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    Oh by poncho, I thought you meant this little number...damn, he actually looks cute in this one photo tho. Oh, and I guess there was one other I didn't like...the "Every Snowflake" one. Omgsh! The jackets are great but....where are the bottoms!!!
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    That shirt was so terrible it was brilliant. Incidentally they brought out a DESTROYA shirt that was a lot like it, I wear it on the beach over my bikini. Went into a monastery wearing it, I had to wrap a table cloth round me before I was allowed in the church. Thank you Gerard. I'd forgotten that poncho, holy shit. The cardigan gig he has going now is quite nice, all things considered.
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    Many questionable fashion choices in the picture.
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    I see a lot of guys wearing shirts like that around here, in the heat. Never a nice sight to see, no matter how buff they are! Nip slips aren't things only women should avoid.
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    We like the poncho. In the year of the poncho, Sulfur used it as inspiration for her Gerard Halloween costume.
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    Yes! I have a pic of him wearing it at one of the NYC concerts. Definitely not flattering from the side, but I bet it kept him cool! Also 100x better than the poncho!!!
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    Does anyone else remember how Gerard wore this garment all the time?? Lia and I were watching some old show videos together and seemed to forget how bad it had been. We wonder if he had multiple of the same shirt or if one day it had been worn so repeatedly it just walked away on its own. Does anyone else remember this one? Not our favorite, but it definitely was better from the front than the side though....
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