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  1. I've been ghosting for a while. I'm thinking of putting in some word filters that should cut down spam. Heuristic algorithms and whatnot!
  2. Where's it happening? (I think I can set a filter to block out keywords that spammers push.)
  3. Even if you fear needles, a tattoo isn't the same pain. I hate needles with a personal passion. Got a spade tattoo. Doesn't hurt the same. Pursue your dream!

  4. The hint was to send some. ALAS!

  5. the message! the MESSAGE! also we have trix.

  6. What've you got in mind?

  7. Obviously. I think you're the first inductee!

  8. See the Lucky 13 post? In Gangs.


  10. i think we have common interests. i grew up fed on strong bad. trevor the vampire ;(

  11. Did mine from before the forums were popular. I like my corner office.
  12. i was gonna drop that bomb. didn't know if you'd know it. gary motherfucking oak won't let me do ANYTHING.

  13. your rival! what a jerk, that guy. always picking the exact opposite for a dang starter. who does he think he is?

  14. gotta catch 'em all.

  15. Remember kids, keep your guns close.

  16. pancakes are a common interest.

  17. as for me, well, it's radioactive rains in this southern california zone, but i got enough dried squid to keep me. Howdy, killjoys.
  18. this is gonna blow up. here early...

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