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    Hi friends! I’m Brinn, I’ve been around since 2011. My pronouns are they/them. I’ll be 26 in December and I live in California. 3 (more?) facts about me: 1). I, too love animals very, very much; my family and I have three cats, three dogs, and I have a snake. My favorite animals are octopuses. 2). I write poetry and compete in poetry slams in my area. I’m alright. 3). I love going to concerts (I know that’s really surprising and unique to this forum but it’s a really big part of my life). The last show I saw at the time of writing this was Against Me! in LA. Here’s the latest picture I have of me, with my snake (his name is Severus Snake): I don’t know why my picture is sideways but I can’t fix it, so here it is.
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    I'm in that situation too, and the school doesn't seem to care. But I told my mother and now we inform the school basically every time it happens again. Eventually they're going to have to give in, if you just keep pushing them. And if they don't do anything, then you take it even further. My mother ended up informing our councilor of the situation in my school because it wasn't just me that was being bullied, but a whole bunch of other people. In the end, they eventually gave in. It took ages, but they did eventually listen. Even if they don't seem to give a shit, you've got to keep pushing until they eventually do. Because not only is it just cruel as hell, but it's also illegal to allow or not acknowledge bullying, whether in a school or workplace. You can also guarantee that if you're being bullied, there's countless other people in the school who are going through the same stuff, and having people not listen to them. BASICALLY as harsh as this is going to sound, if you take it to a principal or vice-principal and they STILL don't do anything, you're going to have to take it even higher, or at least threaten to. Then they'll definitely listen when people are threatening them.
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    i was going to suggest sulfur's ideas. it might be possible to tell your vice principle or a counselor or someone yourself, if your parents don't listen... though it would be more helpful to have their support... everyone knows that people will take kids more seriously when their parents have the same concerns. you shouldn't dismiss bullying as you "just being sensitive." it's a very serious issue. maybe the school you're at now will take you more seriously.
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    Am now openly gay on Facebook. Feels good!
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    I feel pressured to put a picture of me on here now.. umm.. it's not with Sam because he doesn't want his picture on the web, but anyway... Sigh that took a lot of guts. I do try for you guys. Also that picture was taken months ago
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    I have an idea for the points thing. Couldn't we get two prizes, give one to the top over all points accumulator, and do a raffle of the other? Like say 5 points is a free raffle ticket, throw all the tickets into a bucket and pull a random winner.
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    You guys, I got me real life friend Hento to join the rmy, be nice to her😊 we’re planning to go to the uk show together! PS Mick Mac likes her, so she is approved as a cool girl!
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    I’ve grown a lot since I was last here! 2013 is a lifetime away and my life is nothing like it was, mostly because of a rollercoaster few years, but I’m far happier these days! (For example, I just celebrated 4 years sobriety!) How have you all been?
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    I know this isn't usually where we air our srs bsnss but...I've been having a really tough couple of days. I know, everyone is, and a lot of people are going through a hell of a lot worse, but I just feel like... I don't know, like I was living in a bubble about how shitty the world really is and all of a sudden the severity of the dangers that are out there, and the dangers that I personally can be in (and the worse dangers that people I love are constantly in) just hit me full force. It seems like the world is exponentially becoming a darker, scarier place, and I just feel so hopeless. I love you all, and this place is a bright light in that darkness for me.
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    I dont have the illness that would have been a death sentence my doctor thought I had!
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    I love 'Catcher,' but I also read 'Franny & Zooey' by Salinger and was not impressed.
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    A pig came into the shelter yesterday. I met it today and I think I'm in love. He's so sweet and cute! If I had land I would totally adopt him. One day...
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    Many questionable fashion choices in the picture.
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    Okay, planners: it seems to me that the biggest obstacle we've come across while planning is that we have no funds. In order to plan where this meetup will be happening, we have to pay to rent the site and pay consultants and legal fees and whatnot. Every time we start to plan, we hit a brick wall because we need money.\ Well, I think I might have the solution. My proposal is that we use a crowdfunding site like indiegogo or kickstarter, where people can donate different sums of money in exchange for perks. The good thing about these sites is that if for some reason the meetup falls through, anyone who donated will get their money back. We can offer different tiers of rewards for different values of monetary donations, and a certain donation amount can count as a ticket to the event. We can offer perks like VIP badges, and simple merch with our logo. It seems to me that this is the most sure-fire way to get money from anyone who is willing to donate while simultaneously selling tickets to the event, and offering a failsafe so we don't end up accidentally embezzling people if the meetup doesn't happen. Please tell me your thoughts!
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    I sent her a message, maybe a year ago, just because I missed talking to her. I hope she's doing well. Kerry, we got to design our house too, so I have some advice after living in it for a decade: 1.) you can never have too many outlets/sockets. seriously. put in all the outlets. 2.) kitchens and bathrooms have the best resale value and they're both really hard to update yourself so I'd recommend prioritizing those because everyone around here has been having to tear out their kitchens because we cheaped out when we were building and chose cheap materials
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    Brinn, it had awesome Pagan gods. Awesome Norsk Pagan gods.
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    Thub at man. Thub at man. Thub at man. Thubatman. The Bat Man.
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    Today I did a short lecture regarding LGBT related subjects to approximately 800 people, because today is National Coming Out Day. It was really hard to do, because of the amount of people, but I know I have to get used to it, if I want to do more advocacy work. Oh and I did five hours of non stop work while singing Queen to myself. My lecturer said my falsetto in Bohemian Rhapsody needs some work (IT TOTALLY DOESN'T NEED ANY WORK, HE'S LYING!!)... and then we had about a half hour discussion about why Freddie Mercury was the greatest showman, he was talking to me about how he'd met Freddie and Brian during the Magic Tour, and I got super jealous. I was like "noOOO FREDDIE MY BABY" Stressful and emotional. I like, totally collapsed in bed when I got about about 5 PM :')
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    I wonder if they ranted on Facebook about it back then
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    Hey Sulfur. I just saw your post on the other thread. I hope this gif makes you smile
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    previously I would've said that using Killjoy would put off people who didn't consider themselves to be Killjoys but rather MCR fans, though I get the point that Killjoys/Cali2019 go together in the MCR world! I wondered if it would deter some from attending. however, now they've split, maybe this is no longer a consideration as the less committed will fall by the wayside anyway. So I'd personally prefer (of the options thus far) Cali2019: KilljoyCon as I think it flows better - CA2019 sounds too much like a zipcode/postcode! As for those for whom English is not an easy language - given the publicity I'd guess you're planning, once participants understand what Cali2019 is all about, if the Convention part is explained in the blurb, it wouldn't be a necessity for the event title - and surely you want to go with something that sounds good and has a buzz creating an effective brand, rather than something longwinded. But to further add confusion, if you wanted to target a possibly wider audience, avoid Killjoy and use MCRmy or MCR or whatever (MCRmyCon or MCRcon).
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    SO guys, Brinn and I are contemplating a new project to make sure we retain all of our sister wives awesomeness for posterity as a record of our friendship and commitment to one another. We want to make sure that even if the boards go down one day, we will have access to all our sister wives glory. We would love your input and assistance with this.
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    "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened."
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    So as most people have probably noticed, i normally don't share too much of my feelings on here, at least not in great detail. I'm going to make an exception this time and copy and paste what I put on my tumblr.
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    See, this makes me angry more than sad. Yes, I'm sad for the families. But I am so infuriated at the US government. Seriously, after every single mass shooting, they say the same thing. They always say they'll review the law on gun ownership. But they never do. There's been over 30 mass shootings since Columbine and you can still literally walk straight into a store, placed in the middle of a high street, and get a gun with little to no background checks. Well done America. Well fucking done.
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    i have a penpal whose middle name is also lynn and she sent me a "Lynn" magnet that happens to match a "Rachel" magnet that i already own she sent me the other part of my name kinda funny
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    Okay: All Sister Wives who want to participate in the 2012 MCRmy Sister Wife Secret Santa: email me at brinnleyspencer@gmail.com with your: Legal name: Username: Age: Address: If you're under the age of consent in your country, you must get permission from your parents before giving out your address. No one will see it aside from me and your Secret Santa. Last year's gift exchange went really well and I hope this year will be the same! RULES: -You must email me your information no later than November 14th -Don't pay a ridiculous amount of money on your gift -Mail your gift to the recipient by December 10th to allow for shipping delays -Decide whether you can afford to mail your gift BEFORE signing up -Don't open your gift before Christmas! and finally -Post pictures of your gifts when you get them and the sender will identify themselves! If you have any questions please contact me here or by email.
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    erm I meant to post this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2212667/Matt-Smith-jokes-Doctor-Who-namesake-David-Tennant-bump-theatre-press-night.html?ito=feeds-newsxml and BEARD
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    !!!!!!!!!! Last night, the guy I like told me he likes me and I told him I like him and everything went better than expected! Lol. Not sure where it goes from here... But yeah XD yay!
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    Awesome. date as many people as you want. -shrugs- it only gets awkward if you're married. You're only considered not single after you marry. Up until then, your "boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee" relationships are not legally recognized. Only marriage is ahahahaha.
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    all of this is true. if there's a post count in things like sister wives, then your post count rockets - 500 ain't enough! and I've always thought that the member lounge should be kept private, people post their twitter links/facebook links etc - dunno seems a bit open... I agree that gangs could be open since that's meant to be the whole point of Rmy, but the rest of the member lounge could be safer than it is. I'm not trying to stereotype anyone, but MCR has a large female fanbase and, as I'm sure the horrible outside world has taught us, that girls and the internet can be an easy target.
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    Yes, essentially well be filmin all the time. We will try to get a good camera or two. We will film events and interview people involved and people attending. If people have their own footage that they'd like to submit well probably do that too. Then I believe we will have the documentary for sale with proceeds either paying for the event or to a charity if we have excess.
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    Hooray! I'm so excited for you, Gabs Also, just dropping this here: http://www.mtv.com/news/2193850/my-chemical-romance-extreme-music-study/
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    I did that at A Level! It was the book my teacher got all 'homoerotic4lyfe' about!
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    What exactly is the definition of a festival in your eyes and how is it different from a convention? The terminology might affect who decides to show up so we need to pick the best fit. I like the karaoke bar idea, and the tribute stage as well as playing mcr dvds. These ideas all seem familiar to me and I believe they've been brought up before and saved in the minutes. Not to be a negative killjoy but is now the time to start talking about activity ideas again? I'm not saying that in rhetoric, I really want to know. What are our immediate priorities?
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    instead of just talking about being a feminist I'm actully going to be doing something! I'm going to a meeting to help women in poverty! Holla.
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    It would help a lot overall if we had sponsorship by WB, Reprise or maybe the the stuff they used to use. Though please let's not embarrass ourselves by accepting sponsorship from companies that deal arms or destroy the rainforest or anything. Maybe before deciding on prices we should work out the event's overall cost, then divide by how many people we think will come and how much we think we'll recoup from merch sales or if certain stalls, ie tattooists, pay a minor fee to be a part of it. Come to think of it, we should probably run this like a business.
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    Cards ear simple and cheaper, so I think this is a good way to go
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    things we have to do are often not things we want to do.
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    I've never thought of hell as a bad place. I always thought of it as a red cave with lots of fire. And then heaven was just clouds in my mind. Boring....
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    Finished the entire Hunger Games trilogy. Loved the concept and thought we might actually have a decent heroine in a teenage series. Then Mockingjay (and its end) happend. There are no correct emoticons for my expression.
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    Suddenly questioning whether or not I'm lucky to have Kitty over...
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