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    Yesss and today I think I saw a magpie with a twig for a nest. Also two squirrels. Separate locations. Bloody love spring. Haha Sonia my nan's building is like that. It's a kind of pentagon shape with two entrances and the sensible thing to do is say 'ahhh I'll meet you at the main door. You might never escape the top floor once you're there.'
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    Some of my friends sent me a cake today. With a picture off us on. I almost cried, they’re so so sweet! Also, I laughed cause the apartment complex I live in is kinda confusing if you don’t know where you’re going. The poor delivery guy where running up the stairs looking for me, but I live one stair down😅 I always have to run up and find my first time visitors (and some times also the second and third time🤣)
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    I saw two bees today! And there's this one rose I see on my walk that literally wafts down the street. There are a tonne of rose bushes in this one garden and there's this one teeny lil flower and it smells so nice.


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