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    Well, F, google is a good place to start, at least that’s what I’ve done xD i haven’t found a place I both like and can afford yet but I’m trying to moderate my expectations, and hopefully something will appear. And I really hope I have a place before the summer Sandreh, and then you should come and visit!!
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    about to go to bed but felt like showing my new hair color first! not the greatest pic of me but whatever. it's inferno from manic panic i think. kind of a red orange color. xoxoz
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    Guys, I had the coolest experience yesterday!! The choir my siblings are singing in were having a Christmas concert with 3 norwegian artists, where one of them is one of my childhood idols. And since my siblings are in the choir, and my parents are involved with stuff in the choir, I often help my father before, during and after their concerts. So I was there during the sound check. And suddenly my childhood idol came over too me and asked about my sweater. I have knitted that sweater myself, and she wanted to know the name of the pattern and the name of the yarn, cause she wanted one for herself. So I wrote down the details for her, but later that night I gave her my email and told her that if she wanted, I could make her that sweater. So now I'm hoping she will email me, cause it would be the coolest thing ever to make her a sweater! Like, I listened to her songs over and over and over when I was kid/teenager, and she came over and talked to me!!! *fangirlmoment*
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    I'm just getting over my favorite artist (Joanna newsom) announcing a show in Texas and now this... It's too much.
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    Bad things happens, but good things happen as well. They're just not as visible. I just finished my students oral exam today, so I fell like my holiday started. I have to work tomorrow and Friday as well, but it's just gonna be cleaning, handing in stuff, and all that end off the school year kind of things. So I've survived my first year as a high school teacher!!
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    I know this isn't usually where we air our srs bsnss but...I've been having a really tough couple of days. I know, everyone is, and a lot of people are going through a hell of a lot worse, but I just feel like... I don't know, like I was living in a bubble about how shitty the world really is and all of a sudden the severity of the dangers that are out there, and the dangers that I personally can be in (and the worse dangers that people I love are constantly in) just hit me full force. It seems like the world is exponentially becoming a darker, scarier place, and I just feel so hopeless. I love you all, and this place is a bright light in that darkness for me.
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    The book has been returned! He dropped it off at my apartment, but I was at my mom's house. I think telling him about my impending move helped. At least this saga is over!
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    I dont have the illness that would have been a death sentence my doctor thought I had!
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    I'm so sorry, sweetie. ;-; I'll send my thoughts and prayers your way.
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    First of all, it's a headache and a half unless you're on a computer. You can try changing to the full version site on your phone or tablet (at the footer of the page) but it's much more difficult. To add a picture from your computer: 1.) Upload your picture to Photobucket, Facebook, imgur, Twitter, etc. 1.) Right-click the image and select "Copy Image Location" To add a picture to your post you need to: 1.) Copy the URL of the image. Find your picture on Google or refer to above steps. 2.) On your mcrmy post, click the icon of the tree. 3.) Paste the URL where it says "Image URL" 4.) Click "Insert Image" Tada!
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    Haha yeah exactly! I kept waiting for something to happen, but then the book ended and all they had done was sit around, smoke, and complain about stuff. It kind of turned me off Salinger after that, but I will check out 9 stories if it is more interesting lol. Holden complained a lot too, but I least he did things during the book, and there was some sort of redemption at the end!
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    I love 'Catcher,' but I also read 'Franny & Zooey' by Salinger and was not impressed.
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    Went to the bank today to open a business account... I'm so official. And really nervous that I'll go bankrupt. I'm also broke because I just bought a Christmas present I thought was in the sale but isn't now. Good luck teaching Gabby! I love the idea of passing on knowledge and all that, but I couldn't go into teaching - too much paperwork.
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    I was thinking of an interests questionnaire that is standard for everyone. They fill out an send back?
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    aaahhh, Brinn! I can't wait to see you again. I've had to drop Gerard's Texas shows due to financial/time issues. Our group realized it would be more convenient to follow Frank's November tour. But still doing Gerard in SD and Arizona. For Frank's tour, we're doing all 6 California dates plus Denver. It's better this time around because we're going to have 5 drivers and the distances between venues are relatively short compared to the July tour. The Killer's had a secret show in SD last week and I saw Against Me! a couple nights ago. Only shows I have that aren't Gerard/ Frank related are Modern Baseball and Silverstein/Senses Fail in November. Fall schedule is looking pretty good right now.
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    A pig came into the shelter yesterday. I met it today and I think I'm in love. He's so sweet and cute! If I had land I would totally adopt him. One day...
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    That shirt was so terrible it was brilliant. Incidentally they brought out a DESTROYA shirt that was a lot like it, I wear it on the beach over my bikini. Went into a monastery wearing it, I had to wrap a table cloth round me before I was allowed in the church. Thank you Gerard. I'd forgotten that poncho, holy shit. The cardigan gig he has going now is quite nice, all things considered.
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    Many questionable fashion choices in the picture.
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    Yes! I have a pic of him wearing it at one of the NYC concerts. Definitely not flattering from the side, but I bet it kept him cool! Also 100x better than the poncho!!!
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    I think it's in the making of video. MSI brought to my mind the time I met them. First time I admitted to Steve just how much of an idiot I am bc I just then realized he's Dr. Death and he was like "Took you long enough! Oh and now you're gonna ask me to do the speech.. shit.. 5 euros and I'll do it" Didn't have 5 then but I remembered that the next time and year after that met him again and I reminded him of that (he didn't want the 5 then) and he was like "oh well, I'm not supposed to do this but if you don't record it, I'll do it" and he took me away from everyone else and we rapped Look alive sunshine. he needed a bit of help to remember the lyrics. It was one of my finest moments as an MCR fan.
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    okay well, where do I start... Gerard played at the Vic Theatre in Chicago last Saturday and I flew 2,000 miles to go to the show. Oh man, it was so great. I reunited with a friend who flew over here for his Los Angeles shows back in October and met a few people I knew on Twitter. The venue staff was incredibly courteous unlike the ones back here in California. The crowd was the same just a bit more diverse. Predominantly young girls (screaming fangirls ). I was surprised at how many older fans were at the show and even more surprised at how many men were there. I actually wasn't the only one from out of state! There was a girl who came from Florida and there were a couple people from Boston, Iowa, and some other surrounding states. The setlist was the same as past tours, the Hormones start off with the Bureau and lead into Action Cat. The only addition was the unreleased song Don't Try (the one Mikey played bass on in Japan!). Gerard's vocals have been improving with each tour and you could definitely hear it at the show. There was no signing for safety reasons and I was pretty bummed about it, but what can you do. As most of you have heard, Gerard announced four new tour dates in October. San Diego, CA. Tempe, AZ. Dallas and Austin, TX. Guess who's doing all of them? My friends and are heading out on a road trip and I couldn't be more excited! Hopefully this link works but I have a few pictures up on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=874898972580081&set=a.747404341996212.1073741833.100001799603368&type=3&theater
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    I just found my old notebook that had my transmissions advertising idea in it. I forgot that I even came up with that XD
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    Okay, planners: it seems to me that the biggest obstacle we've come across while planning is that we have no funds. In order to plan where this meetup will be happening, we have to pay to rent the site and pay consultants and legal fees and whatnot. Every time we start to plan, we hit a brick wall because we need money.\ Well, I think I might have the solution. My proposal is that we use a crowdfunding site like indiegogo or kickstarter, where people can donate different sums of money in exchange for perks. The good thing about these sites is that if for some reason the meetup falls through, anyone who donated will get their money back. We can offer different tiers of rewards for different values of monetary donations, and a certain donation amount can count as a ticket to the event. We can offer perks like VIP badges, and simple merch with our logo. It seems to me that this is the most sure-fire way to get money from anyone who is willing to donate while simultaneously selling tickets to the event, and offering a failsafe so we don't end up accidentally embezzling people if the meetup doesn't happen. Please tell me your thoughts!
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    Thank you all for being so kind and supportive. I really don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm going to keep moving forward and not get lost in my being lost.
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    Wow, that’s so cool!!^^ since we’re talking about adult news: I’ve bought an appartment!!
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    @letypocky Da pra consertar, não? Ok, não manjo de aquarela
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    Hey Guys. Not sure if I posted about my degree and how my life's been going but... I graduated with a 1st Class degree in Film. It certainly surprised me because I could never have imagined getting a First, just because they're quite hard to achieve. Honestly I thought I was going to come away with a 2:2 or at best, a 2:1, but I managed to get 3% over the first class threshold. At my film premiere, just before I had received the results, my lecturer told me that I had got a First and I didn't believe him, although I never thought he'd lie to me, he had no reason to, it was just hard to wrap my head around it. My other lecturer then approached me and the first thing he said to me was that my dissertation had taught him a lot of things, which was quite the compliment. Although I knew my dissertation was good, I already saw that I got 75% which is very high, the compliment made me feel even better, but getting a First overall was beyond what my aspirations and goals were, it also means I could do my Masters degree at some point too, so getting a First opens doors for me. I'm happy. I recently had an interview as a media lecturer (literally a week after I found out my degree results) and although the interview went well and the feedback was mostly positive, I didn't get the job, but it was a learning experience. I realised how much I have grown. I've been harassing TV studios by sending them my CV every couple of days. One studio in Peterborough i think i've applied for separate jobs there about 10 times. They're probably sick of seeing my name, but hey, consistence is key, right? I hope you're all well, thought I'd check in and let you guys know how I've been doing. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I'll try to check in more often
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    Sorry to hear Rachel! Hope things will get better soon i have always wanted to have a group of friends, you know like in books and movies... but it's seriously frustrating now that I have one, because there's always someone in the group who are mad at or hurt by one of the others. And I wonder if I'm the go to girl when that happens xD so instead of having a happy group of friends, I'm always trying to make my friends friends again... seriously, why can't people just grow up and be nice to each other??
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    there's a fireworks ban? that's probably good for the sake of the animals and such there's no such thing in denmark xD I think it's both good and bad. Good for me bc I like to watch the fireworks, but bad for the animals bc it scares the crap out of them. I think my new years resolution is that I want to be able to squat my current deadlift record (50 kg) and be able to deadlift 60 kg
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    I have one of those stars things, I always forget to use it but it's so mesmerising. Oh my god the bee thing is so scary apparently if the bees go we're doomed as a planet? Also bees are so cute. Guys I passed my driving test! Only 11 minors I'm so pleased.
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    I vote that Sonia sends us all presents! I'm down for either cards or gifts, (or both, if it's just a couple of people who can send gifts and the rest of us send each other cards)
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    Yeah, it was awesome! And I did get very positive responses from the other teachers, about the song having such an important message and such. And I told everyone that I were going to play a song from my favorite band, so some off the students came over to me afterwards, and we're all like: do YOU listen to that kind of music??? You don't look like that kind of person xD
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    I went to the Joanna Newsom show last night and got to meet her afterwards! It was amazing. I might be a bit in shock that I got that blessed experience
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    Oh boy the last few weeks have been intense. I met Frank! Death Spells were so good live and I'm glad I saw them. Only downside to the concert was seeing a girl faint beside me and having to pick her up in my arms until security arrived. There was only one security guy at the barricade what's up with that? Also, I dyed my hair red. Finally. I kicked anxiety's ass and now I'm channelling the danger days vibe.
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    My 16 year olds are special Just kidding, or, I believe them to be special off course, but I do think 16 year olds are mainly the same: a bit hung up on themselves and their own life, but if you show them that you care about them, and their life, they might actually take interest in you and your life as well
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    "the creature of horrors" isn't it though. and yet I can't stop watching it. the fat fake baby legs... the noise it makes when it licks the guy's face... his voluptuous swinging bicep hair...
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    Started reading Not the Life It Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance today!
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    I'm in California, so I can do all the groundwork if need be
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    Last night I made a gingerbread house. Today I shot it.
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    BRINN, KERRY (BEST MOD EVER) GABBY oh and Proper Rachel. I missed you all very much. I was sad because I thought You thought I had abanonded you or something since I'm not as into MCR. Like they're not my favorite thing, but when I hear their music I remmeber good times and it's good. Brinn we still need to hang out. Kerry my roommate and I are planning a European trip and spending the day with you would be amazing beyound. Rachel, always fun chilling with you. Gabby, you're newish in my life but I want you to stay.
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    I can ship internationally too. I doubt there's anyone else from around here.
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    Haha right! This place has been so quiet. I think Tink's lump is going down, so that's good. But her tummy has been upset and I had to take off work today to take her to the vet anyways She should be fine though.
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    We like the poncho. In the year of the poncho, Sulfur used it as inspiration for her Gerard Halloween costume.
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    Hooray! I'm so excited for you, Gabs Also, just dropping this here: http://www.mtv.com/news/2193850/my-chemical-romance-extreme-music-study/
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    I know what you mean! Then you missed out if you weren't online for five minutes, now you can check once a day, and there might not be anything to respond to... What I like about it though, is that we have become a more grownup group, and that those of us who are still here are closer. Earlier, I couldn't keep up with who everyone was, except for those I had really gotten to know, but now I feel like we're more like one group of friends, who support each other through life. I always know that if I need to share something, be it happy or sad or frustrating, I can come here, and someone will care! And I know they really do care. Not that people didn't earlier, but sometimes, if the right people weren't online, my stuff would drown in what else was going on. I don't know, might just be me who are feeling like that
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    that's awesome! i hope it goes well. what will you be doing in this one? hey girlie! i feel like i lurk a lot here, but i never post. i just usually check in on my phone, and i hate typing on it so i never reply to anyone's posts lol
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    I've been swamped with this friend's wedding prep and I've been drawing and painting so much that I've been getting shooting pains in my right hand


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