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  2. I'm all right now. Spent most of the weekend shuffling around and grumbling. I have so much crap that I dropped on the floor and couldn't pick up I will never complain about old or slow people ever again
  3. Last week
  4. Go for it! It feels really good to do something to look like your best self again. Ouch, hope your back heal quickly. You have to be careful!
  5. Congrats on your haircut! I need one too but I'm making myself wait until my diploma is done. I might cave and get my eyebrows done before then though. I'm on my way to having one eyebrow and I use my brows when I'm talking way too much, I need them to look sharp. 😅 I shouldn't have bragged about getting in shape, my back went earlier whyyyy Okay I know why, I sat down for way too long then moved way too quickly but still Ow
  6. I actually went and got a haircut today. I was planning to wait until the pandemic was over, cause I don’t even cut it yearly when it’s not restrictions, so you know, I could wait. But now it’s been a year and a half, and summer is coming up, and I needed a change. I think I cut off like 15-20cm or something. And it feels so good!! Taking care of yourselves during this is important, yet it’s so hard! But we have another year, and with summer coming up now and reopening and everything, I believe we can get in shape. Since I have standing tickets instead of seats now, it’s even more important. But I will be jumping, dancing and singing for the whole show, so I have to get fit before that.
  7. Oh that's weird. Our tattooists were shut for AGES. I can't keep track of the variants either. We have Brazil, Kent (UK), India and South Africa? Yeah exactly. I've not been looking after myself all that well since Covid hit and I'm quite run down and a bit richety. I'm going to try to get in shape for MK, because I want to be able to dance for the whole set, and I have a year so I reckon I can do it. This morning I did some Pilates (not that hard? But I think I might hurt tomorrow) and took a long walk. It was surprisingly hot so I'm kind of gross and sweaty which is PERFECT practise for MCR. I'm gonna keep working on my Killjoy jacket as well ahaha I'm so excited
  8. Oh, our hair dressers are actually open. Like, they close stores, but keep hair dressers and tattoo shops open. Logic is nowhere to be found. I think the Indian variant is the one we are scared of right now? I’m not sure, I can’t keep up anymore. As long as we’re opened up before MK I will be okay!
  9. Mmm I hear you. We are reopening, slowly. We're all so ready for a haircut ahaah. But there are new variants in some places? We do have good vaccine rates though so I think people are a little more confident than when they reopened last time.
  10. You’re done in no time now, just 1 month! They have started what they refer to as the reopening off the country here today. I also got the news that the schools in my area will be on red for two more weeks today, which is the strictest level with open schools. Oh, and there’s no open shops but for the essentials, since we have so many contaminated in my area lately. And when I say my area, we’re talking about a big part off the country, I would guess a majority off the people in Norway live under the strictest restrictions we have had so far. So I keep wondering what part of reopening this fits under. It’s a big political scam, since there’s election this fall, and it makes me so mad! Great if you can lift national restrictions, but don’t act like it’s a reopening for the majority please.
  11. Ahh thank you! I have 2 more hand ins and a presentation help
  12. I guess its 32 now. You can do this! It’s hard when it’s so close, yet there’s still a bunch of work left. But just imagine the feeling when you’re all done!
  13. Realised I have 34 days of my diploma left... I know that's a weird number so I'm going to try to finish my work in 30 days because that's a calendar month. GOD I WANT IT OVER WITH
  14. Earlier
  15. Haha! To be fair, you did add probably longer. But who could imagine we would still be here? Reading back, I see I actually thought it could be over before, so laughs on me!
  16. I can't believe I thought this thing might last '2 months' Ahhahaaa
  17. I have tickets for the reunion concert as well as for BTS. So... just waiting for this pandemic to be over haha 😅
  18. I went downhill skiing a lot when I was younger. We have a cabin 10 minutes drive from a skiing place. But I hadn’t been since I was a student, and I graduated 6 years ago, so definitely a little rusty. I feel less scared when I go downhill than cross country skiing. I’ve grown up doing both, since I’m Norwegian and stuff, but I hate cross country and love downhill. Not sorry that my cross country boots got lost in a flooding if our cabin some years ago.
  19. I am so, so much more awkward now we've had lockdown. It's awful. Ahh that's so brave, I'd be too scared to go downhill skiing!
  20. But, you know, it makes sense that your own thoughts seem rational, you know? Why would you think things that don’t make sense to you? Adult friendship are the worst! But I did move away from everyone I knew when I was 25, so I have to deal with it. I do think I can be good friends with this girl, but I kinda wish she would just you know, add me on Facebook instead off asking if she may. And just ask: do you want to hang out? And then I can just answer yes, and not overthink. (Who am I kidding? Overthinking is my brains way of thinking). But maybe I’m just even more social awkward now, than before lockdown. I actually went downhill skiing last week! I couldn’t walk for a couple off days, and it was not because I fell. My muscles was not prepared for that.
  21. Ahaha don't talk to me about things sounding more rational in your head... Adult friendships are SO HARD. It can be good to be intentional though? Like 'we are going to try to see if we are compatible as friends' is actually quite nice, because you both have your eyes open and your cards on the table. I hope everyone had a good Easter if you celebrate! I bloody love the UK's four day weekend. Haven't taken that much time off but I did sleep a bit which is nice.
  22. Yes, probably! I’m the master off what if’s. What if I get 200 plants at once, and I need *insert the right word for the thing you put potted plants in here* for all of them. Then I will be glad I never threw any of those I’ve got away. It does sound more rational in my head than in writing... I think I’m getting a new friend these days, and it’s quite interesting. There’s a girl who just moved here, and know no one, but for a lady at my stable. So she goes with her to the stable, cause what can you do these days? And I feel like she sort off singled me out as her new friend, which is great, cause she seem really sweet. But it’s also a bit awkward, cause you know, how do you make new adult friends? Normally it’s just a slow process, where you work together or have the same hobby or have some mutual friends, and suddenly your friends, but this girl is very intentional about making friends, and I almost feel like it is a dating thing. Not like I think she wants to date me or anything, just the pressure of it. So now I’m like, yes I do want to be friends with you, but I’m a bit stressed about whether we’re a good match, so I don’t want to get your hopes up. Haha, I’m overthinking everything!
  23. I think it's really easy to do that. It's a natural nesting thing, you go 'ah this might be useful one day' or 'this will make my home feel more XYZ' even if... it doesn't.
  24. Yes, moving with lots off stuff is stressful! I don’t move a lot anymore, I own the place I live in now, and I’ve lived here for 3 years soon. And I lived 3 years in the place before this. So I accumulate a lot off stuff that I hardly ever use...
  25. I do that exact thing. I quite like minimalism. My brain is so, so cluttered and I seem to move a lot, so getting rid of a lot of my stuff has removed a lot of my stress.
  26. It’s good to look back, but it’s hard some times to, when you wonder what on earth happened with that girl? Nothing bad you know, but just realizing you’re someone else than you thought back then. I don’t think the minimalist lifestyle is for me. I’m intrigued by the idea, I just fail epically in bringing it to life.
  27. Ahhh I get that so much. It's good to look back and have a kind of grieving process for the past? I know some hardcore minimalists who only keep a folder of cards and suchlike, or photograph them so they still 'have' them.
  28. Getting through stuff is hard! I got through another closet today, although I could probably have thrown out more stuff. But at least I got the stuff sorted. And got rid off some. But I found birthday cards from my 22. birthday, and that made me more emotional than I thought it would. So weird it’s actually 9 years ago I was living in the US. Looking back now, I feel like a completely different person. And that makes me happy and sad at the same time.
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