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  1. WHOA!!! Lucky!!! heehee, I'm always on this site too!! Like I'll be at school and this guy will be all like "Meagan, you're ALWAYS on that dang site!" I'll stare at them untill the go away! They think i'm a creeper, but MCR is like my life!

  2. Last year. I had a meet & greet.

    I became a moderator because I was really active at the original MCRmy street team forums, as well as a moderator there. When they closed that site, so they could open this one, I was asked to moderate the blogs at MyChemicalRomance.com and then asked to moderate this website when it opened.

  3. I have to say, You are AWESOME!!! I read your "about me" page, and I must say IT'S AWESOME!!! When did Mikey call you The Warden?? Thats a honor! May I ask, how did you become a moderator?

  4. Your photo is fluttershy... I approve of this.

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