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    I think when people come across situations like this, it can be off putting and another reason for people to not want to post or be interactive. To be honest, you spend a lot of time online Melli, so maybe a break from the internet could be good for you. Get a hobby or something. Also, no one insinuated that they wanted you to leave, so stop being dramatic.
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    We must go there and eat food. Waitress: Oh, it's slow right now...wait, campers...oh, well, it can't be that bad.... KJ Hoarde: FEED US, O NA NA NA DINER EMPLOYEE, FOR WE ARE MANY! Waitress: OH SWEET JESUS!
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    can i suggest that if you manage to get someone on board who has the right connections, they might be able to swing stuff and put a good word in. not really sure who that person would be but there's gotta be someone who has MCR connections and would appreciate the effort that's being put in here and want to help. wouldn't necessarily want them involved too early cos it would need to be a professional approach, once other things are in place - otherwise it runs the risk of looking like a pie-in-the-sky fangirly thing rather than a proper serious meet-up. i don't mean it as a criticism, i just mean if you sent a letter to (for instance) Grant Morrison you'd want him to understand that it's a serious venture and not some random fan writing. it's got to be the right approach so it's not just discarded out of hand with no consideration. hope that makes sense. i'm sure you've already thought carefully about how you'll approach potential sponsors. maybe i should go drink coffee and get my brain functioning properly.
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    The Yeah yeah yeahs! My bitch NYC hipster is trying hard to be indifferent and not care she is seeing one of the best bands of the modern age, a band that usually sells out within seconds of posting sale.
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    I am so so excited for AFI it's not even funny. I might cry from happiness.
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    I am going to break free of my Laine's walls and be toally honest. Siren. You scare me sometimes. You are just so damn postive and happy I fear I can never match up of what you expect. You are the older sister (though we are the same age) that I do not want to disappoint but constantly fear I do, so I sometimes try to impress you Ash, I love what you are and do. so yeah. You can never make me frown because you're just so fucking you. Brinn. You are strong. Do not let anyone or anything think otherwise or take that away. You are strong. Girls looks up up to you, You help make the world be better. Remember this, no matter what happens stay what you are You are beautiful and magical and it is pleasure knowing you.
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    I want to hug each of you, separately and then together, for a long, long time.
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    My friend gave me a hat for Christmas. It is made of alpaca fur and it has alpacas all around it and I love it so much :3
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    Melli, we never said anything about stoping posting, we just said it might be an idea to keep most of the homestuck talk in the homestuck thread if you want to talk with people who don't care about homestuck in this thread. Same goes with dr who. When this is said, it's fine with me if that is what you guys want to talk about, but I am not going to join in. I were just responding to the fact that this thread had gone silent, as to why I have gone silent. I still love wub you all!
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    Hey guys! Brinn told me today via text that you all had nominated me to be treasurer. I really appreciate the vote of confidence, but I cannot accept this nomination. Finances are not my strong suit and I do not currently have the time to necessary to do this job correctly at the present time or in the future. With that said, I would still like to be involved in an active role. If no one has claimed the position, I volunteer to head up the merch raffle committee. No one knows merch like me and I would be a good steward of this project. It has been beautiful watching MCRmy London raise a significant amount of money for Make-A-Wish Foundation and I hope this precedent can be continued by our meetup. Please let me know if you are interested in having me in this role. Thanks guys!
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    Thrice concert happened last night. Freaking intense. Was at the front the whole night. Caught a drum stick. SORE ALL OVER.
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    I bought my tickets for The Used yesterday! Have to skip Anti Flag for them, but I'll see AF at the Groezrock anyway. And I'm way too excited to see The Used again. April is going to be INSANE though. 25.02.2012 Misfits, Stattbahnhof Schweinfurt 02.03.2012 Rise Against, Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart 02.04.2012 Angels and Airwaves, München 17.04.2012 The Used, Backstage München 18.04.2012 The Used, Lido Berlin 19.04.2012 The Used, Logo Hamburg 21.04.2012 The Used, Gebäude 9 Köln 22.04.2012 LostAlone, Underground, Köln 23.04.2012 LostAlone, Riff, Bochum 24.04.2012 LostAlone, Nachtleben, Frankfurt 28. - 29.04.2012 Groezrock Festival, Belgium 01. - 03.06.2012 Rock im Park Festival, Nürnberg 25.06.2012 Blink 182, Grugahalle, Essen 26.06.2012 Blink 182, Festhalle Frankfurt 10. - 12.08.2012 Taubertal Festival, Rothenburg ob der Tauber 08.12.2012 American Idiot Musical, London
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    profit or not, it's still ethically questionable.
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    I think a note in the Rules and Regulation section about the copyright issues can to help the soldiers that gonna to start merch projects.
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    3 shows this week!!!!!!! 2 free shows for local bands I love and THE KILLERS <3
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    Won last-minute tickets to see P!ATD... TOMORROW
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    Lulfur is going to see The Killers tomorrow!!! Lia + Sulfur power cannot be beat!!!
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    It's definitely worth taking ideas from festivals and cons. I made a lot of mental notes at the Olympics last year and at Hay in May, and 'professional' is the way to go, for sure. Should we try to work out a demographic? We're such a varied fanbase it might be more of a hindrance than a help though...
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    Hey, so... Just thought you guys should know that apparently when Harry Potter grew up he joined the Black Parade
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    Very jealous of that lineup, specifically of the Violent Femmes and AFI. My mom and I share a love of VF and she saw them when she was living in New Jersey, so I would love to see them with her now, 20 years later. AFI because certain friends of mine have convinced me to love them (you know who you are). I also like Glassjaw, Rancid, and Black Flag. Yellowcard and Taking Back Sunday would be on this list but I've had the fortune of seeing both bands already.
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    The Bad Religion show was soo good! Tomorrow is the Neon Trees show with Rachel. Aaaand on July 17th I AM SEEING TEGAN AND SARA AND GOT VIP TIX FOR THE MEET AND GREET :D *happy dance*
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    I thought I'd come on to say, I bloody love you guys.
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    I don't know if this really counts, but for my birthday this year I am going to a seedy underground New York hipster-esque club to watch bands I don't know and watch the hipsters in their natural environment. New York Hipsters. The worst. I'm very excited.
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    I am so jealous. I hear Mr. Gatsby parties are legend-- wait for it, dary.
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    Also, the media is already asking them stuff like "how did it feel to watch your friends die" and interviewing them? What the hell? If the event itself doesn't give them permanent psychological damage and haunt them for the rest of their life, I'm fairly certain the journalists will. Augh. (I'm really mad)
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    Sorry for missing everyone, just popping in to say hi, I love you, I miss you
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    From The desk of Brinners Okay: All Sister Wives who want to participate in the 2012 MCRmy Sister Wife Secret Santa: email me at brinnleyspencer@gmail.com with your: Legal name: Username: Age: Address: If you're under the age of consent in your country, you must get permission from your parents before giving out your address. No one will see it aside from me and your Secret Santa. Last year's gift exchange went really well and I hope this year will be the same! RULES: -You must email me your information no later than November 14th -Don't pay a ridiculous amount of money on your gift -Mail your gift to the recipient by December 10th to allow for shipping delays -Decide whether you can afford to mail your gift BEFORE signing up -Don't open your gift before Christmas! and finally -Post pictures of your gifts when you get them and the sender will identify themselves! If you have any questions please contact me here or by email. I say spread this around for eahch page until every members who wants in signs up....
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    I'm in that situation too, and the school doesn't seem to care. But I told my mother and now we inform the school basically every time it happens again. Eventually they're going to have to give in, if you just keep pushing them. And if they don't do anything, then you take it even further. My mother ended up informing our councilor of the situation in my school because it wasn't just me that was being bullied, but a whole bunch of other people. In the end, they eventually gave in. It took ages, but they did eventually listen. Even if they don't seem to give a shit, you've got to keep pushing until they eventually do. Because not only is it just cruel as hell, but it's also illegal to allow or not acknowledge bullying, whether in a school or workplace. You can also guarantee that if you're being bullied, there's countless other people in the school who are going through the same stuff, and having people not listen to them. BASICALLY as harsh as this is going to sound, if you take it to a principal or vice-principal and they STILL don't do anything, you're going to have to take it even higher, or at least threaten to. Then they'll definitely listen when people are threatening them.
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    Mia, many of us have been in your situation. It seems easier to take the blame on yourself and let things run their course but in reality you need to stand up for yourself. You're worth protecting and fighting for, and it's not okay what these bullies are doing OR how your school is handling it. Please tell an adult you trust. You may feel like you need people to support you when you tell your school administrators what's happened to you. Please, tell the administrators. If they don't do anything, talk to the school board. Somewhere, someone is willing to listen to you and take action for you. You just have to find them.
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    i was going to suggest sulfur's ideas. it might be possible to tell your vice principle or a counselor or someone yourself, if your parents don't listen... though it would be more helpful to have their support... everyone knows that people will take kids more seriously when their parents have the same concerns. you shouldn't dismiss bullying as you "just being sensitive." it's a very serious issue. maybe the school you're at now will take you more seriously.
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    Am now openly gay on Facebook. Feels good!
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    it's not so much agreeing with everything a candidate says, as it is finding which one is the least worst. or finding more things you like about one candidate than the other ones (ex: i know very little about economics. i probably wouldn't agree with all parts of obama's economic plans. but i agree with his social views [which i know a lot about, and which i care more about], more so than romney's. so i'm voting for obama.) i'm taking government right now, and the one thing my professor stresses is the importance of at least voting, if nothing else (assuming you live in a country that has voting.) since voting is basically the only say you have in government... you can watch politics on tv and read/write blogs, but that doesn't directly influence the government like voting. another point my prof made, is that you don't necessarily have to make an extremely educated vote. you can vote along party lines. you can vote for romney purely because he's pro-life, obama purely because he's black ... as long as you do the one civic duty that's really asked of you. (sorry that these examples all pertain to america. i mean this for every country that has a system like the US, but i don't know much about politics anywhere else. and i just want people to vote if they're able to okay haha.)
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    I wast face palming at you at all melli. I was face palming at the act that everyone somehow made a huge ordeal over this. This drama is stupid thts all XD
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    "and I killed so many plants!..." Sustainability is a good idea, provided that it doesn't complicate the planning of this event more than it has to. Also, for promotion, we could also try to get the leaders of all other meetups to play our promo video during their meetups. That way it will reach more fans, ones not active on this site.
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    I would like to say some words about the planning now. I won't be a big part in the practical preparations because I'm far awxy, and actually don't have time. But I hope I may be helpful with advice and questions as to how things can actually be done. If what I say isn't helpful, please ignore it My thoughts as off right now: too many people wants to do too many things at the same time. There is no leader, so no one has the final word, and it doesn't seem like anyone has the overview as to who does what. I've seen at least to different people being told to make a logo. Awesome to have more suggestions, but shouldn't people know that they're not the only one to do something? Also, right now it seems like everybody volunteer to be the head of a committee, and that's awesome! But no one else even gets the chance to say they also wants to head the committee before the role is taken. Is it first come first serve? I'm okey with it, I just ask if that how we wants it. Also, do we have a description of what the committees involve, or is the committees made up as we go? My suggestion to rein this in and make it happen in an orderly manner: choose a leader. Choose a secretary. If people have questions about things we have decided earlier, make them contact the secretary personally. Make a list of committees we need and get the heads. Let the committees organise themselves outside this thread, but not woth new threads, in their prefered wxy. May be different from committee to committee, but have only the head post official news on how each committee is doing. This wxy the thread wouldn't be crowded with all the things that not everyone needs to know, and people could easier get the information they need. This is only my thoughts and my suggestions, so if you don't like it, then just ignore it.
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    I feel pressured to put a picture of me on here now.. umm.. it's not with Sam because he doesn't want his picture on the web, but anyway... Sigh that took a lot of guts. I do try for you guys. Also that picture was taken months ago
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    BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRY AS FUCK Yes that is a jazz hand. Yes it was completely necessary.
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    You totally should! I think everyone should go to as many MCR shows as they can.
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    yeah you know a romance is going to be good when it starts with a rape.
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    I've mentioned this multiple times in the meme thread before, but I think quoting whole image tags shouldn't be allowed, at least not in picture based threads. It makes threads confusing, overloaded and unnecessary long for new readers, don't you think?
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    I do miss the MCRmy board specific missions. Well, at least the old boards were seen as the official street team, while I don't know if these new boards are just a board or the street team. I liked those missions and points and prizes. I always tried to do all the missions! (I still do the ones that get posted by MCRmy on twitter and stuff)


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