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  1. Yo there. How's it going? Mikey's costume was the best...Jason rules! It officially makes Mikey the best in my book. I fangirled over Mikey wearing that outfit in my head...Don't tell anyone! :D I do like how Gerard went for the romantic side and dressed as a knight...Sorry for the ramble. Later!

  2. Sup, Thought I would introduce myself to the friends I've added, and never talked to XD

  3. Just wondering if your still workin on mah plushie ;P <3

  4. Hello :) Well I painted the widow with yellow fabric paint that you can get like at any craft store, and I got that from a Rock Sound magazine that I found at Borders <3

  5. Aww thanks :> But yours is still amazing!

  6. Hey chica! Your killjoy outfit is amazing! What paint did you use to do the widow? Also! Saw a killjoys art poster on your wall, the four sectioned one...where'd you come across that lovely piece of paraphernalia?

  7. Mine?! Have you not seen yours ma'am? :)

  8. Just want you to know that your username is super rad! X>

  9. Off to bed, leave me messages and I will reply in the morning, ily all xoxo

  10. Hey could you send me a link to your jacket review sir? :)

  11. Forgot to mention that last thursday was my 4 year anniversary for seeing MCR for the first time! <3

  12. So stoked that I bought one of the lithographs <3

  13. What's going on with you this weekend? Thinking about wearing my fingerless gloves to the show...Have a good TGIF tomorrow!

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