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  2. Hey! I just bypassed the SSL thing as well. Maybe someone at Warner forgot to turn auto-renew on... I'm well, I'm really tired because it was my first week back after a holiday last week, then it was my birthday on Saturday and I actually got to ~socialise with a group~ and today was my induction at college so I'm ready to crawl into bed and never leave. In a good way?
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  4. I didn’t have the bypass opportunity, so I gave up. Glad it’s back to normal now, I’ve missed you guys! How are everyone doing?
  5. That’s what happened the last time I tried to get on so I left, but it didn’t happen this time? Maybe they reupped. Missed you guys!
  6. When I come on here it says the security certificate has expired (or something to that effect) and it isn't safe. I just bypassed it 🤣 But I'm wondering if that's why it's been so quiet.
  7. Hey! I feel like it's been a million years since I was last here? Timestamp says one calendar month for this thread, but.
  8. Read The Silence of the Girls last week. Not gonna lie, I'd hoped for a bit more conversation about/by actual women and some canonic ~queer rep~ but I'm always here for Iliad retellings.
  9. Hey, I'm selling it for 500eur as the opened one sold for 450eur and this is still shrink wrapped
  10. Hey! I'm totally interested in buying these, are they still available?
  11. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
  12. what do you think?????


  13. i finally got to go the store, like for fun. its was great! someone complimented my socks, and all i can think about is destroya

  14. Do you think I'm cute?
    Well it's too late to check
    And I don't care
    You got your tongue against my neck
    Do you like my style?
    Have you seen my shoes?
    'Cause they've been ripped to shit
    From walking the world for you

  15. That's a good point. I think networking opportunities depend on *what* you're networking about, maybe? The UK is teeny tiny compared to Texas but it's still comparatively hard to travel from one end to another, so I think where you go might impact your opportunities in some ways. I dunno - my course actually got cancelled this year so I'm taking it next year instead. 🙄 Figuring out what to do in the mean time has been a GIANT HEADACHE, but I think I'm going to do a one-year business course at the same college, so I'll kind of be doing a 4 year course instead of 3. It's not ideal, but the economy is so shit at the moment that it might be nice to get out of the jobs market for a few years. Ah thanks! I'll link it here when I put it up on my stories blog. Aw thanks! I am never writing that much formatting into a piece ever again haha
  16. The story is awesome! Very realistic.
  17. Honestly, I went away to a fancy city for my degree, but you quickly learn that even if a university *sounds* impressive, doesn't mean it will actually help you get a job any quicker than someone who went to a local university. Also, this could be a Texas thing, but going to the state schools here holds a lot of weight for networking purposes (if you plan to work in Texas after school.) Although I know England is much smaller, so maybe it makes less of a difference? I'm excited to read your new piece!
  18. Hey! Weclome to the boards. They're quieter than they used to be, but a few of us are still around/came back when MCR reunited. I'm Francesca.
  19. hi! my name is jocey, im 17 years old and ive been an mcr fan my whole life! i love poetry ,fashion (goth and lolita if you care) and i love meeting new people. ill be happy to talk to anyone who wants to talk
  20.    Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
    Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
  21. Arghhhh Actually it's going okay, I keep having to refer back to here though for formatting! That's why I popped in just now hahaa
  22. I’m so looking forward to read this!! No pressure or anything... or maybe a little😛
  23. Guys. Not sister wives related but kinda, I guess. I write regular stories for the internet, and I decided that the one for next week could be about fandom (been thinking about fandom/religion/cult/family and how weird it is that almost everyone I know, I know through MCR). So I thought I'd do the story as a version of a fan forum, complete with thread titles and timestamps. And page counters. And smileys. On Microsoft Word. It was either the best or worst creative decision I've ever made. Send help. Am totally stealing some of our thread titles.
  24. Hey, nice seeing you around! I did see this the other day but haven't had the emotional energy to respond yet. I'm so ready to start afresh but there's so much to get done still, I'm just exhausted! I hope you've been able to keep safe and enjoy your little getaway!
  25. Welcome both 😁 It's not very busy around here these days (there'll probably be a surge when MCR shows finally happen), but feel free to jump in and post wherever. It might liven things up 🙂 (I have twin cousins called Jazmin and Willow, obviously good names 😆)
  26. Hi guys, My name is Holly, the first Pic is me, below is my hubby and daughter, Jasmine Willow (Jazzy), and her dad, Danny. I've been in the rmy a long time. Won a couple meet n greets through the mcrmy! I'm not extremely active but I'm usually around. I'm married with a 2 year old right now. I have loved mcr a long time. Always nice to meet other fans
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