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  2. Welcome 😊 If you have a look under MCRmy Discussion you'll see a Swap and Shop thread. I'll move this to MCRmy Discussion 🙂
  3. Hi everybody, I’m new on this site. I’m looking to buy the full set of Conventional Weapons if anybody has it for sale. Please message me on here, or I’m on all the socials under the same name if you want to DM me. Thanks!
  4. Last week
  5. Ahaha it's terrifying to get a message from someone who seems to know you, but you have absolutely no idea who they are
  6. Hmm, interesting! It’s not quite the same then, since we have red days any day of the week. The bank holidays always confused me in the US, but I thought it was another weird US thing, and not something we had in Europe. Haha, guess I was wrong! So, I just got this message request from a girl with rungarunga as last name, with a picture attached, and was sure this is something sketchy! A bit scared I opened the message, and a cute picture of me and my brother at around 4-5 years, with bad hair days, together with our baby sitter popped up. When I saw the picture I recognized the first name, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t named rungarunga back then😂
  7. Oh I think I knew it was International Workers Day. I wonder if they're connected? Yes I think bank holiday is a red day. I think it used to be that just the banks closed, I'm not sure why they closed at random days in the year like the Monday after Easter or New Year's Day but nothing else did. Anyway, nowdays everything is shut on Bank Holiday. It's always a Monday unless it's at Christmastime and Christmas or Boxing Day are on a weekend, in which case we get Monday and Tuesday off as well. I don't know how they figure it out but everyone loves a bank holiday. Unless you work somewhere that's open on Bank Holiday, like a restaurant, in which case the tips are good but the day is loooong.
  8. Well, 1st may is a holiday over here, I think it’s international workers day, but it’s unfortunately on a Saturday, so it doesn’t give us an extra day off this year. We’ll have to wait two years for that over here. Is a bank holiday what we refer to as red days over here? Just a day when everything is closed? We call them red days because they’re red in the calendar, very creative.
  9. Yeah, May Bank Holiday. We actually have two bank holidays in May. Not sure why... I think this one is because May Day (1st May) is a traditional day for... something? The sort-of start of summer/end of spring? It's Beltane in the Wiccan calendar today, if you're in the northern hemisphere. Lots of spring-y stuff I think.
  10. Wait, why long weekend? Do you guys have some kind of holiday on monday?
  11. Mine is good! Um, very little exercise. I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago so I've got some physio to do and that is... quite painful. I am out of shape and way too good at injuring myself. I am so looking forward to this long weekend though. I love that little 'oh I don't have to do anything Monday' feeling!
  12. I feel you! When you live upstairs, you have to save some energy for the stairs. The gym I went to some years ago were upstairs, and there were days that I had trouble getting down the stairs after working out! I got myself a core step machine thing not so long ago (kinda got it for free, because of some bonus program thing), and I’m trying to use it in front of the tv, to get in some kind of shape. 5 minutes is more than enough for one day, so it’s obviously much needed. Other than that, my weekend is good. Horse back riding, 5 minute work out and relaxing.
  13. I went to the gym today for the first time in 3-4 years. I had a session with a personal trainer. I literally had to crawl up the stairs when I got home 😂 How's everyone's weekend going?
  14. Earlier
  15. Three weeks are close to nothing! Great work, and you totally deserve the time to do very little.
  16. Woo, you're so close to the end now 🥳 You definitely deserve some time to chill out. I have a date tomorrow 😬 Well, it's more informal than a date really, we're going for a walk. I actually haven't been on a date before!
  17. You guys I have THREE WEEKS of my diploma Well, less if I get my finger out and finish my final assignment. Then I am going to read, talk to my plants and get down to the serious business of doing very little
  18. Its the same in Norway, so it’s not surprising.
  19. Yeah May in the UK is a weird time. You might have a heatwave and die if you go outside at midday. Or it might be hailing and muddy. WHO KNOWS
  20. Congrats on your second dose! I’m not even close to get a vaccine by this point, but I’ll wait patiently (try to at least) for it to be my turn. You guys have such creative plans before the show! I just consider if I can justify buying a mcr hoodie. The answer will off course be yes, especially now that the show is in may, it might get cold.
  21. Congrats in your second dose! Enjoy your road trip, that sounds lovely. Okay we're gonna need pictures of the slutty priest look. I have so many questions. It's going all right! I'm 90% sure I've decided my next two patches. When I can be in a room with my mum again we're going to figure out a way to sew on the mourning band that came with... I want to say May Death Never Stop You? I can't remember. It's too big as-is so it needs some work to get it to stay on my sleeve.
  22. frieeeeeeeeeends i'm getting my second shot today! when i'm immunized i'm going to celebrate with a road trip (still socially distanced, vaccinated people might still be able to give it to others). I'm gonna, like, drive to New York City. And I live in America so that sounds like something I can just do but it will be a 14 hour drive by myself 😅 I like that I'm not the only one planning on using all the extra time before the MCR tour to work on ourselves. I've decided I'm going to hone a new fashion for myself which I call "slutty priest" and I'm going to be able to perfect it before I go to my shows 😁 How's that Killjoy jacket going?
  23. I'm all right now. Spent most of the weekend shuffling around and grumbling. I have so much crap that I dropped on the floor and couldn't pick up I will never complain about old or slow people ever again
  24. Go for it! It feels really good to do something to look like your best self again. Ouch, hope your back heal quickly. You have to be careful!
  25. Congrats on your haircut! I need one too but I'm making myself wait until my diploma is done. I might cave and get my eyebrows done before then though. I'm on my way to having one eyebrow and I use my brows when I'm talking way too much, I need them to look sharp. 😅 I shouldn't have bragged about getting in shape, my back went earlier whyyyy Okay I know why, I sat down for way too long then moved way too quickly but still Ow
  26. I actually went and got a haircut today. I was planning to wait until the pandemic was over, cause I don’t even cut it yearly when it’s not restrictions, so you know, I could wait. But now it’s been a year and a half, and summer is coming up, and I needed a change. I think I cut off like 15-20cm or something. And it feels so good!! Taking care of yourselves during this is important, yet it’s so hard! But we have another year, and with summer coming up now and reopening and everything, I believe we can get in shape. Since I have standing tickets instead of seats now, it’s even more important. But I will be jumping, dancing and singing for the whole show, so I have to get fit before that.
  27. Oh that's weird. Our tattooists were shut for AGES. I can't keep track of the variants either. We have Brazil, Kent (UK), India and South Africa? Yeah exactly. I've not been looking after myself all that well since Covid hit and I'm quite run down and a bit richety. I'm going to try to get in shape for MK, because I want to be able to dance for the whole set, and I have a year so I reckon I can do it. This morning I did some Pilates (not that hard? But I think I might hurt tomorrow) and took a long walk. It was surprisingly hot so I'm kind of gross and sweaty which is PERFECT practise for MCR. I'm gonna keep working on my Killjoy jacket as well ahaha I'm so excited
  28. Oh, our hair dressers are actually open. Like, they close stores, but keep hair dressers and tattoo shops open. Logic is nowhere to be found. I think the Indian variant is the one we are scared of right now? I’m not sure, I can’t keep up anymore. As long as we’re opened up before MK I will be okay!
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