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  1. I was looking in the Makeup art thread and your makeup is Amazing! you have pretty eyes also :) you should ba a makeup artist.

  2. I just wanted to say- I was looking at some of your posts on the makeup art thread, and you seriously have the most beautiful eyes ever. And I love your makeup! If you ever consider a career as a makeup artist, I'd say go for it :)

  3. Hey... You are really talented at makeup. xD

  4. hii :D nice profile pic..just saying ;)

  5. I think Tumblr will be more fun. I already have a blog about ED under my regular account, but I figure that maybe we can have a sort of a book club? I've been reading tons of books about it that have been very helpful. ^^

  6. Hii ! Thanks for the view hihi :D

  7. I'm good. (:

    I think creating another group's a great idea. You really should start that. :D

  8. Well that's rather silly. :|

    I think I'm going to start a club on deviantART or possibly a Tumblr. I thought that it was really nice to be able to know that we're NOT alone, you know? Oh well.

    SO BESIDES THAT, how're you doing? c:

  9. Something about this site not being a help site for mental issues or self harm. But, I don't think they realize, we were HELPING each other, not harming. :

    I really wish it was still there.

  10. Do you happen to know why our forum is locked? I keep trying to reply to you, but it won't let me. :'c

  11. You know, you've got a point.

    I see your posts everywhere whenever I go to post.

    CLEARLY one of us is stalking the other... ;)

  12. I find it almost creepy how often we post in the same forums. Not that I'm complaining. :)

  13. Yeah really like the make- up!

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