizing arachnids FTW

  23. Yay!! Otro killjoy de Mexico! n.n mucho gusto jaja

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