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  1. I live too far south for the midnight sun myself, so I've just experienced it for a couple of days. But it's pretty confusing, cause you can't see night coming, since the sun never sets, it just goes around and around xD most people have good curtains I think, but an eye mask works. I bought one this weekend but as I said, where I live we have sunset and sunrise all year. But it's only dark from like 11pm-3am or something these days. Which is great compared to the middle of the winter when it's only light from 9am-3pm or something. Where my friend lives, they don't see the sun for several months in the winter... I don't know if I could survive that!
  2. I'm currently visiting my best friend, and can't sleep, cause in the north off Norway, where she lives, the sun never goes down at this time off year. And her curtains are not keeping the lights out xD and that made me miss the days when I would stay on the board way past bedtime, because that was when all the Americans arrived. This would've been a night when I would chat all night long instead of sleeping.
  3. We're still popping in from time to time
  4. Congrats sandreh!!
  5. Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you
  6. Then you'll probably be F from now on! The frustrating part is she hasn't been like this at all before her new boyfriend. She was all about making our hang outs a priority and getting frustrated when other of us couldn't make it. And now she's just ditching us all. Hopefully it's just a phase, else our friendship will probably die, since we have to plan meet ups, since all of us live in diffeeent cities now. Welcome James! I'm Sonia. new people are always welcome, it gives us hope that this place won't die Crossing my fingers for you! Keep us updated, I really hope you get this job!!
  7. Would it bother you to go by F? Realizing that might be an insult in English right now xD I'm just struggling with teaching my phone Francesca, it tries to type Francisco every time xD you obviously don't have a typical norwegian name
  8. Hi Laine! How is life treating you lately? that is probably a good advice Francesca, but I don't know if I can manage to follow it xD right now this one girl in the group is just making us all mad by always choosing her new friends and boyfriend (which she told us is a player, and I'm not even sure she trust him...) before us. And she's ditching a birthday because of an exam she suddenly discovered, but I know for sure that she know about her exam dates in January. And stuff like that keeps happening. so I'm not quite sure if I can ignore it, but I'll try.
  9. Sorry to hear Rachel! Hope things will get better soon i have always wanted to have a group of friends, you know like in books and movies... but it's seriously frustrating now that I have one, because there's always someone in the group who are mad at or hurt by one of the others. And I wonder if I'm the go to girl when that happens xD so instead of having a happy group of friends, I'm always trying to make my friends friends again... seriously, why can't people just grow up and be nice to each other??
  10. I just came home from a concert with a Norwegian folk rock band. It was so much fun!! I had made plans to go with a good friend off mine. Then she got sick, and I though I would just drop the whole thing, cause I didn't want to go alone. Then, like ten minutes before the show I managed to convince a friend of mine to join me. So we went to ask his wife if he could go and stuff xD he's really into the band, so I knew he kind of wanted to go, but I didn't think to ask him earlier, since he has a kid and wife and everything. But it was a blast, we had so much fun
  11. The unread content is up to date again for me I have been out of the loop lately, since it only had unread content from before January xD for a while I was wondering why no one were posting anything, until I realized it just didn't show up.
  12. Nope, we're only a schengen country, not eu. So we have to follow all the rules, but we don't have anything to say when the rules are made
  13. When you get through all EU, you should put Norway on the list Fransesca! i find the thought of traveling alone scary, but I do consider it some time in the future.
  14. Haha, I had a good time! I'm not so sure about your boyfriend though, poor guy... but you know, Norwegians are used to slippery, and that wasn't really hills I found it to be a rather flat walk, to be honest xD
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that Rachel! It sounds horrible I really hope you get a new job soon! i got to hang out with sandreh and her boyfriend today that was awesome! oh, and I hate the mobile version of the boards, that's why I never comment here anymore xD