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  2. Still think of you so so often V. 


  3. Hey all! I’m Alex and I’ve been around since 2012. I’m 28, live in Los Angeles, and am beside myself with excitement about being able to remember my login after so long. Three facts: - I’m a publicist for a university. I may be a grown up emo kid now but I certainly have maintained a chic all black wardrobe 🤟🏽 - I fundraise for the Downtown Women’s Center on LA’s Skid Row. They are the only resource for unaccompanied women in the area and are focused on permanent rehousing (I’m super proud to be affiliated with them and am passionate about this issue!). - My favorite story to tell people about my dad is this one: When MCR had their Halloween show in Los Angeles during the Black Parade era my best friend Megan and I used six different phones to try and win tickets on KROQ. We failed. My dad somehow found out that a limited number of people would be able to get in at the door on Halloween (in retrospect he was definitely trying to win me tickets as well 😭). So, he pulled me and Megan out of school on the 30th and whisked us to House of Blues Sunset, where he slept on the filthy streets of Hollywood with us, keeping us safe, until all three of us got into the show. 🖤 Here’s my face:
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  6. Free domestic shipping on orders of $40+ now through 12/15. https://mychemicalromance.warnerrecords.com/ View the full article
  7. It's hugely heartening that someone is checking both the MCRmy and my book during work hours. 🖤
  8. Woho, it’s working😃 (lets pretend like I’m not checking during work hours😛)
  9. fuckssake TECHNOLOGY Update: it's fixed, I've changed the doc to a PDF. If Patreon isn't glitching, you should have a notification to tell you there's an update to the post. If it is (and it probably is) consider this your automated message!
  10. Oh, my memory doesn’t work too well that far back apparently😅 PS chapter 5 of the businessman’s daughter doesn’t download😭 Haha, congrats on both! Let’s hope the new standard is not falling😁
  11. Today was my third day training as a dog walker. It was also the first day I didn't fall over 🤣
  12. I think it was you who told me that back in about 2010!
  13. Yep, I had to google it, but they did! I never really listened to them back in the days, but Christian Ingebrigtsen have made some really great Christmas songs😊 The band who originally did Take on me where Norwegian btw. Just some casual bragging of my country, if you guys didn’t know😛
  14. I think I remember A1 - did they cover Take On Me or something like that?
  15. Just came home from a Christmas concert with 3 of my favorite Norwegian artists😃 you might have heard of one of them, if you remember A1. One of the guys from A1, Christian, is Norwegian and is doing Christmas concerts every year with an artist named Gaute Ormåsen, whom I really like. And this year they were together with Maria Arredondo, and she has been an idol of mine since I was like 10 years or something. And after the concert my little sister and I got to talk with Gaute for a while, and when we were gonna leave he was just like: I’ve got to give you a hug, and he hugged both my little sister and me, and we was seriously starstruck😁 so this has been a really great night!!
  16. I was in uni when in came out. I remember getting up early to catch a bus into town and being so excited to finally get it. I still have the bus ticket!
  17. I can see why it might feel a little odd. Honestly, I am refreshed by the fact this is not a dream and we can now use present language involving MCR!
  18. I cannot believe it's been 9 whole years! Okay I can but I am consistently surprised by the linear nature of time. It's a little odd referring to MCR in the present tense on an album anniversary.
  19. Happy Danger Days anniversary!!!! Nine years ago, this beautiful album was released and soon it will be resurrected along with our formerly defunct MCR. This album was pivotal in different ways for all of us. I am thrilled to see the boys live again, especially to have the opportunity to celebrate in California 2019 together as Lulfur. This album means the world to me and can be credited with introducing me to my bestie Lia (the wonderful other half of Lulfur). Dangers Days, here we go again my darlings!
  20. Australia! We’re so happy to be coming back - We can’t wait to play @DownloadfestAU in Melbourne and Sydney! Tickets on sale 12pm Wednesday 13 November, get your tickets from DownloadFestival.com.au. View the full article
  21. I've just remembered I'm going to see Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Wheezer next year IN ONE GO woooo
  22. Brink Had to watch it since it's been years I last saw it on the Disney channel.
  23. Arghhh I came here expecting a book recommendation BUT NOT THAT SORT OF RECOMMENDATION. My heart is happy, I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
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