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  1. Ugh. British goth guys are going to be the death of me, honestly...

    1. Indifferent Ignorance

      Indifferent Ignorance

      They're going to be the death of all of us.

  2. "Because rebellion's not a t-shirt you sell/ You keep your money, and I'll see you in Hell." http://t.co/CVimgXSX

  3. "Bitch, I know that's you in there. Let's go! Meet me in the streets, Mike!" - Cousin, while watching "Halloween"

  4. If you haven't yet, you're gonna want to order #MCR's #ConventionalWeapons. You have options, here: http://t.co/R3vKulTw GO!

  5. Is there anything about playing guitar with your legs really far apart and knees bent that helps anything? No. Okay.

  6. Awake and in pain at 4:30 a.m.? Faaaaabulous start to a Friday. -___-'

  7. Early morning bit-chomping maniac mode.

  8. Finally becoming somewhat satisfied with my résumé! Getting there! Now, if only word/.pdf conversions wouldn't wonky up the alignment...

  9. Unpopular opinion: "Seinfeld" isn't funny. #shrug

    1. monroe


      That's a popular opinion. It didn't get "funny" until later.

  10. I'm horrible at taking care of myself and great at taking care of others. It kind of sucks...

  11. Attention Twitter minions: @frameworkjace needs a ticket to tonight's #TBS acoustic show in #Chicago. Can anyone help?

  12. Guess you can't pull the old "Lero" joke with kids these days. Man, #KilljokesNeverKid

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