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    MCR, the MCRmy, the Used, Green Day, Hot Topic, clothes, Tabitha (Bravo), colored pens, Jolly Ranchers, music in general, cutting and dying hair (sorry to everybody who's been my experiment), face paint (don't ask), and lord of the rings (books and movies)
  1. charlotte bronte! her writing is too flowry, but my english teacher/mentor reminds me of mr. rochester, so whenever i have a lack of reading material, i go to jane eyre. don't laugh. i love romantic novels.
  2. the chaos walking series. the first one damn near broke my heart though. it's the kind of book that makes you think. i just finished the alchemist. it was really sweet, but it's definitely one of those goody books that teaches excellent morals and talks about the sweet innocent boy with his sweet innocent mannerisms. another thing to watch out for is that because it was translated, the english is super proper.
  3. i was going to go blonde, but then i remember last night, i had a vision, that i dyed part of my hair red, and it looked awesome. so i have to go with red
  4. true grit i couldn't understand half of what they were saying but it was good anyways
  5. with me tonight - the used
  6. careless whisper - seether
  7. picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. somebody calls you you answer quite slowly a girl with kaleidoscope eyes "lucy in the sky with diamonds" the beatles
  8. les choristes or fight club. i don't remember which...but both movies that i love.