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    Well, F, google is a good place to start, at least that’s what I’ve done xD i haven’t found a place I both like and can afford yet but I’m trying to moderate my expectations, and hopefully something will appear. And I really hope I have a place before the summer Sandreh, and then you should come and visit!!
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    about to go to bed but felt like showing my new hair color first! not the greatest pic of me but whatever. it's inferno from manic panic i think. kind of a red orange color. xoxoz
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    Happy 2019, Killjoys 🔫❤️💙💛💚
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    hey bitches! man, the official site is FUCKED UP so good to see people on here though. happy inmcrd luv y'all xoxoz
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    Wow, that’s so cool!!^^ since we’re talking about adult news: I’ve bought an appartment!!
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    It’s crazy how time fly! I feel like I just crossed my fingers for your high school exams Sandreh, and now you’re done with uni! We’re growing up, and I’m not sure if I like it
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    I'm sure your wedding will be a little more grandeur than mine, but that's okay! I believe so, back in November? You have a lot of time to plan and save, and with that amount of time I'm sure it won't be so stressful! I'm usually around on Facebook nowadays, at least on Messenger, so feel free to message me when you get the time! Yeah the UK isn't that great for education, especially post-graduate. I'm hoping to in a few years time. Getting my degree really did make me feel like I can be successful so I'm thinking why stop there?
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    I know I said this over Facebook but I'm so happy for you! I've found wedding planning stressful but if you have a lot of time it can be enjoyable, especially being creative and fun for example at the reception/party i am dressing as freddie mercury and dancing around for song because it's how i self indulge on my wedding day! The location we found to marry in is beautiful, we should compare notes sometime! Good luck with your masters thesis... I miss education! I'm still debating taking my masters but I don't have enough money at the moment
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    Hey hey just popping in to hear how everyone's doing I'm finishing my master thesis this MONTH DDDD: super stressful xD and as some of you may have seen on fb or instagram, I got engaged this friday! I'm so excited and it's so inconvenient in the middle of all the thesis work, it limits my ability to focus on doing my work because I keep drifting away and finding myself scrolling wedding websites etc xD So yea, I'm doing pretty heckin good
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    Someone reminded me of this forum. Its been exactly one year since my last visit. Haha Guess there hasn't been a lot happening though. Well, just stopping to say hey. Can't forget the fellow Killjoys! Peace!
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    @VanessaRamzieh I love it too! (And Ive lost over 2k followers because of it ?)
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    @letypocky Da pra consertar, não? Ok, não manjo de aquarela
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    RT @THR: George and Amal Clooney pledge $500K to student-led gun-violence protest "March for Our Lives" https://t.co/lzxVZ61NZU https://t.c…
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    RT @ArfMeasures: ME: *realises I've just stepped on an ant* oh no JOHN WICK: Has anyone seen my pet ant? ME: OH NO
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    I feel hiku-ey. Here's one. Memorial day Do I have class on Monday? Should figure this out.
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    i've only met one other mcr kid from MA online. anyone else out there? xoxoz
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    here's a haiku ------------------------ there's class tomorrow i have home work to be done i think i am fucked
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    fun fact: this is my face. it is rather red right now, thats just because i have acne scarring and shit haha xoxoz
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    I haven't made a status update on here in ages. Do these still show up on the home page of the website or not? Oh well! How is everyone? I don't even know how active this site is anymore because I don't come on as often
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    Oh oh btw guess what! Last week I went to the store and I saw a girl with an MCR t-shirt... I was completely amazed. Hadn't seen that for YEARS! It made me smile
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    Hey Guys. Not sure if I posted about my degree and how my life's been going but... I graduated with a 1st Class degree in Film. It certainly surprised me because I could never have imagined getting a First, just because they're quite hard to achieve. Honestly I thought I was going to come away with a 2:2 or at best, a 2:1, but I managed to get 3% over the first class threshold. At my film premiere, just before I had received the results, my lecturer told me that I had got a First and I didn't believe him, although I never thought he'd lie to me, he had no reason to, it was just hard to wrap my head around it. My other lecturer then approached me and the first thing he said to me was that my dissertation had taught him a lot of things, which was quite the compliment. Although I knew my dissertation was good, I already saw that I got 75% which is very high, the compliment made me feel even better, but getting a First overall was beyond what my aspirations and goals were, it also means I could do my Masters degree at some point too, so getting a First opens doors for me. I'm happy. I recently had an interview as a media lecturer (literally a week after I found out my degree results) and although the interview went well and the feedback was mostly positive, I didn't get the job, but it was a learning experience. I realised how much I have grown. I've been harassing TV studios by sending them my CV every couple of days. One studio in Peterborough i think i've applied for separate jobs there about 10 times. They're probably sick of seeing my name, but hey, consistence is key, right? I hope you're all well, thought I'd check in and let you guys know how I've been doing. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'll try to check in more often
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    I haven't been able to type anything that I felt was interesting or relevant to you guys, so I chose to not post anything... I still check the site almost every day though. Just came home from Denmark ?? and I'm exhausted after a week with my family! While typing this I realized my spellcheck thing on the phone now suggest emojis when I type some words! What is happening to the world??
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    Okay. I had one of my British colleagues explain the parties to me, so now things are easier to understand lol. But she couldn't explain the election mess to me; your post is very clear! I think it's a pretty different situation from trump, since there is a whole lot of people who are very much for him. But the big similarity is that the legislation is very divided, which makes it ineffective. Also the divides within parties, i.e. Old school republicans vs. Trumpers, Bernie-supporting democrats vs. Hilary supporters (moderates vs. far-right/left.)
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    Okay, so In April our Conservative Prime Minister called a snap election because she wanted to increase her quite-slim Parliamentary majority, so she could get Brexit done how she wanted with minimal opposition. It was expected that, because she seemed quite formidable and The People Wanted Brexit, she would win a tonne of seats in Parliament. (She also called an election because she took over leadership of the Conservatives last year when the previous PM quit, so she wanted to hush the people who moaned that she wasn't elected by the electorate - in the UK different parties have different ways of electing their leaders.) But Then The Conservatives had a bad campaign. Theresa came across as cold - she refused to do a bunch of debates and the Conservative manifesto included some bad policies, like bringing back fox hunting, making old people sell their homes to get care for certain illnesses, ending fuel allowance for old people and ending pension security for old people. Most old people vote Conservative/most Conservative voters are old people. BAD MOVE THERESA DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Also, Labour - the main-ish opposition party - had a relatively good campaign. Their very-left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn is really popular with the youth vote, and a lot of young people are angry about Brexit, the Conservatives and the possibility of bringing back fox hunting. It was expected Labour would lose a tonne of seats, because a lot of Labour members think Corbyn is too left wing. The party has been very divided since he took over; it was assumed they would bomb. But Then We had several weeks of politicians of all colours tearing shreds out of one another. BREXIIITTTTT hissed a lot of people. What about BREXXIIIITTTT. None of the parties had a lot of good ideas about Brexit negotiations/what was 'best for the UK'. The public are fed up with votes. People resented Theresa for calling the election. The Manchester bombing and London Bridge happened. People got tired and irritable. And Then On polling day, a fuck tonne of people turned out to vote. Loads. Especially young people, who normally don't vote. It turned out that less people liked Theresa May than she thought. Maybe less people want a 'hard Brexit' (very little connection with the EU) than it was thought. More people like Jeremy Corbyn than it was thought. So Then The Conservatives are the biggest party in Parliament, but they don't have enough MPs to form a majority government (a 'hung parliament'). Because they're a minority government, they're doing frantic negotiations with a Northern Irish party, the DUP, because then they would have enough seats to form a majority and pass laws n shit. There won't be an official coalition like there was in 2010, because the DUP and Conservatives are too different, so they have to make deals on a law-by-law basis. This means everything, including Brexit stuff, will take longer. The opposition is very big now - Labour made relatively huge gains - so it will be harder for the Conservatives to push through unpopular policies. Theresa May is no longer popular in her party. Jeremy Corbyn is now regarded by some as similar to Jesus. If May resigns/is pushed out, there may be an election in the autumn. No one fucking wants that. Watch this space to see who forms a minority government with whom. Be suspicious of the DUP; they have repeatedly blocked gay marriage in Northern Ireland and are anti-abortion. Lots of Conservatives are unhappy with the alliance. Lots of other Northern Irish parties are worried about the alliance too, and its implications for the Northern Irish peace process, but that's another story. TL;DR It's not as bad as Trump, but it's pretty chaotic.
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    I stopped reading the news too - it got a bit too much. Aside from the odd shithead on my Facebook posting something passive aggressive about Islam with a shite graphic of a poppy and a 'share to show you care' plea, people have been lovely which made me feel better.
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    Howdy y'all. I know I've been neglecting my fiends for months but I had a really cool experience at the second of the two Frank shows I just went to and it made me miss you guys. (Hint: all the guys were there. I mean...hdfjklgadksgdfl. All four of them. And Jimmy and Chantal, and I saw Bert and Jepha from The Used, pretty sure the whole band was there based on what I saw from twitter. Anyway, the whole thing was such a fucking blast from the past.)
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    Hi! Welcome to the boards. I'm Francesca.
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    It's great to see some new faces! I need to give MCR a proper listen again sometime... maybe I'll have that experience like you! Y'all... I had an interview yesterday for basically my dream organization, for a position I know I'll be good at and am qualified for. I wasn't sure how to feel after the interview yesterday, but one of my references just texted me and she said when she was talking to them they said they were excited to get me on board! Maybe this is the one! I'm trying to not get my hopes too up to high still.
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    aaahhh, Brinn! I can't wait to see you again. I've had to drop Gerard's Texas shows due to financial/time issues. Our group realized it would be more convenient to follow Frank's November tour. But still doing Gerard in SD and Arizona. For Frank's tour, we're doing all 6 California dates plus Denver. It's better this time around because we're going to have 5 drivers and the distances between venues are relatively short compared to the July tour. The Killer's had a secret show in SD last week and I saw Against Me! a couple nights ago. Only shows I have that aren't Gerard/ Frank related are Modern Baseball and Silverstein/Senses Fail in November. Fall schedule is looking pretty good right now.
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    California is pretty amazing! It's about 20 degrees outside, and sunshine almost every day. Like, you get surprised if it's cloudy or raining and the people are amazing! So warm and welcoming. Not as reserved as norwegians...
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    I really want to go to California, maybe San Francisco. I love California. I don't really get out much because of my financial situation. =/


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