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  3. ^ Thanks There are still people ignoring the 6ft distances, and group gatherings. *ugh It is pouring out, I was suppose to start cleaning my room but haven't. I'd rather lay on my bed listen to the birds chirping on the tree while the rain hits the roof of the house.
  4. Those photos are lovely! I've been taking walks around my neighbourhood, which I'm fortunate has quite a few trees and lots of well-kept gardens with very neat floral arrangements. Went to the shops today, was a bit depressed by the number of people not adhering to social distancing but most people were being really careful.
  5. Took my chances on Thursday, since it was so nice out to view the cherry blossoms where I wanted to go real quick a couple of days back. It was so serene. Sucks that not many people are able to go out during this time, because a lot of the residents here are taking extra precautions now because the city skyrocketed with confirmed cases the past few days passing the other counties in the state of Pennsylvania. Cherry Blossoms... (3 images)
  6. Me neither. I think I'd like to make a list of things to do once we're free. I was chatting to a friend about it and we both said that there are shops, cafes, places to go and things we've told ourselves 'that would be nice to visit' but have never found the time. Except there's kind of no excuse? Now I'm sat at home all I can think is 'it would not have been that difficult to go to that cafe that's 15 minutes out of my way.' So once we're allowed out, assuming I am not bankrupt, I'm doing those things!
  7. You must be so excited to see mick mac! I'm glad everyone seems to be okay so far 🤞 It'll be two weeks tomorrow since I came in to contact with the client who has it and no symptoms so far so I can breathe a sigh of relief. Of course that doesn't mean I don't have it, I could be asymptomatic. I can't wait for this all to be over!
  8. So glad you can get out and about again! I'm generally quite introverted but I had a long Skype call with a friend yesterday and realised afterwards how iffy I'd been feeling. Maybe I'm... more sociable than I thought? Help
  9. My cold is gone, and I’ve gotten a few real life activities back! Like going for walks and go grocery shopping😁 I got a bit crazy when I saw all the fresh food at the grocery store yesterday, as I’ve been living out off my freezer and cupboards. Well, instead off buying canned food like everyone else, I bought fresh meat, fish and vegetables. So that’s a high! Also, I’m a lazy introvert, and that’s amazing traits for times like these. I’m actually enjoying being socially distanced and being able to chill without feeling the pressure of doing stuff. Also my friends have started to arrange digital stuff, like yesterday there were 7 off us knitting together, but off course from our own homes. That was nice! And when work is over today I’m going to see Mick Mac for the first time since all this happened. So I’m actually doing great. Off course there’s stuff that’s annoying, and that I wish I could change, but since I can’t I’m enjoying a life that for once is pro-introverts😃
  10. How is everyone doing? I am starting to go stir crazy.
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  12. If the guy knew he was ill, he should have notified you before you had the chance of walking through that door or at least leaving a written note by the door for you.
  13. As the days go by more people are staying indoors in Philly. Public transit has changed there schedules to their normal Saturday schedules. Since Thursday I've been driving to work to lessen the amount of people I come across. Yesterday, I took the chance of the nice weather to wash the car. Took my time doing it too since I didn't use the water hose, it was still windy. I'm going to try and go to one of the largest Parks of the city today because we have cherry blossom trees lined up by the Schyulkill River and it's currently blooming. I keep track of the amount of steps I take daily and it's recommend to do over 6,000. I need to get some type of exercise in because I've been doing very bad lately, haven't reached over 3,000 for the past 4 days. Definitely will be keeping my distance from the other residents who will pass by there.
  14. So today I’ve found out that if I turn on my MCR playlist with everything on Spotify in the morning, it will not reach the end before my work day is over. Never get to listen to music non stop when I’m at work.
  15. I am isolating for a week because I have a cold (it's almost definitely just a cold but I figured, better safe than kill an old person) so I will pop you one as soon as I can!
  16. I’m stuck at home, and I’m happy to receive letters if you want to send! Although no pressure, as I already get them regularly🙃 Kerry you have every right to be furious! I’m glad you didn’t have any real contact with them, and that you’re not in the risk zone, but they probably knew, and then were still willing to risk it. That’s actually a felony! Like for real, you could get fines and be put in prison in Norway. And probably in the Uk as well. It’s bad enough when people may have infected you cause they didn’t know they were infected, but this is just plain mean! You were wondering if you were just being dramatic, I would say definitely not!
  17. I think it's likely to be postponed. The UK is kind of on the cusp of the wave of the virus, so I'm assuming everything will be a bit mad for at least 2 months but probably longer?
  18. Mate I'd be fuming. You have a responsibility to tell people, especially if you don't know their medical circumstances. I think they knew it was wrong, though, going by the way they acted last week.
  19. I'm not stuck at home YET, I'm just agonisingly waiting to see if I become symptomatic as a client has it. I'm really upset with him, I don't know if I'm being dramatic but I feel... violated? I don't know if that's the right word. His dog was booked in for a walk and then groom last Friday (I transport him to the groomer after the walk). I arrived and both guys were home, which I thought was odd, but they were upstairs so I just got the dog, put his harness on and left. I walked him and drove him to the groomer, waited for him to be groomed, then dropped him home again. When I dropped him home the one guy was downstairs and acted really weird, no small talk like normal on the rare occasions I see him. Thinking back to it, he was odd when I tried to come into the kitchen where he was so I just stopped, asked if he wanted me to take the harness off the dog (to which I got a blunt "no") and left. I didn't think anything of it until Monday morning when the client messaged saying he and his family were self isolating as he's sure he has it (in the last five weeks he has travelled to Italy and America for work so it's highly likely). From the way he acted on Friday, I'm now certain he knew then, but didn't want to say anything in case the walk/groom got cancelled. There's not really any other explanation for why both clients were home and they acted so weird. I'm livid because they don't know me, they don't know that I'm not diabetic, pregnant, asthmatic and so on. I'm just so shocked at how selfish it was, just so their dog was could be groomed. The irony is, if they'd told me I still would've walked their dog, I'd have just known to take extra precautions, but I didn't introduce my full "coronavirus policy" and put a statement out until Saturday (though obviously I was hand washing more frequently by then - but that's hard to do on a walk!). Thankfully, I'm a healthy adult, and there's only a very small chance I will have picked it up from the dog/while in the house. If I do get it I don't doubt I'll be fine, but the lady who groomed him is about 70 so may not be, and I was at a workshop on Sunday with a lady who's been in and out of hospital with a chest infection for two months and she may not be either 🤬 I am "social distancing" (aka living my life exactly the same as before 😂). I'm only leaving my house to work (I don't really see any humans so I should be fine!), and I'm taking a lot of precautions to protect both myself and the owners. I'm just so annoyed at the situation 😒
  20. Better than nothing. I'm thinking of sending letters to people who are stuck at home - would anyone be interested? Something for me to do, something for you to read, etc.
  21. I have increased my Snapchat use a lot these days! One activity is me and a friend sending pics of today’s coffee cup😛 I feel a need to communicate with people, but don’t really have much to say, since I’m just home alone, so it’s gotten to the very small daily things.
  22. There is definitely something to be said for taking things a day at a time. I got a bit stir crazy today and went outside to hack some dead branches off bushes in my dad's garden. Highly recommend it for a bit of relief haha.
  23. So as off now, the only thing that might still happen is MCR. Crossing my fingers that this will be over by then!
  24. I have to admit that I look at my little pile of toilet paper, and count them several times a day, because I’m made aware off that fact that other people feel the need to have a lot off it these days🙈 It would be horrible to be out off toilet paper! But I’m okey for now😅 just hope there’s some left in the store when I’m allowed to go out! It sounds like you’re doing this right as well. I hope your grandmother stays safe, and maybe realize that she should be careful. It’s horrible when they don’t know what’s best for themselves, but at the same time you can’t really force grown ups... but it’s good you’ll fix the tv, that makes it easier to stay inside! I really feel for all the people who lose their income and maybe even their job or goes bankrupt these days. I can’t really think too much about it, cause I’m not ready to panic about what the world will look like on the other side. So for now I just feel bad on the surface, and try to believe that this will work out somehow.
  25. I feel like you're doing this right, Sonia. You aren't panic-ordering toilet paper, you're happy to enjoy your home (which sounds lovely) and you're staying calm. You're fortunate to have a job you can still do, too. I think it helps to know you've got things to do while you're inside, as well as the peace of mind from knowing you still have an income. I went out into town today for one of the last times for a while. I usually go three or four times a week, but today I had my shopping list and one meeting and was like, 'let's get this done'. I'm still able to go out, technically, but I've cancelled social plans. I'm going to see my grandmother on Thursday to help her with a new TV but it'll be very much 'stay six feet away from me in case I accidentally kill you, let's get this TV sorted so you don't die of boredom in the next 3 months.' She's not taking this thing seriously at all and the family is saying 'you need to stay in and stay alive' but nopenope. Work wise, the work is drying up. I'm in marketing and right now, there's not a lot to market. I'm fortunate I have some savings and that I live with a parent, so I won't be too badly impacted but my heart breaks for all the businesses that will go bust because of this.
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