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  2. I live in a town about half an hour outside London and occasionally stay in hostels when I'm in London for a show. I'd try Hostelworld.com, I use it whenever I go anywhere and they have a good selection. Find out the best tube and train for Warner Bros (off my head I want to say Victoria??? DEFINITELY CHECK) and aim to stay near there. I have no idea which trains go up to MK - I need to find out actually!
  3. I have a question for those off you who live in London, or close to London, or if you just are familiar with traveling to London. Where would you advice two Norwegian girls to find a hotel? We have both been there once, several years ago, so all we know is that London is big and that we need to be close to an underground station. We need to get to Milton Keynes and we’re planning a trip to warner bro’s studio. There’s a lot off tips on google, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask you guys as well 😊
  4. Last week
  5. So far so good. I consider myself fairly plugged in when it comes to keeping my eyes open to racism and understanding the society we live in, but I'm learning a lot and I'm only halfway through. I think it helps that the protags are both really young and learning about the world themselves. It's really well written too, the world building is excellent.
  6. I had never heard of that series and I just looked it up and whaaaaat? lol is this a big thing why have I never heard of it? Let me know what you think
  7. Yeah, some change of scene might be necessary, but I can survive with just a small one. Like just going to the store or something. I actually talked with my parents about this the other day, because a lot off people are in isolation because of the coronavirus, and I was like, I would be perfectly fine in my appartement all alone, if someone just left food outside once in a while. And my mum was all like, I would come and keep you company and don’t mind being infected. And my first thought was no, please don’t!! But the virus isn’t even in Norway yet, so I guess it’s no damger😛
  8. 'very weird taste' kind of sums him up. Reading Naughts and Crosses, finallllyyy
  9. Absolutely. I do find I need to leave the house, though, just for a change of scene. Being alone is one thing; staring at the same 4 walls all day with no meaningful interactions is another.
  10. I totally agree. Sometimes you just need to recharge your battery alone, or you just want to spend some time by yourself! It’s totally reasonable!
  11. Do you guys agree with me, that spending some quality time alone is really underrated? My mom always feel bad for me cause I live alone, and spend a good chunk off time alone, especially when I’m sick or there’s much going in at work or something. But I really love to be alone and be able to relax 100%. Not that I don’t like people... As long as they leave me alone when I need it😛
  12. It was, I was satisfied. And my pets were there, bonus!
  13. When my parents left for dinner I ate cheese and deli meat while I watched Chopped.
  14. wow yours sound even vaguely more interesting than what i did. i just went to work and then got dinner with my dad. we went to jack in the box to avoid crowds lol
  15. it actually was really enlightening on a lot of his work. i understand at least a couple of his albums as well as umbrella academy better after reading some of the stuff. also, again, it's just stuff that i never would have read otherwise. i actually just asked the girl that ran the club if she'd give me the list after i talked about it here so hopefully she still has it somewhere and will let me have it. he's honestly just so weird and i think it's fun to explore where he got the shit that's in his head. he has good taste and also just..very weird taste
  16. That sounds like it would be an eclectic, highly worthy insight into the mind of GWay. I feel like the man consumes culture and re-weaves it. I finished Going Postal! Now for something else on my shelf that I have been putting off for too long and/or something from the library or one of my endless lists help
  17. I found you! Yeah idk much about it but sometimes i like to see what other people are reading and find new books that way, but first and foremost it is certainly just a personal record of what i've read lol also i used to be a member there of a book club that read solely books that Gerard had mentioned in interviews and such but that one slowed to a stop a few months ago it was really good too i read stuff i'd never have read otherwise and some of it was amazing. I've been meaning to ask the girl who ran it for the list she was working off of because that was good shit and she obviously did a lot of digging to find all of them
  18. Okay I will find you (I honestly don't really know how Goodreads works except it helps me keep track of books to read and I somehow added my own book on there even though it's not actually a book yet). Edit I do not know how to find you even though I searched on Goodreads and used Google honestly THE INTERNET. Here is me https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/68384357-francesca
  19. that's good, I have a feeling we will have some overlapping favorites then! and just imagine, those were just books with lesbian topics! my lgbt shelf has those and another 27 after that! 😅 it'd be longer but i started my goodreads in late 2017 lmao also if you wanna add me on goodreads i wouldn't be complaining.....I'm Katie Mertens there and I have the same icon it's cool if not tho lol
  20. I had dinner with my parents, my little sister and her boy friend yesterday, so I guess I was really crashing a double date! I can imagine all the guys, that’s kinda funny. thanks! Fortunately I have a week off from work, so I do have the time to relax and get well.
  21. I had dinner with my mum and grandmother, although I did buy us chocolate. The number of men buying bouquets and chocolates in the shops and looking at each other like aayyyy was hilarious. Sending get well soon vibes Sonia!
  22. Read the whole list and added them all to my Goodreads. Am fairly terrible at organised reading but the magic/angel/period drama/gods ones sound like what I'd pick up anyway. I also feel like @RadarAnomalywould appreciate this list?
  23. I went to work for 2 hours, went home because I could, and because I wasn’t well, got my little sister and drove her home for her holidays (1 and a half hour drive), was exhausted and went to bed before 8pm😅
  24. aww that's nice 🥰 I, uh, worked mostly lmao. It was a Friday so I worked as I do on Fridays. I mean I don't have days off and I'm either at work or school literally every day but that's what I do on Fridays is hang out in a library for 7 hours at the check out desk
  25. Hey everyone! Happy Day of Obnoxious Relationship Bragging and Surge Pricing-Based Restaurants! I took carnations to a nursing home and then visited my grandparents (who do not live in the nursing home, two separate events).
  26. I’m here! Out with a cold this week, so haven’t happened much exciting.
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