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  2. I’m trying to get some things done at home today, since I haven’t all the time I’m been home, but for the day to day cleaning. I’ve done a quarter of my closet, and I’m trying to find reasons to not do any more... I really wish I was a persons who enjoyed cleaning and tidying up!
  3. That sounds perfect, thank you so much!
  4. Hey! Okay bear with me because I have NO IDEA how to do photos on this platform. I'll take some photos tomorrow and PM them if that's okay?
  5. I would definitely be interested! I used to have one years ago, so It’d be pretty cool to have one again haha
  6. Hahaha I hate any machine that requires active language choosing. Those little infographics might be annoying but give me language option and I'll ruin everyone's day. Things are starting to open up here, I think gyms are reopening but I don't think I'd use one for a while (not that I do anyway). It's nice to feel a bit more 'normal' though.
  7. Shamlessly rebooting this! I have an MCR hoodie from 2011/2012 that doens't fit anymore. It's the PILL hoodie with Party Poison's logo: https://www.depop.com/xotiac/my-chemical-romance-pill-hoodie/ (that's not my listing). It's got some marks on hence why I'm not selling, just asking buyer pays P&P. If anyone's interested, I'll take some photos and find out the size. It's hugely comfy but actually swamps me, so I thought I'd offer it to one of you guys.
  8. Yes, I just don’t understand why people can’t just follow the rules! I can understand that you slip up some times, that you don’t really think and suddenly stand to close to someone, and then you move because you realize what you’re doing. That’s human. But when you just don’t care, and even seem proud off not caring... that makes me question your character! And I don’t like when people I like make me question their character!! Also, on the moving around part, I got pretty bad the first two weeks, since I had a cold and were limited to my 46 square meters. But after that, I’ve gotten into a routine with Mick Mac, so I take him for a ride or a walk in the wood every day. If the weather is not too bad, I usually get at least 10.000 steps, so that’s not to bad. But I’m lucky to have him! I would be so screwed these months if I didn’t! Also, funny story! The gym has opened up again, and I’m always trying to start a new and better life, so I went there on Monday and warmed up on the threadmill. Figured I should be thorough with washing, got a bit too enthusiastic with the touch screen, and somehow changed the language to Italian. Had no idea how I did it, so I just walked away, and crossed my fingers the next person would understand Italian... From now on, I’ll choose the treadmills without touch screen!
  9. I've been getting a lot done! I really need to exercise more because my joints are starting to creak from all the sitting down (hadn't realised I must have been quite active pre-lockdown, just walking around and stuff) but I've used most of my lockdown time well given how HORRIBLE AND STRESSFUL the whole thing is. I've cleared out clothes, tidied cupboards, caught up on some reading... ... and will continue to do so because I've got a vested interest in staying alive.
  10. Nacho Libre Sonia, that’s exactly how I feel about The Hobbit! They had to come up with so much unnecessary filler to stretch one (short) book into three movies that it distracted from the main plot and stopped feeling like Tolkien’s writing and more like a generic fantasy movie.
  11. I am boggled at how many people think they’re invincible and how little they care for people’s safety. Texas just broke the record of something like 10,000 cases in ONE DAY and their restaurants and shops are still open. I’m terrified all the time. My family went on a trip to Utah for my mom’s birthday and I stayed home with my sister because we were too afraid of getting exposed. I feel really sad and isolated but I am getting some stuff done around the house.
  12. Going out and meeting people is kind off uncomfortable. The situation over here seems to be under control, I mean we have under 10 people hospitalized with the virus at the moment. Like in all off Norway. So people are getting really relaxed, traveling, meeting up, not respecting the distance.... And you never know with the people you meet, including your friends, if they are the sanitize every 5 minute and keep 4 meters distance just in case people, or the this virus is a fraud and I don’t care anymore people, or something in between. So it’s really difficult to know what boundaries to keep, and who you have to be careful around and so on. So that was my very long way off saying I understand how you feel. Being social is really difficult! But it was before all this as well, and at least being introvert has been really helpful in this situation.
  13. Military wives - it was actually really good, I both laughed and cried a lot. Saw it at the movie theatre, and partly because it was the only movie showing, but I would recommend it. About the hobbit, they really didn’t have enough action in the book to make 3 movies. I loved the book, but the movies were bad. Especially the last one, based on just one chapter in the book. I mean, how on earth could you make one chapter last for two hours without adding lots off unnecessary stuff. And they added weird unnecessary stuff. So that’s my take on it.
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  15. Twins I might watch The Hobbit again with my brother. I have actually read the book, but I'm not particularly invested in it. Sometimes the source material just means too much to you... also, a tiny wee book probably shouldn't have been stretched into 3 films. Respect to the production team and everyone who worked on those trilogies though, holy shit.
  16. I was thinking about going out out the other day, not that I go down the pub that often, and the thought of being around so many people made me actually quite nervous. Possibly because a lot of people in my area are acting like the virus never happened... I hope I don't go backwards in my social skills, though, I was bad enough before...
  17. I couldn’t wait, mainly because my sister did the song Burn for a talent show last semester and has been singing it nonstop since so I wanted at least some context. I thought that for a filmed version of a live show it was really good! I don’t want to give much away about the way they did things but it’s a play that lends well to being recorded in a way that feels like the real thing (in my opinion). I disliked the Hobbit films personally; in fact, I never saw the third one. Maybe I was expecting too much from them, I thought it would feel like an extension of the LOTR universe but it didn’t, and it was confusing in comparison. I also thought some character additions and certain plot differentials from the book were unnecessary and/or didn’t make sense. I had hoped that since Peter Jackson was at least somewhat involved it would seem more like a prequel and less likes slightly annoying fanfiction, but...again, I loved the original trilogy so much that I could just be being extraordinarily picky. oh, and the last movie I watched was Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  18. I do feel a bit stuck in mud. And it’s making my brain work slower. Trying to find words is...a laborious process. (no disappearing here!)
  19. Slow motion is the best way of putting it! I feel like a snail. In a good way?
  20. Yeah, it’s the same with me, can’t figure out anything to say, also life is kind off happening in slow motion because off everything. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just how it is. Its good to see you back Brinn, I was worried you had disappeared!
  21. I feel like it's a side effect of lockdown. I have to think twice as hard to use my conversation skills...
  22. I've never seen Hamilton, I've heard so many good things though. Maybe one day the theatres will reopen and I'll have the money to spend on it! (I know they have the TV version now as well but I dunno, I'm happy to wait for the Real Thing). The Return of the King (Turned out I hadn't retained anything from the films, it had been at least 15 years, I have virtually no memory of The Hobbit - book or films - and despite this, my last book was hugely influenced by Tolkien, I just didn't realise at the time.) (Also, banging battle scenes. Epic. Excellent.)
  23. Does Hamilton count? Because, Hamilton. (I’m sure you can all guess how much I love LOTR so I’m very supportive) (also I just found some of the LOTR writing I did when I was 11 lol)
  24. Hi! ive been skimming all the convos for a bit but haven’t felt like I could think of anything to add so I just lurked
  25. I have literally nothing interesting to say, but I felt like I hadn't popped in to say hello for a while or, more accurately, popped in, couldn't think of anything to say and left so here I am saying hiiiii
  26. The Two Towers (Haven't seen LOTR for at least a decade; had forgotten... everything.)
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