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  1. Suicide Squad: amazing movie!!!

  2. Happy Easter!

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      It's late but happy Easter!

  3. amazing song!
    1. Benzedrine Bliss
    2. LisaGW


      i know! :) one of my fav from the record! thanks for watching the video btw

  4. hey folks im kinda new and not checked this thread that often so whats up?
  5. anybody here has already ordered sth over bandcamp?

  6. listen to Past Lives & Pass Lines by Jared Hart!!!!!

  7. is there anyone attending franks US Tour?

  8. today at my university ...I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt from The Scandals (awesome band from nj, which is not that popular but definitly should be) and this was so amazing XD I said to him: hey, nice shirt and he:yeah, thanks
  9. Saw Rise Against yesterday!!!! there are amazing :wub: awesome voice
  10. It is a punk rock band from New Jersey Try: Allnighters here is the link: here is the accoustic version: ...sorry if I broke any rule of posting a video...not sure if it is allowedxd
  11. hey guys I know an amazing band which you should listen too!!! The Scandals from NJ...they are amazing...Saw them live in luxembourg...pure awesomeness......*his voice*
  12. hey!!!!'what'S up?XD I am kinda new here...I am from the other communityxd hope it will work soon again
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