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    My name is Sydney, she/her is just fine. From Huntington Beach, CA—living in Northern California now. 1) I’m in school to get my veterinary technician license and have worked with a lot of different animals. I met my fiancé working at Petco and we have a lot of pets. Never met an animal I didn’t like. 2) It’s such an exciting time in children’s cartoons rn with this kind of societal push for more diversity and greater depth of characters and development. I especially love the trend rn of strong female leads in fantasy/adventure. It’s everything I wanted as a kid: Gravity Falls, Owl House, Infinity Train, Amphibia, Craig of the Creek, all great shows I will fight you on this. I nerd out about this kind of stuff. 3) Cats follow me and my fiancé when we take late night walks. I’m not sure why this keeps happening. We had to walk home from a restaurant and get in our car to trick the cat: he tried to walk with us to get burgers and was about to cross a busy street. His name was Morochi and he waltzed into our home randomly and would steal my hair ties. Here are some friends in lieu of my photo:
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    Wow I never ended up doing this hi I'm Jackie I've been here since back in the day as well. She/her is fine. Three facts: 1. I'm in school learning sign language and I adore it. Highly recommend Deaf people are dope and now I can hang out with them. 2. I'm 25 in a month and I live in Missouri cause fuck me I guess lmao 3. Last year I spent a month by myself in Thailand, South Korea, and Japan and now I'm bit by the travel bug. Can't stop. Gotta leave. My eternal escapist tendencies now have a cause it's wild.
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    You guys, I got me real life friend Hento to join the rmy, be nice to her😊 we’re planning to go to the uk show together! PS Mick Mac likes her, so she is approved as a cool girl!
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    When my parents left for dinner I ate cheese and deli meat while I watched Chopped.
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    Okay I will find you (I honestly don't really know how Goodreads works except it helps me keep track of books to read and I somehow added my own book on there even though it's not actually a book yet). Edit I do not know how to find you even though I searched on Goodreads and used Google honestly THE INTERNET. Here is me https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/68384357-francesca
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    Read the whole list and added them all to my Goodreads. Am fairly terrible at organised reading but the magic/angel/period drama/gods ones sound like what I'd pick up anyway. I also feel like @RadarAnomalywould appreciate this list?
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    I went to work for 2 hours, went home because I could, and because I wasn’t well, got my little sister and drove her home for her holidays (1 and a half hour drive), was exhausted and went to bed before 8pm😅
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    Hey everyone! Happy Day of Obnoxious Relationship Bragging and Surge Pricing-Based Restaurants! I took carnations to a nursing home and then visited my grandparents (who do not live in the nursing home, two separate events).
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    I’m here! Out with a cold this week, so haven’t happened much exciting.
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    lmao same. happy clearance aisle chocolate day eve!
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    I'm here! Chatting on the art threads this week. HAPPY SINGLE'S AWARENESS DAY
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    I'm going to see The Glorious Sons (finally!) in Maryland Heights in June, hopefully I will save enough to see Elton John in St. Louis in July, but also I'm going to see MCR a whopping 5 times in Chicago, Boston, Brooklyn, Philly, and Newark. No other plans atm because I'm trying to save 😅 not that that's not enough, I'm not usually one for stadium shows. I try to stick to little GA things >$40 😬 this year is changing me
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    I had to miss Tool because I had a treatment that today and wasn’t allowed to drive, and I’m missing Korn and Breaking Benjamin next month because I forgot to buy a ticket when I thought I had, but that’s okay because now I’m saving my money to see MCR three times in October! I’m also seeing Foreigner in April because they had to reschedule.
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    I’m seeing Staut, a Norwegian band I love, in March and then MCR in June. Also, not a concert exactly, but I’ll see the musical Chess in March. So this will be a good spring for sure😁
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    Yes to everything you just said. It used to be my go-to show I would put on when I was sad or upset. Honestly everything I see in cartoons rn is stuff I really would have liked as a child and it makes me happy this next generation gets to grow up with all of this as the “new norm”
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    Her name is Calli. We had to make an emergency move to NorCal when my fiancé got in a car accident that put him out of work. We moved in with his parents and this cat was waiting for us. She is a neighborhood cat that would occasionally stop by and hang out on the porch. During the cold rainy months we didn’t see much of her. A few weeks ago we were walking late at night in the neighborhood and she popped out of some bushes and meowed at us. She proceeded to follow us home and ever since then she has been a regular. She isn’t our cat and we have dogs, but the little garage area we are living in is separate from the main house and she comes in at night to get out of the cold and sleep with us. When we take post dinner walks she will usually pop out from somewhere and “escort us” around until we return home. She walks with us the whole way usually beside us or bringing up the rear. She is the friendliest cat, I think she is a sign of good things to come.
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    They are good doggies, I gave them each a gentle smooch just for you. Our snake is a Columbian Red-tailed Boa, he is male and his name is Noodles. He is incredibly tame and during the warm months he will fall asleep on your lap. He’s about 5ft and 6-7 years old. What kind of snake do you have?? I used to be really into reptile keeping and had 5 + snakes at one point when I worked as a foster/rescue.
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    I feel exactly like this! I can’t force myself to not hope for something more, but I’m trying really hard.
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    I would say that I've mellowed out and that I would just okay with this and nothing more (and I wish I was) but man, I'm too invested in this now. I'm not going wild and hanging on the possibility of more like it's a fact or scrutinizing their every move, but part of me I can't stuff down is too optimistic. But most of me is happy they're back and just appreciating that.
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    Ooh I studied Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit for my A Level. I think I would enjoy it more if I hadn't studied it...
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    Yep! So big and bold, it grabs your attention even more than the name. That’s intentional. It has to be! Whether it’s a date, I don’t know, but there’s a message in there.
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    Argh I love love Maggie! Honestly half of my creative bones are from MCR, half are from Maggie Stiefvater. Never met anyone else who loves both (I guess I had already met you though haha).
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    I didn’t get tickets, mostly because I’m seeing Queen twice in June and it kinda coincides with MCRs visit to England. Think I’m going to hold out for a tour after their new music comes. (Guess I’m patient and all...)
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    I hear ya, Radar. But we were all so rushed, we are all fortunate just to have gotten in! After my mom and I both tried so hard for St Paul tickets, and couldnt get any.... we both were not taking chances with Tacoma. I ended up getting two tickets in the section right next to where my mom got 2 tickets haha. Now my bf and I are going to go with my mom and sister XD
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    Floor was too pricey for me. We got seating in the stands but fairly good spots actually.
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    Yes this really sucks. But also the second and third dates they added today while people are probably in queue for another date..just making it extra stressful. Like btw second date on sale starting now! what kinda seats did everyone get? Anyone get floor tickets?
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    Woho, I’m so happy you got the tickets! You really deserve that after everything lately! When I got my tickets, I were almost crying because of all the feelings, and I were at work, in an open office! There’s so many feelings!
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    As for me, I got a ticket for both the Oakland AND the LA shows! Getting the tickets was excruciating. Both because of how fast the seats were going and because I was so incredibly anxious that my hands and knees were literally shaking. how much did you all end up paying per ticket/where are you sitting, if you don’t mind me asking?
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    I hope you got some- the same thing happened to me and after it went through all those people there were still some seats left YAY!!! I’m so glad you got that pair. Good luck for more! Yesssss!!! I am SO HAPPY for you two!
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    Woho!!! This makes me so happy!!! Looking forward to hear from you and Kerry how it was, and knowing I’m going to see them just a few days after😃
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    I got tickets!!! Actually my friend did but WE'RE GOING. It's her first MCR show as a friend screwed her over with tickets in 2011 and I am so excited for her! I think we've all managed tickets? Ugh now I can relax and enjoy my year without ticket stress ahaha
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    Not evil! I will be crossing fingers and toes and everything else for you. I mean, I know the feeling you have right now, waiting and not knowing. Just be ready and do several windows on your screen. I had like three different tabs searching for tickets. Also hoping that it’s a bit easier for you to get the tickets now, since Thursday is a bit more difficult for people than Saturday and Sunday. Like, I couldn’t have gotten to the Thursday show, it wouldn’t be possible with last days at school and everything...
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    I really hope they wouldnt be so dramatic just to announce a goodbye tour because we expect big things when they get this cryptic.
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    Nah man they're gonna play Milton Keynes every month until the end of time
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    That’s great! Love it when things line up like that😃
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    Their Washington show is the day after my anniversary with my BF and we travel to the Canadian west coast to celebrate, so it gives us a chance to travel down to Washington and Oregon like weve been dreaming of 😍
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    The theory makes since, but I dont think they'd get us all so hyped up about a goodbye tour. I hope they're be more transparent if that's what they were doing. If I cant get tickets to those locations, I'll honestly buy them anywhere in the US. I had never seen them before the breakup, so I am taking absolutely zero chances this time around.
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    I really hope so! I read some people think they’re having a good bye tour, since the ouija board said good bye, and they where killing off everything with the atomic bomb. But I feel it’s kind off weird to come back just to say good bye. But I’m happy I’m going to the UK, so whatever happens, I’ll see them. And now I’m gonna be really careful about getting my hopes up again, until theirs actual proof (who am I fooling? I always get my hopes up!) I’ll cross my fingers for you to get tickets Gabby! Actually I’ll cross my fingers for all y’all over there! I hope you all get to see them this year
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    I feel like they have to be with how thematic this has all been. Maybe they'll drop one in the summer before the fall dates? I'm currently planning to hit up the St Paul date and/or Tacoma.
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    I loved the video! But I really felt like they were building up to a new album, and then they just weren’t...
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    That was such a lovely video as well. I love that there were nods to every era and album.
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    Ahhhh tour dates announced! So excited!
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    Hey all! Sorry I appeared for a day and then disappeared for a couple months again. I'll try to stop in more regularly. I'm currently busy working full time and trying to develop my art career, while also being involved in a billion other things so I get overwhelmed.
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    Tell us all about it when the time comes!
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    I got tickets for Sunday!!!!!!!😃😃😃
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    I didn't. I know two people who did - Cassie and Jacqui, whose handle on here I can't remember. Anyone else?
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    Fyi! I just found out there's someone using vacantalleyways on Twitter and it's not me. There Instagram even uses my same favorite MCR song! I wonder if they've seen my accounts on the various forums or just have creepily the same thoughts/interests as me. Just thought I'd let all the forums know.Hope you're all well!
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    Hey all! I’m Alex and I’ve been around since 2012. I’m 28, live in Los Angeles, and am beside myself with excitement about being able to remember my login after so long. Three facts: - I’m a publicist for a university. I may be a grown up emo kid now but I certainly have maintained a chic all black wardrobe 🤟🏽 - I fundraise for the Downtown Women’s Center on LA’s Skid Row. They are the only resource for unaccompanied women in the area and are focused on permanent rehousing (I’m super proud to be affiliated with them and am passionate about this issue!). - My favorite story to tell people about my dad is this one: When MCR had their Halloween show in Los Angeles during the Black Parade era my best friend Megan and I used six different phones to try and win tickets on KROQ. We failed. My dad somehow found out that a limited number of people would be able to get in at the door on Halloween (in retrospect he was definitely trying to win me tickets as well 😭). So, he pulled me and Megan out of school on the 30th and whisked us to House of Blues Sunset, where he slept on the filthy streets of Hollywood with us, keeping us safe, until all three of us got into the show. 🖤 Here’s my face:
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    Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater
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    I recently finished The Night Circus and The Hate U Give, they're both excellent and very different I mean one is about an 1850s magic circus and the other is about police brutality in America I don't know why I put them in the same sentence


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