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  2. Yes, that would be great as well! Going to be and knowing that when I open my eyes it’s 2021, new year, and a whole world off possibilities. On another note, I actually have pneumonia. So that’s that for spending time outside off this appartement for a while.
  3. I feel like everyone's going to be SO EXCITED. It's worth staying up for! That being said, if my dad and his girlfriend don't throw a party and/or we have a lockdown scenario, I might just go to bed. I feel like waking up in 2021 with a clear head might be the nicest feeling that could possibly exist? Just waking up and knowing... it's over.
  4. Last week
  5. Yes, 2020 has lasted for an eternity! For the first time since I was a little kid, I will be excited for the change off year when we strike midnight at New Year’s Eve. I haven’t really felt like it matters, but this year it does.
  6. I can't even compute '2021'. It feels like 2020 has existed forever, and will exist forever. I should be able to apply this week if all the paperwork is sorted!
  7. Trying to get through The mill on the floss by George Eliot. Not gonna lie, it takes a lot off effort!
  8. It was terrible!! Luckily it’s only done with kids movies, since lots off kids aren’t able to read the captions. That’s exciting! Fingers crossed that you get in, and that it goes as planned. Since it’s scheduled for 2021, I would say it’s a chance that it will work out just fine.
  9. Hahaaaa Johnny Depp in Norweigen sounds epically terrible. I'm used to English with English subs because my dad is quite deaf, but thankfully that is just captions. I'm hoping to do religion, philosophy and ethics. Lots of thinking and book material! Fingers crossed they let me in... this is the third time I've applied for uni and each time has been ridiculously complicated and soul destorying... and that's just the admin.
  10. Ah, now it all makes sense! Then I didn’t misunderstand the video, well at least not the big picture. I get the feeling, it’s kind off a big decision, and even when the decision is made, the point where its set in stone is scary. What is it you want to do instead next year? The videos don’t need captions, I just need to get more training in hearing English! Everything is captioned over here. Luckily we’re at least not one of those countries that dub everything. That is truly horrible! I saw Charlie and the chocolate factory dubbed at the cinema back in the days, and Johnny Depp speaking Norwegian was a horrible experience...!
  11. I have assessments for the course I'm doing. I was meant to start a business degree this year, but it got cancelled for the year and was going to run next year. So I deferred for this year and am doing a diploma in business for the year instead (hence the assessments). I still had my place at the business degree for 2021, but I've changed my mind about what I want to study and where I want to go... so I emailed the uni people declining my business degree. Even though I've changed my mind about what I want to do, it was really daunting declining the place I had. Also I need to learn closed captions, sorry! I don't know how? And I have no recording equipment to make myself clearer. I will work on it!
  12. But aren’t you in the middle off some exam stuff right now? Didn’t you say something about that in the video? (I might get It wrong, I never hear British accent without subtitles...)
  13. I know right. HAND ME THE DRUGS. Ugh I just officially declined my university place so I can apply to somewhere else to study something else. Why am I suddenly so nervous ahhh
  14. Yes, they want to test everyone with symptoms over here, so it’s my second time. Still haven’t got it! So I was back at work today, good to be back, but so exhausting! Didn’t think it was this easy to get used to lying on the couch doing nothing When they don’t test people, it’s easy to understand why they can’t get it under control... I’m so looking forward to the vaccine! Don’t think I ever have before, but this one will make me quite happy to be honest.
  15. At least you can get tested! The system here is a nightmare, they're nearly impossible to get unless you're booked for surgery or already in hospital. If you think you have it, you just have to isolate.
  16. The one thing I really feel is different is whenever I get a cold, like I have now, I have to stay at home and get tested. And I usually never stay at home when I’m sick, unless I can’t stand up. So it’s driving me a bit crazy, and today I even went back to online teaching, just that I’m home and my students are at school. So now I just wait for that negative test to go back outside again.
  17. Earlier
  18. I know right. My pandemic has been defined by long periods of reading alongside Really Intense Bursts of Horrendous Stress. I'm very lucky that no one I know has been long-term ill though.
  19. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like even though books and movies paint the picture that pandemics are eventful times, a real life pandemic is really not. I mean, nothing happens these days. I’m not complaining, I have work and I have Mick Mac. But I feel like the days are put on repeat. Not in a bad way, just that there’s not much exciting to tell people about.
  20. Aw thanks, I always think I look cross eyed or wonky eyed in glasses, but that might be because I am terrible at taking pictures. Oh god I live for the free face mask days!
  21. I see, then they’re no use. Mine were working for everything, but as you say, very expensive. But as long as glasses work well for you, that’s a good solution Also, you look good with glasses! And this face mask time have to end one day you know. And then that’s no problem anymore.
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  23. Good for you. I like contacts but they annoy me, I can't use them on a computer (so most days they're pointless) and they are so expensive!
  24. My eyes are a bit dry, but other than that everything’s great, and I have almost perfect vision. It’s so weird being able to see from I open my eyes in the morning till I close them at night. I never got comfortable with glasses, so I used contacts every day for probably 20 years. And it have worked well, but I was just tired off it. And since my dad had the surgery back in the days, and was really content with it, I figured I should do it, since I had saved up the money.
  25. Oh wow that's huge Sonia! How are your eyes now? I wear glasses, my eyesight's bad enough I'm not allowed to drive without glasses but not so bad that I've considered surgery. It would be nice to not worry about face masks steaming up though!
  26. I had lasik-surgery in my eyes today, to fix my sight and get rid off my contact lenses, and I’m amazed! I can actually see!! It did cost mad chedda as we said back in the days, and it did hurt a lot for a minute during surgery and some after, but I can see! With my Own eyes! Now I’m gonna sleep with protection glasses to avoid rubbing my eyes and messing everything up! At least for the two first nights😛
  27. Hey! I just bypassed the SSL thing as well. Maybe someone at Warner forgot to turn auto-renew on... I'm well, I'm really tired because it was my first week back after a holiday last week, then it was my birthday on Saturday and I actually got to ~socialise with a group~ and today was my induction at college so I'm ready to crawl into bed and never leave. In a good way?
  28. I didn’t have the bypass opportunity, so I gave up. Glad it’s back to normal now, I’ve missed you guys! How are everyone doing?
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