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  1. Hi guys, My name is Holly, the first Pic is me, below is my hubby and daughter, Jasmine Willow (Jazzy), and her dad, Danny. I've been in the rmy a long time. Won a couple meet n greets through the mcrmy! I'm not extremely active but I'm usually around. I'm married with a 2 year old right now. I have loved mcr a long time. Always nice to meet other fans
  2. The boy is just adorable no matter what.. But I choose red cause somehow in red hair, pictures do him justice, any other color he has, in pics he's still adorable but you meet him in person and will always think.. "wow, pics don't do you justice. O_O" I met him in 05 when he had half blond and black and he was just shocking... Well I say "met" I stood on the other side of a fence while he tried to sign my ticket stub in the rain xD He gave it back and said sorry it didnt work LMAO I met him again in 08 at a meet n greet.. (short black hair) still no pic had done him justice... the red did in pics tho. His adorablness is intimidating as hell in person.... yea.. Not sure if anyone would get/agree with me, but that's how I feel about it haha
  3. too early to be awake! :/

  4. I dont even wanna say it. not again. I will say FUCK CANCER! Even in cats! :(

  5. It's strangely hard to look at Gerard pics, and not tweet him.. "You're pretty" I have managed not to so far!! c:

  6. they told @raytoro to go home for ranting? O_O Come home! rock out here! #missingMCR

  7. besides if @MCRofficial were playing in going to distance from me, I would already have a ticket! xD

  8. watching " the heathers" I love this movie.....well I do.

  9. ok, i have named all the kittens! there names are: Secret, Never, Shadow and Panda. c:

  10. my modem was fried friday morning, just got a new one!

  11. pay attention to mehhh!

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