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    I hear ya, Radar. But we were all so rushed, we are all fortunate just to have gotten in! After my mom and I both tried so hard for St Paul tickets, and couldnt get any.... we both were not taking chances with Tacoma. I ended up getting two tickets in the section right next to where my mom got 2 tickets haha. Now my bf and I are going to go with my mom and sister XD
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    Wow, that shouldn’t even be allowed Jackie! I feel like they wouldn’t be allowed to that in europe... If you say one prize, you have to stick to it.
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    Wow I never ended up doing this hi I'm Jackie I've been here since back in the day as well. She/her is fine. Three facts: 1. I'm in school learning sign language and I adore it. Highly recommend Deaf people are dope and now I can hang out with them. 2. I'm 25 in a month and I live in Missouri cause fuck me I guess lmao 3. Last year I spent a month by myself in Thailand, South Korea, and Japan and now I'm bit by the travel bug. Can't stop. Gotta leave. My eternal escapist tendencies now have a cause it's wild.
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    Floor was too pricey for me. We got seating in the stands but fairly good spots actually.
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    Yes this really sucks. But also the second and third dates they added today while people are probably in queue for another date..just making it extra stressful. Like btw second date on sale starting now! what kinda seats did everyone get? Anyone get floor tickets?


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