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I like airsoft, playing football, hanging out, want to do parkour,also listen to bands like 3days grace, breaking benjamin, green day, linkin park eminem, stuff like that. I like doing dangerous and fun stuff (i.e. tying feet to parachutes in wind storms), like xbox, , 5' 11", I get good grades which is the complete opposite of last year. Took up guitar so i could play mcr songs. didnt get too far yet (making progress tho), dont have a camera so i took my profile pic with a scanner. its also my facebook profile pic, dont ever get into arguments (except youtube, that's pretty much what youtube comments are for), im a pyro, i want the Anarchy cookbook for christmas, have known about mcr for almost 4 years but it sure seems like a lot longer, when my baby brother is 18. my older brother will be 40 i think thats messed up, yesterday I had a snake, and was gonna let it loose in school (last day was today), but my older brother took it to his house. Last summer i dug big holes at the beach that were at least to the requirements on the movie holes (shovel length deep and wide) and i have a youtube video of the biggest one i dug, I can somehow do that 5 finger filet thing too, i have a youtube video of that too which includes my first try with a knife. like yesterday or something i was gonna light a bottle rocket off of my face but my mom stopped me. I painted the mcrmy symbol on my wall in my room and almost finished a flag with the spider on it. I want to learn to be a machinist because a lot of stuff i buy is overpriced and could be made for at least 500% cheaper. All the shirts i wear are mcr shirts, i wish i could have permanently wet hair, I am mechanically inclined (now i feel like im filling out a job resume or something) and can build/repair stuff pretty good. I have the opposite of a short temper and am very hard to get mad or annoy. Im gonna be a cop (or atleast try to be), after i get out of the military, idk i have like some future plan but idk how im gonna do whatever or how long, etc. Idk why but my hands are on my face a lot when im sitting down. (update: haha, lol. My hands were on my face when i read that (and i was just editing this again, once again i had my hand on my face)) (You must be really bored if your still reading this, or just very entertained), The cars i want are a hummer, a yamaha r1 (motorcycle), and a 1979 trans am. My first cars gonna be a trans am unless i somehow win that honda motorcycle. I like fireworks and all things pyro. I am a nice person, I once knew braille but haven't used it cause i'm not blind (haha... bli/nd) so i kinda forgot it, also once knew morse code but i dont use it that often either. Whenever someone at school wants somebody to do something that you'd be stupid to do, they turn to me, and of course i end up doing it (usually). I sleep on chairs in front of the AC, have a goarmy bracelet that i've been wearing for like 1-2 years straight, can lick my elbow, Haven't heard of most bands, and havent listened to a lot of popular bands (the first time i heard Hollywood Undead was in a multi band concert, everyone was like "HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD! WOO!" and im like "who are they?"), i wanna five star someone but nobody will let me because apparently mine hurt really bad, never lost in a game of tennis (the one where you slap eachothers hands), i think im tired right now cause i'm using spell check like crazy and my eyes feel weird. (lol, spell check is underlined red), the wall in my room at my dads house is full of tons of little holes from throwing stars, darts, throwing spikes, knives, scythes, paintball guns and screwdrivers, etc. and the dart board has a major dent in it from throwing a shovel at it. I suck at literature so insert concluding paragraph here.


Quotes by me:
How old am i?
What year is it?
What century is it?
*talking about something*... wait... what was i talking about?
Is the drinking age 21 or 23? *are you serious? do you know what 2+2 is?* Twenty two... oh wait no its four! (was serious)

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