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  1. E3! E3! Who's ready?!

  2. Harley Quinn's Revenge was fun. I HATE snipers, though. I tend to get shot a lot and flip around. And use a lot of qf explosive gel.

  3. Good God, Galactus is terrifying. Brrr.

  4. Pete's bitchface is back!! #MadMen

  5. High fives for no social lives! I'm anti-social like Batman. Haha. It was a pretty fun concert, though. There were sooo many people there. I actually saw some girl with an "I don't support MCR" bracelet on. I thought it was kind of superfluous...why even advertise that fact? People make me so frustrated sometimes.

  6. Aha, good idea! I'll be in school in the summer for music business management, so I'll basically be going to shows every night! And then school doesn't start until 11 AM, so if I sleep, I can sleep in. I went to see MSI last week, lol. It was LynZ. And I got invited onto the opening band's bus, but I'm a grandma, so I went home instead.

  7. I knooow. Haha! Sleep is such a wonderful thing, and I would love to get much, much more of it. If only for the chance to dream more! I only tend to crash after concerts, though. Speaking of...Guess who I saw while I was casually walking towards a venue last week? She was just standing out there. :X

  8. I'm glad that everyone's happier, and that you and Sam are doing well. :) I love you all too! I wonder if the March/Spring break thing has anything to do with the deadness. How's your insomnia??

  9. I just randomly came to lurk and then I saw how dead it is tonight! I miss you guys. How is everyone?

  10. How can hip-hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever? #spokenwithstarryeyes

    1. SulfurSiren


      Please come back to us Ash, we miss you and wish you were still around. We still talk about you alot and hope that whatever you're doing that you're ok. I understand if you don't want to talk right now, but could you atleast tell us how you're doing? Big hugs, Sulfur

  11. That sounds like a great subject, though. I love Lewis Carroll. I think a tiny bit of that was amplified by my love of Nabokov, too. I hope you do well on it! When do you head back home for the holidays? Thanks for the gladness. XD Ive been so anti-social the last couple of days. The only reason I signed on today is because I got your comment in my gmail inbox. But I really appreciated it!

  12. What's the essay about? I'm just getting over it now. I haven't been that sick since I was maybe 16, it felt like I was actually going to...lay in bed and rot. AH. Is that too gross? It really felt like that, though. I'm such a baby!

  13. Nah, not your fault. I haven't been on. XD How are finals going?

  14. Looks like poll is still open--http://fans-mtv.blogspot.com/p/fan-army-battle.html

  15. Neil Gaiman on The Simpsons!!!


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