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  2. I feel like my life is getting pretty much back to normal by now. We haven’t had a really serious situation like in other countries, I’m pretty sure we just have 200 something deaths. And my life wasn’t that exciting to begin with. I’m back at work, from Tuesday the days at school will be pretty similar to normal, with all the students in the classroom etc, I’m going to the stable and then I mostly stay at home. I did my grocery shopping once a week before this, and now it’s that or less, but yeah. My life was pretty much made for social distancing.
  3. I'm not going out unless I have to, either. Part of me wants to go wandering round the shops when they open ip and have some normalacy, but my town has *a lot* of people flocking to it in the good weather, even though most places are still closed. So I think it's best to stay at home and see how infection rates go. No point in getting overexcited and contributing to a second wave of pandemic.
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  5. mmmmmmmmm i've been mia but just at the end of quarantine as we currently know it i'm back.... i was furloughed at my one job and the other i've been "working from home" (which isn't true, it's a customer service job but it was at a library so since they have their budget for the year they were still able to pay us....this year...) i'm, like, really good at self quarantining because i've been doing it since i was a teenager, i just thought it was a symptom not a way to save the world. i've been very careful about my personal these past couple months in quarantine because my sister works as a nurse tech and has much more likely chance of encountering it. not for safety for myself but i've been considering myself a very at risk case so i've been very careful. suddenly everyone is acting like it's over.....i'm not sure it is and i'm worried. i could go back out easily as both my jobs are ready to open back up but i'm also like. what if i infect people that don't need to be infected over just not wanting to stay in my house anymore. fuck.
  6. Transformers: The Last Knight Deepwater Horizon The Perfect Storm
  7. ^ Good luck, and I hope everything is all well to keep going for the end of the school year. -------------------- Celebrated 2 birthdays this week with lunch, done. We were extended for emergencies only until June 6 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least we got a specific e-prescribe program up and running that we've been dealing with since December. Baby sister won't have a traditional 8th grade closing commencement ceremony, nor would they be treated to a New York City trip since they'll be doing mandatory summer sessions online. I'll probably end up eating her to it and possibly to any of her classmates want to go once it's okay to travel.
  8. Just looked up the Sunrise series and it looks like perfect escapism! Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky
  9. Thanks guys! I guess I don’t have to worry about toilet paper for a while anyway, since I bought the big pack We might be allowed back in school on Monday, at least for some students. They will give us the plan on Thursday. I’m excited, but also a bit anxious as to how it will be. It won’t be normal, we got an email today that told us everything about the new rules, for example we’re not all allowed to eat lunch at the same time, the students ain’t allowed to go near each other, all desks are supposed to be washed after every class etc. So I don’t really know if I want this to happen. I miss my students, but somehow going back to school might make everything feel more real again. Hopefully, it will be good when we get used to it.
  10. It’s great that they’re able to do that! I’m reading books from my shelves as well, I just have so much more time to read these days. Currently reading the sunrise series by Karen Kingsbury.
  11. Due to the current Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic, we keep having to make difficult decisions – again, to postpone many shows originally scheduled for Europe this year – specifically Prague, Bologna, Bonn, Kiev, Moscow & St. Petersburg - until 2021. We must put the health of our fans and families first. We believe you understand this decision. We cannot wait until it is safe to come back and play. We hope you will be there with us, hope there is much to celebrate. The new dates are as shown, your tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled shows. Refunds are available from point of purchase. Thanks for your support and understanding. We love you. We appreciate you. -MCR Rescheduled Dates: 2 July, 2021 - Prague/Prague Rocks 4 July, 2021 - Bologna/Sonic Park Festival 6 July, 2021 - Bonn/Kunst!rasen 7 July, 2021 - Bonn/Kunst!rasen 9 July, 2021 - Kiev/U Park Live 11 July, 2021 - Moscow/Park Live Festival 12 July, 2021 - St. Petersburg/Ice Palace View the full article
  12. Don't let onlookers shame you for bulk buying! Unless you're bulk-bulk buying... anecdotally I know of a person in my town who put 2 bars of soap on the conveyor belt at the checkout. They told the cashier 'I have 18 more soaps,' and the cashier refused to sell them 20 soaps, they said they could only let the customer purchase 2. So the customer threw a tantrum and walked out, presumably with 0 soaps. That is over the top. But one large pack of toilet paper when you're only buying 1 of everything else? You're fine. And for all the onlookers know, you might have a household of 10 people and need to buy that much every week, corona or no corona!
  13. I would have done the same thing in buying the bulk. It'll save you time and avoid in returning to the store again.
  14. That's such a good idea, I wish my library were still open. They've all closed completely and the e-reader lending library won't work with a Kindle, which is so frustrating! On the plus side, I am reading books I own and haven't gotten around to.
  15. I had this incident yesterday, that reminded me how strange these times are. I figured I needed to buy toilet paper while out on my weekly grocery shopping, and I usually buy in bulk, cause I can’t be bothered buying it every second week. Even though that’s my normal behavior, I considered buying a smaller pack, just to not have people glare at me. But I figured the stores are stocked up, and it’s what I would usually buy, so I take the big packages. Problem was, when I had touched the big package, I realized it was without a handle. And we all know, if you touch it, you buy it! No getting away from that, so I had to take this big package with no handle, and we’re already concerned about carrying it. I somehow got it with me to the car, with my grocery bags, but very clumsily indeed. And felt like everyone was glaring at the girl buying more than her share off tp. I figured it would be no good trying to get everything in one go when I came home, but I really dreaded to have the big package laying in my car, for everyone to see! And since I’m lazy and stuff, I didn’t go back to take it in before going to the stable, so I felt like everyone who would see my car would think badly off me! Also felt really stupid when I finally carried it inside. Honestly, I will probably buy the smaller package from now one, just because off this weird experience😅
  16. It’s really strange! Like, I kinda recognize some off the people, like the main is pretty similar, but then not quite. And the whole story is just completely different. Like just completely different. And the love interest isn’t even named the same. But great books! I love them, and need to figure out a way to get the rest. meanwhile I’ll read Przewalski horse by Maja Lunde, cause I have been waiting for it at the library and just got it. The library has a pretty elaborate way to lend out books these days, you have to order, and then there’s a lady(or probably might be a man too...) handing out your books, while this big table is between you to keep distance. Pretty smart! I think they let the books they get back lay untouched for a number off days before cleaning them off and stuff.
  17. Some TV shows are completely different to the books, which I always find strange. Like, what did you use for your source material? I just finished Lady Chatterly's Lover. It's not bad, I can see why it was banned back in the day because it is quite graphic haha. It's a good read, though, it's a lot more layered than just sex.
  18. Ah you're indispensable! At least you're going to have fewer days. My town is dead (or so I'm told, I've not been out properly since just before lockdown came in). A lot of local events have been postponed or cancelled, not that we're a huge cultrual hub anyway! My next closest city is London, which is obviously slowed down but not stopped completely.
  19. No. I'm the backbone of the dental office I work at and reliable person who can get stuff done on time. 😔 But soon enough from what we were advised, last week, instead of working for 4 days it will become only 2 days to limit the amount of people in the office. I have a feeling everything will be postponed until next year. We just need a miracle, because this city isn't looking to pretty to start reopening little by little. It'll probably go into mid to late summer for it to get the green light.
  20. Another year to get fit is great! And I’m so relieved we don’t have to go through the buying process again, once was more than enough. All that stress!
  21. Yes me too! Honestly I couldn't afford to go now as I've not had the work I expected, so a year's postponement is fine by me. More time to save and to decorate this giant army-esque jacket I found. Also more time to get fit. I cannot rock out for five minutes at present, let alone ninety... Can you imagine if they'd cancelled? 90,000 refunds oh god it makes me feel nervous thinking about it.
  22. Yes, that made me really happy! I’m already making plans kind off, even though it’s one year from now😅
  23. I'm relieved too. I'm mostly relieved that instead of cancelling the tickets they made them valid for the new dates!
  24. I’m a very routine kind off person. So I kinda live by routines. So the postponings, are you guys mostly sad or mostly relieved? I think I’m mostly relieved, since I realized not going wouldn’t even be an option anymore, but now it’s still possible.
  25. Due to the current Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic, we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone our UK and Ireland dates until 2021. We must put the health of our fans and families first. We believe you understand this decision, which we laboured over. We intend to come back and play – in fact, we can’t wait to play – and hope you will be there with us, hope there is much to celebrate. The new dates are 15 June 2021 at St. Austell/Eden Sessions, Thu 17th, Sat 19th and Sun 20th June 2021 at Stadium MK and 22 June 2021 at Dublin/Royal; Hospital Kilmainham. Your Stadium MK Tickets will remain valid for the days of the week for which you purchased your tickets. Refunds are available from point of purchase. Thanks for your support and understanding. We love you. We appreciate you. -MCR View the full article
  26. I love Artemis fowl! I did read them when I was a kid, and I guess that made the difference😊 I’m currently reading the Canadian west saga by Janette Oke. I found it in my parents book shelf. It’s the book behind the Netflix show when calls the heart. Iva watched some seasons, and to be honest I don’t really recognize the story, so I think you can take them in separately. The first book in the serie kind off reminds me off a slightly more modern Jane Austen novel. As in, there’s a few cars, and not as proper and modest, but still old-fashioned, and just some off the feeling. In the middle off the second book now, and I love it! Only problem is I only have the first four books, and I’m already wondering how to get the rest...
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