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  2. I did! Always good hanging out with her😊
  3. Well, at least the vaccination are going faster than expected over here now. I’ve got 2 doses, and I have an urge to pretend we’re back to normal. I won’t though. But I do need to socialize more than last year! On my way to visit Sandra right now. Haven’t seen her for many years, even before the pandemic, so that will be great!
  4. Mm. Not sure how you can justify a Keep Kids in School initiative if you're not making an effort with the staff but who needs common sense
  5. Haha, weather is definitely something these days… I was lucky and went outside twice today, and I came in dry both times. But that was luck paired with amazing planning! Yes, it’s just if the teachers are out, how are they gonna keep school open anyway? I don’t get their thinking. Like, I would support it if they said it was because the risk of getting ill is small or something, but the argument is that they don’t want kids to miss school. And they act like they made vaccinations for teachers a priority, but it’s not real, it’s just an opening that each county may choose to prioritize teachers, if they want to. My county do, so I’m not complaining for me and my situation, just about the system.
  6. We've had more sunshine-than-absolute-deluge. I got caught in it with my mum and I felt like a drowned rat ahaha. I think we've stopped quarantining under 18s as well. I get why it's important for children's mental health to stay in school, but yeah it's going to take out a lot of teachers and staff if they aren't vaccinated. It's so hard to know what to do to get minimal disruption to people without spreading it. They should make vaccinating teachers a priority if they're definitely not quarantining children at least.
  7. I was so excited, and it’s not even my country. We have had what I’ll describe as an open heaven today. I think it’s clearing up now, but it’s been raining cats and dogs all day (and night). Wanna know what brilliant idea our government came up with today? When school start up in the fall, they’re not gonna quarantine kids under 18, cause that would mean too much absence for them. So basically they’re gonna let the virus run wild amongst the kids, to avoid that they miss school. Also, most teachers won’t be fully vaccinated by the start of the school year either. I probably will, since we have the ability to get drop in second dose in my city if we work in schools, but most places doesn’t have that opportunity.
  8. We are absolutely friends, and people are 100% more understanding of that now. I watched it too and got a bit emotional! I remember when Tom Daley was a lil 14 year old 😭 Weather update: today was hot but also the heavens opened and we had a few bouts of this-might-cause-a-flood rain woooo
  9. I’m pretty sure she will like it, she’s into that kind of books. Also, I’m pretty sure I convinced her that we’re friends. People understand more about online friends now after the last year. Moving is always a struggle! At least the olympics is on. I watched Tom Daley and Marty win the 10m sync. Tom Daley is my main reason to watch olympics. Thanks to Sandra back in 2012! We had a long period with way too hot. Now we’re getting a long period with rain I think. At least there’s some consistency to it? I’m looking forward to sleep better in this weather.
  10. Ahh that is so lovely! Thank you for telling people about it (and shhh we've almost technically met)! I hope your friend likes it. I am okay, figuring out what I need to move and what I'm not keeping. My bedroom looks like... well, like someone is trying to move. I've been streaming the Olympics and hauling books and boxes up and down stairs. It might never end. The weather's been really strange here. Well, not strange, but inconsistent? We've had looong hot days (too hot even for me) and then looong rainy days. Today was misty and then hot. Now it is misty again. Getting dressed is a struggle.
  11. Francesca, I just sent your book (you know, my book, but the one you wrote) home with my friend for her to read. And come back to me with when she’s finished! Cause I’m not giving it away, just making sure more people hear about it. Oh, you would be happy/slightly embarrassed by how many times I said that I know the author. She asked if I by know the author meant met them once, and I had to admit that I technically never met you. Hope everyone’s doing well! I’m still melting away over here, but I think better times are coming. And by better I mean colder. Colder and rainier. Can’t wait!
  12. I'm not but I will hunt it out. Cheers!
  13. Are you on the Survivors of the original MCRmy Facebook group? Someone there would buy it for sure.
  14. Hello lovelies. I am thinking of selling a signed Gerard Way Black Parade poster. It's massive, about 90cm x 60cm. I won it on here years ago but I am moving and can't easily take it with me. Is there a market for signed GWay stuff?!
  15. Yeah, I guess time will give clarity. Time is frustrating though, so I would like if my life could just sort itself out right now.
  16. I think that's a good set of reasons, and I absolutely get the 'planning ahead' thing. I think it's definitely something to bear in mind. If you're still thinking about it in 2 months, or 6 months, I reckon that means you want to do it?!
  17. I survived! But it’s still insanely hot over here. I mostly keep inside, and then feel guilty for wasting the good weather. Cause that’s what you’re brought up to do in Norway! If the weather is good, you go outside. I guess it’s just that my whole life was just turned upside down anyway, so I want to take an active choice about how I’m gonna live the rest of my life, and not just settle for whatever comes my way. I don’t necessarily have to change anything, but if I decide to let things stay the way they are, it’s because that’s what I choose. If that makes sense. The thing is, I would love to see my niece and nephew at a regular basis. Currently they live an 8 hour drive away, so I can never just come by to say hello. So I do think living close would make the relation easier in that way, cause I wouldn’t have to sleep in one of the kids room, and I could babysit for a couple of hours every now and then, and come watch their games and school things and whatnot. And I’ve always had this in the back of my head, that it would be great to live closer, but Mick Mac would’ve hated to live over there with the weather. And I couldn’t possibly do that to him. But now I don’t have to think about him, and also I’m alone. And that’s another push, cause even though I have friends I still feel alone. And I’m 31, and starting to wonder if I’ll stay alone for the rest of my life. And if that is the case, and the only kind of next generation there will be is my niece and nephew, then I do want to have a close relation to them. So yes, basically this is about me not wanting to live a lonely life when I get older. On the other side I do love my job, and I do have a lot of friends over here, and also my parents of course. And the weather over here is way better! I’m not making any hasty decisions either way. I’m just considering if I, in the spring, should keep my eyes open for an opening at the one school I would consider working at over there. I don’t take lightly on change and big decisions, so nothing will happen if I’m not sure, but it’s always good to get input. Sorry for the very long post, but it helps to sort out my thoughts.
  18. Okay DID YOU SURVIVE YOUR HIKE Hmmm. That's a big move 'for' someone who isn't you or a spouse or your own child. If you think you need A Change, and being nearer to family is a perk of that, then it's worth considering. But if you're having a wobble because you think it might 'fix' things that you're currently dissatisfied with, then maybe other things need to change instead? Also, it's worth thinking about your relationship with your family. I've heard of people who move closer to a relative, and then the relative expects that person to babysit or do their shopping or suchlike. Or they move closer and the relationship suffers. I dunno. There are so many things to consider! Write a list of pros and cons?
  19. I remember the years when I only used internet through a computer. Times have definitely changed, not sure if it’s always for the better. I went for a hike today. Technically I’m still on said hike. Almost home, but there’s a pretty steep hill I have to almost climb at the end, and I had to sit down and breathe/reflect over my life choices before I walk the last minutes to my door. Anyway, I checked the weather, cause I wondered how hot it actually is, cause I’m close to melting. It said 30, it feels like 35! Celsius off course. Now wonder I’m melting!! Oh, also, since reflecting over my life choices includes thinking about whether to give up my whole life and move to the other side off the country to be close to my brother and his kids. Any takes on that?
  20. Etsy's layout has changed for me as well. It's also more... rounded? Like literally things that were square, now have rounded edges. I got a notification that Microsoft Edge is updating, so maybe sites are updating their formats for more modern browsers? When I first was on this site I used Internet Explorer. It started glitching and someone said 'try Chrome,' and it worked! RIP Internet Explorer
  21. Well, at least it’s a collective thing… that’s something. And them updating this site should be a good thing, shouldn’t it? Still don’t like the new look! The old was so minimalistic and understandable. And mobile friendly.
  22. I just assumed I'd been kicked out of the mobile version and was seeing the desktop version. Maybe it's been updated.
  23. Oh this is so weird. I think... it's modernised? I liked the blocky look!
  24. Did this page change layout for everyone, or is that just me? I think this is how it looked like once upon a time, but I can’t find my way around here anymore. Is something happening? Every time something like this happens, I’m afraid it will disappear.
  25. Everyone has a different ideal of what normal is or was, and some people haven't really learned about viruses/bacteria and how it's important to still be... clean? I don't mind tasting a drink of someone I know or live with, but I wouldn't with someone I didn't. That said, if it's an alcoholic drink the booze might have killed all the germs...
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