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  1. I've been ghosting for a while. I'm thinking of putting in some word filters that should cut down spam. Heuristic algorithms and whatnot!
  2. Where's it happening? (I think I can set a filter to block out keywords that spammers push.)
  3. Ah, thanks Dearie <3

  4. Even if you fear needles, a tattoo isn't the same pain. I hate needles with a personal passion. Got a spade tattoo. Doesn't hurt the same. Pursue your dream!

  5. You totally ninja'd in and back out again. You are a true master of your craft without even realizing it. Awesome.

  6. Yeah, I'm oblivious when it comes to hints, obviously!

  7. The hint was to send some. ALAS!

  8. I know that you have Trix. You guys keep all the good cereal. Pssh...

  9. the message! the MESSAGE! also we have trix.

  10. We're BOTH crazy. How else would be supervigilantes??

  11. Your half asleep sleep-typing makes me laugh.

  12. That's it! Aces high! So good. All I could come up with was 'the paaaaiiiin'. As in, like the half corpse in Return of the Living Dead. Aces high is much more appropriate though.

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