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  1. Vraiment? VRAIMENT? -- Sorry, french spam for no reason. Neutralized. Gonna see if I can do something about the spam on this thread, for some reason spam bots attack this one.
  2. Welp! Its my birthday! A bit odd to not already have links tweeted to me about an Rmy thread for my birthday, but then again I didn't really tell anyone here. xD Plus I'm old anyways.

  3. Well, one thing is that really personal things shouldn't be shared. But I can pass the word along, in case Tina has missed this.
  4. WHOA!!! Lucky!!! heehee, I'm always on this site too!! Like I'll be at school and this guy will be all like "Meagan, you're ALWAYS on that dang site!" I'll stare at them untill the go away! They think i'm a creeper, but MCR is like my life!

  5. Last year. I had a meet & greet.

    I became a moderator because I was really active at the original MCRmy street team forums, as well as a moderator there. When they closed that site, so they could open this one, I was asked to moderate the blogs at MyChemicalRomance.com and then asked to moderate this website when it opened.

  6. I have to say, You are AWESOME!!! I read your "about me" page, and I must say IT'S AWESOME!!! When did Mikey call you The Warden?? Thats a honor! May I ask, how did you become a moderator?

  7. This thread will be for posting any merch inquiries. We'll do this similar to the Ticket thread in the tour section, since that went well. This is for selling, buying or swapping. You are responsible for any transactions, these forums are not liable for any loss, so make sure the person you are selling to or buying from is legit. Also do not post any of your personal information to the public. The mods will be changing this top post to reflect the current offers. Also make sure to mention what currency your asking price is in. If you are posting a listing and you have a link to an Ebay auction, please include the link. Once you have sold your item or found what you were looking for, please notify us so we can remove your entry. _____________________________________________________________________ Selling: 1. Set of MCR figurines. Out of original package but in mint condition. 2. The Black Parade collectors edition. Opened but in mint condition - CD never played. 3. Umbrella Academy (2007) Issue #1 Retailer Edition. One of only 1000 copies made. Contact: toxic-sun or see here for more details. 1. Danger Days Box Set (Kobra Kid version). Great condition. Contact: celeste247 or bid on it on ebay. 1. Raygun Hoodie. Size: XL. Good condition, only worn twice. Asking price: $20 plus shipping. Contact: kittencoven or see here for pictures and more details. 1. Gerard Way Silkscreen Prints. White ink on hand cut Canson brand black paper, limited supply. Asking price: $28 USD ($28.50 USD for international orders). Contact: Abandon_Hip or see here for more details. 1. All over print purse. Used/worn. Asking price: $20-$25 ono. 2. Bad Luck Beads. Used (printing fading). Asking price: $5. Contact: Subatomic~Suicide or see here for more details. 1. Honda Civic Tour Shirt. Size XL. Asking price: $15 2. Na Na Na Shirt. Size XL or XXL. Asking price: $10 3. Mouse Cat Shirt. Size XL. Asking price: $10 4. Aim For The Face shirt. Size XL. Asking price: $10 5. Red Shirt (face covered by spider). Size XL. Asking price: $10 Contact: PartyDanger or see here for more details. Looking For: 1. No Luck But Bad Luck Boatneck Raglan. Size XS/S/M (in order of preference S, XS, M). Contact: dropthedaggerromeo 1. No Luck But Bad Luck Boatneck Raglan. Size S/M. Contact: Indifferent Ignorance 1. Demolition Lovers hoodie. 2. Any MCR jewellery. Contact: MuderKilljoy 1. Any Ray Gun. Asking for: Any condition. Contact: InsanityVyce 1. American Widow Necklace. Willing to purchase, but would prefer to trade with custom art or short stories. Contact: Indifferent Ignorance 1. NJ Hoodie (from Revenge era). Asking for: Size small. Willing to pay or trade. Contact: Toxic-Tyranny 1. Old MCR Messenger/Canvas Bag. Contact: _A_me_ 1. Black Parade Tour T Shirt. Asking for: Size XL or men's medium. 2. Fun Ghoul Ray Gun. Contact: Arsenic_Rose or see here for more details. 1. Striped tank top. 2. Old MCR merch (girls polo shirt from Revenge era, T.Oro shirt). 3. Mikey Fuckin' Way (Japanese version). 4. MCR patch (for picture see here). Contact: cherrybomb or see here for more details and pictures. 1. WTTBP Part 1 vinyl with Heaven Help Us on the b-side. 2. Any old MCR merch in ladies size S/M/L or unisex S/M. Contact: SulfurSiren or see here for more details. 1. Any Danger Days era merch. Asking for: Any sizes, fair to excellent condition. Rewards will be given for those that donate. Contact RadarAnomaly or see here for more details. 1. Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us 7" Vinyl Record 2. The Black Parade (Double LP, Regular Edition) Vinyl Record Contact: Dia 1. Donation of any MCR posters. Contact: DeadBlood 1. Together Zip Hoodie. Contact: Koschei or see here for more details. Looking to trade: 1. Looking for Bad luck beads to trade for "Wanted" shirt or "I don't need your friends I've got my own" shirt. Contact: ToxicTimelord
  8. I don't think the site will be liable for anything that. It would be the precaution of the user. I'm actually about to work on that thread actually, since the issues.
  9. We actually talked about this. I think we're going to do that. I understand wanting more room in the sig, but I think its fine. I'm not even sure if that can be changed. Everyone's profile has an about me section, you could put any info you can't fit in the sig in there. -shrug.-
  10. Your photo is fluttershy... I approve of this.

  11. Voting has already started for MCR VS Green Day in MTV's March Music Madness. Let's dust those Idiots! http://www.mtv.com/content/news/2012/musical_march_madness_2012/matches/mmm_2012_rnd5_mtch1.jhtml

  12. I'm adding a new pinned topic for Quick Questions in some of the forums, so don't be shocked. Its not spam. xD

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