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    about to go to bed but felt like showing my new hair color first! not the greatest pic of me but whatever. it's inferno from manic panic i think. kind of a red orange color. xoxoz
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    @VanessaRamzieh I love it too! (And Ive lost over 2k followers because of it ?)
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    @letypocky Da pra consertar, não? Ok, não manjo de aquarela
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    RT @THR: George and Amal Clooney pledge $500K to student-led gun-violence protest "March for Our Lives" https://t.co/lzxVZ61NZU https://t.c…
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    RT @ArfMeasures: ME: *realises I've just stepped on an ant* oh no JOHN WICK: Has anyone seen my pet ant? ME: OH NO
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    I feel hiku-ey. Here's one. Memorial day Do I have class on Monday? Should figure this out.
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    i've only met one other mcr kid from MA online. anyone else out there? xoxoz
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    here's a haiku ------------------------ there's class tomorrow i have home work to be done i think i am fucked
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    fun fact: this is my face. it is rather red right now, thats just because i have acne scarring and shit haha xoxoz
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    I haven't made a status update on here in ages. Do these still show up on the home page of the website or not? Oh well! How is everyone? I don't even know how active this site is anymore because I don't come on as often
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    California is pretty amazing! It's about 20 degrees outside, and sunshine almost every day. Like, you get surprised if it's cloudy or raining and the people are amazing! So warm and welcoming. Not as reserved as norwegians...
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    I really want to go to California, maybe San Francisco. I love California. I don't really get out much because of my financial situation. =/


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