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  2. You read my mind. I love Harry Potter, so it's absolutely necessary to go to wizarding world of harry potter there ❤️ I'm just wondering if I should get the one day or two day pass, because I want to visit other parts of the park too. Two day pass would become cheaper but I wanna visit as many places as I can in LA. Do you know is it possible to update it to the 2 day pass later if I first get one day pass?
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  4. I were on Easter vacation with my family, and couldn’t grieve the way I felt like doing, because they really didn’t understand. At the same time, easier to cope with, since I had a lot of distractions.
  5. Six years since MCR broke up 😭 What were you all doing when you heard the news?
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  7. I'm hoping to go in September or November but I don't know if I'll be able to. We'll see...
  8. Hi! Long time no see! Great to have you back here😃 I won’t be able to get to Cali this year😞 but I’ll be with you in the spirit, and I am truly jealous! btw, if you do like amusement parks, go to universal studios. I love amusement parks, and that is the best one I’ve ever been to!❤️
  9. Hi guys! I booked flights some time ago and I will be in LA 17th to 25th of September. Would be so lovely to meet all of you ❤️
  10. RT @AOC: I need to admit something to you all. Frankly, I don’t know how my environmental reputation can recover. Today... I wrote in a bo…

  11. @NALanguage burn baby burn

  12. hi-captain-jack-harkness: Y’ALL NETFLIX TWITTER BIO RIGHT NOW https://t.co/DIGckQGGZo

  13. joey tribbiani 😭 https://t.co/55DKGNuU20

  14. "All My Demons" by @vocal_creators https://t.co/iB8Sx7zNAo (P.S. I'm the writer, guys ;3)

  15. @joshuadun sometimes

  16. Next week, Kyle Busch will go back to 4th grade to win the spelling bee #BoydGaming300

  17. RT @isabellakkkk: vi um monte de gente respondendo esse tweet dizendo que ama homens que não tem masculinidade frágil pois bem: os caras…

  18. I swear some peoples IQ drops to 0 when they get a cold or flue or other contagious illness. Stay away no one wants… https://t.co/bgjCJeRPmB

  19. RT @devntae: just say you don’t want to serve poor people and go https://t.co/FFFpvFAi4O

  20. RT @cameronmonaghan: Letting go of the things that have let you go is a really great feeling. I’ve begun moving on and not wasting time, e…

  21. @YoungGoobyLoL stop getting banned so i dont have to keep refollowing you jesus

  22. These are the most expensive tickets I have ever purchased to go to a show, but it shall be awesome!… https://t.co/YoH7rXmT84

  23. RT @GreenDay: Takin' it back to '94 this @recordstoreday! Celebrating 50 years of @woodstockfest & 25 years since our performance w/ Woodst…

  24. emeraldlingerie: I live for tenderness and effortless intimacy. Love me loudly. https://t.co/CAg4SfAtUg

  25. RT @MikeDrucker: I’m not saying I don’t have many close friends but I’m definitely gonna be one of those “found after neighbors complained…

  26. just try to get through today because today will seem better by tomorrow because tomorrow will be worse ❤🤗

  27. There’s a time and place for everything and your mad because you were straight inappropriate

  28. RT @Sentinels: Who’s that Pokémon? :xqcT: https://t.co/ow4zTdFatL

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